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Monday, January 11th, 2016 is the first of the rest of my new life and I am excited to get started! I am thrilled to be new member of the #NSNation. I have this amazing chance to start off the new year getting healthier and happier.  I feel completely blessed and humbled that I get to do this and I have to admit that I am a  little scared.  I did not get fat overnight and I know that I have a lot of life changes to make.  I am at a great place in my life to make them, so I am confident that with the help of #NSNation I can do this! I can already see myself thin and I am going to take my goal challenge one day at a time!

I am getting super excited for this new year to begin. I have tears just thinking about it! I am going to do my very best to take control of my eating and with the help of the #NSNation I feel confident that I am going to do it and succeed.  I am counting down the days and doing some research to better acquaint myself with the program and start preparing for this amazing, life changing journey I am about to start.
Today I received my 1st food order confirmation with a list of the foods my plan includes:


Women's Diabetic Select Success (1)
Diabetic Select Success Frozen Component (1)
Women's Cardboard Cover (1)
Blueberry Lemon Baked Bar (1)
Biscotti Bites (1)
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (2)
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (1)
Blueberry Muffin  (1)
Chocolate Frosted Donut (1)
Loaded Potato (1)
Homestyle Chicken (1)
Fudge Graham Bar (1)
Red Beans & Rice (1)
Bean Bolognese (1)
Arroz con Pollo (1)
Chicken & BBQ Beans (1)
Vegetarian Chili (1)
Mushroom Risotto (1)
BBQ Seasoned Chicken (1)
Lasagna with Meat Sauce (1)
Meatballs in Marinara Sauce (1)
Chicken Pasta Parmesan (1)
Rotini & Meatballs (1)
Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits (1)
Chocolate Caramel Bar (1)
Chewy Peanut Bar (1)
Popcorn (1)
Carrot Cake (1)
Pretzels (1)
Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Nut Bar (1)


I just received my Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Kit! It is a nice expandable folder filled with lots of information. I am going to get started reading it today and will let you know what I learn.  What a great way to start off New Years Eve!  10 days and counting until my weight loss journey starts with the help of Nutrisystem. I just received my ‪#‎NSNation‬ Blogger Kit. 2016 I am ready for a new healthier happier version of myself! ‪#‎ad‬  I got my NS Counselor today, her name is Bernadette and I am really looking forward to getting to know her.  I am truly going to need her guidance through these 12 weeks.  Get ready Bernadette! This may be a bumpy ride hehehe.



What a great morning! I woke up the the Fed Ex guy delivering a big cooler of frozen Nutrisystem Snack, Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners.  I got 10 of each! I cannot stop smiling! This is really exciting and each day brings me closer to beginning my journey.  I received a variety of meals and I am looking forward to trying each of them and letting everyone know what I think of them.  I have to tell you, I was excited to see the frozen snacks. I know these are going to make me feel like I am not missing out on anything.  I am happy to see familiar breakfasts like waffles and french toast, wraps for lunch and stuffed shells for dinner. I can do this! 9 days and counting.  It all looks delicious and I am feeling inspired, excited and a bit terrified!

 Unboxing 1st Frozen Nutrisystem Shipment

Unboxing Nutrisystem 10 Frozen Breakfast Week 1

Unboxing Nutrisystem 10 Frozen Lunches Week 1

Unboxing Nutrisystem 10 Frozen Dinners Week 1 

 Unboxing Nutrisystem 10 Frozen Snacks week 1 


I received a giant box of shelf stable breakfasts, lunch, dinners, snacks and shakes.  As well as some guides explaining the terminology and how the 28 day plan works.  I love the 2 pocket guides because they are full of useful information and the perfect size to take with me everywhere.  I have already started using the shopping guide to make sure I am buying the correct ingredients for my add-ons.  I love that the guide has the reminders at the bottom of the pages to have 4 servings of vegetables, 8-8 ounce glasses of water and 30 minutes of exercise each day.  I like that these guides have a lot of information but get right to point so I can access what I need to know quickly.  I have not looked at the restaurant guide in detail yet. But I will and will be talking about it later.


Good Morning!! Today is the official start date of my Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey!  I did not get fat overnight so I know it is going to take some time to lose this weight but I am going to do it one day at a time, one step at a time and 1 meal at a time.  I am ready! I am tired of being sick and tired physically and mentally.  I am tired of punishing myself and I am ready to make a change!

Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad


I've had it! I am ready to make a change! I am starting today! 2016 is a year of self discovery for me. I am going to take care of myself, body and soul. I am taking it one day at a time and I hope you will join me. I am ready to make some lifestyle changes with the help of Nutrisystem and I feel really good about it. I am starting my day out with a hot cup of coffee with 1 stevia and 2T fat free pumpkin spice creamer and Nurtisystem breakfast entree Biscotti Bites crunchy mini cookies packed with almonds and pistachios! They taste great and are a perfect pairing with my hot coffee on this cold winter morning.  The biscotti bites are crunchy and flavorful with a touch of sweetness.  I really like them a lot! Here I am starting my day out with biscotti and pumpkin spice coffee...what's not to love?

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 Lunch

 Nutrisystem Entree cheese tortellini parmesan & ricotta filled pasta shells in a thick tomato sauce with a lettuce, spinach,cucumber, carrot, cabbage salad with 1T honey mustard dressing. Bottle of cold water infused with lemon & lime slices.

 Day 1 Dinner

 Italian sausage and Turkey pizza with reduced fat herb mozzarella, marinara sauce. Italian sausage and dark meat turkey. Tossed green salad, cucumber spears and unsweetened iced tea. I love sausage pizza and this one tastes great! It is loaded with toppings and every bite was super tasty!  It is a decent size and I was full after I ate my dinner.  I am really liking that I don't feel cheated on what I can have to eat and I am not going hungry.  Day 1 complete and I am feeling great!


I woke up in good spirits this morning.  I know it seems simple, but I made it through day 1 and I stuck to everything I needed to do.  Today is a new day and I feel blessed to be able to continue on this journey of weight loss.  It is so much more than weight loss to me.  I am trying to get off my diabetic medication, gain my self esteem back and live a healthy lifestyle.  For me, food is like a drug, it is a comfort for me and through this program I am going to train myself to know that food is a fuel for my body and not a source of comfort.  I am going to learn portion control and food combinations that will keep me satisfied and not leave me hungry.  I love that I can still enjoy a delicious Nutrisystem frozen fudge bar, like I did last night for dinner. It was a real treat and a great way to end my day.

Day 2 Breakfast

 Day 2 starts me off with Nutrisystem Breakfast Entree thick sliced french toast hearty whole grain french toast with a hint of cinnamon along with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Looking out the window, watching the snow flurries...big is good.

  Day 2 Lunch

 Day 2 Lunch includes a Nutrisystem Lunch Entree homestyle chicken. noodles, real white meat chicken and vegetables in a thick chicken broth. I added a tossed green salad with a hot cup of green tea. Very nice on a chilly winter day.  The broth is thick and hearty with a tasty homestyle flavor.

 Day 2 Dinner

Day 2 Dinner I had a very tasty Nutrisystem Entree ravioli formaggio ravioli stuffed with Italian style cheese in a tomato basil sauce. Baby carrots, cucumber spears and low sodium tomato juice.  This is a very nice entree.  I love the fresh taste of the tomato basil sauce over the giant ravioli stuffed with cheese! Very tasty! The crunch of the baby carrots is just right and I squeezed a lemon slice over the cucumber spears for an added tang! Very satisfying.  I really enjoyed the half cup of veggie juice.  I am saving my dessert of a Nutrisystem ice cream sandwich for later on...I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to it!


Day 3 Breakfast

  I awake on Day 3 feeling pretty good! The kids have a snow day so no one had to brave the elements this morning, which was nice. Instead I started the day with a hot cup of English breakfast tea with a fresh slice of lemon and a fabulous Nutrisystem Breakfast Entree granola cereal sweet, crunchy clusters of oats, rice and almonds! I LOVE granola cereal so this was a very nice treat!  I am fighting the urgh to hop on the scale and see my progress! But I am only going to weigh in once a week to keep a consistent record of weight loss.  I have already lost that bloated feeling I always seem to have, so that feels really good.  I am looking forward to the day ahead.

  Day 3 Lunch

Day 3 Lunch I had loaded mashed potatoes blended with cheddar and bacon with cucumber spears/red wine vinaigrette and tomato juice. I really enjoyed the loaded mash! Nice to be able to have potatoes!


 I thought I would post one of my snacks...Doesn't it look just like a popular frosty treat? I used 6 small ice cubes, 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk with a packet of Nutrisystem Creamy Chocolate shake mix naturally flavored, excellent source 15 g protein per shake to feel fuller longer. I am loving being a Nutrisystem Blogger!

 Day 3 Dinner

Dinner Entree salisbury steak with mac and cheese a delicious beef patty with mushroom gravy and cheesy macaroni. I steamed some fresh baby spinach with garlic. Enjoying a diet cranberry lime soda. I am loving this mushroom gravy! The cheesy mac is good and very cheesy. I am liking this meal a whole lot more than I anticipated. Very good! I can do this!


I woke up feeling a little uneasy.  I have this huge fear of failure.  Even though I have been doing very well.  It has only been 4 days and I have such a long way to go.  I know I have to take it one day at a time.  My weekly weigh in seems so far off and my goal seems even further.  I guess I am just feeling anxious.  I am going great, I am following the plan to a T and I feel great about it.  I dunno why I am so anxious.  One day at a time...I got this!


Day 4 Breakfast

Day 4 I warmed up a Nutrisystem whole grain blueberry muffin bursting with real blueberries! Lots of blueberry goodness in this little muffin! Tastes great and went well with my caramel coffee this winter morning. I am ready for a new day!

Day 4 Lunch

 Day 4 Lunch Nutrisystem steak and cheese melt- grilled beef steak, sauteed onions, peppers with provolone and mozzarella cheese baked in a whole grain roll. Tossed garden salad with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. I chose an Iced peach tea for my beverage. For a healthy cheese steak, this is pretty good. The flavors are all there and it's tasty. I am learning portion



I have not been posting all my snacks, but I will be posting them from time to time. Just to give an idea of what I am eating every day.  I chose a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and a manderin orange.  I love the contrasting flavors.  I think its a great snack and it ties me over until my next meal.

Day 4 Dinner

  Day 4 Dinner Nutrisystem Entree stuffed pasta shells filled with Italian style cheese and spinach in a tomato basil sauce. Tossed salad of lettuce, carrot and red cabbage. The stuffed shells are very good, I love that they are not overcooked and have a nice texture. The spinach and cheese filling and tomato basil sauce was perfect. Nice meal after a busy day.


Today I start day 5 on my Nutrisystem weight loss journey.  My body is responding well. I don't feel like I am starving like some diets I have tried. I really like that I get a little bit of something every few hours. This is really helping me stay on track and keep going.  I am glad there are so many different meals to choose from so I don't feel like I am tired of eating the same ole thing. I am going to switch it up a little and switch from garden salads to frozen veggies.  I am going to steam them and use salt free seasonings and lemon to give them a zip.  I am getting eager to get on the scale and see my progress.  That's a new concept for me lol but I really do want to see how I am doing with this big change in my life.  I really need to add more exercise in my day. I find myself running out of hours in the day. But I know I have to MAKE time.  Working on it....

Day 5 Breakfast

Day 5 Breakfast Your eyes do not deceive you! I am having a Nutrisystem chocolate frosted donut, a delicious donut topped with rich chocolatey icing and a French vanilla iced coffee. I dunked my donut in my iced coffee and it was yummy! TGIF

  Day 5 Lunch

  Day 5 Lunch Tuna Salad with real tuna, mayonaise, water chestunuts and onion on a slice of whole grain toast with a tossed salad/honey mustard dressing. This is a good portion of tuna, I used a salt free seasoning to spice it up. Nice lunch!

Day 5 Dinner

Nutrisystem meatloaf and mashed potatoes cooked meatloaf with creamy mashed potatoes in a rich brown gravy I steamed 1 C carrots and 1 C squash seasoned with no salt seasonings. For a shelf stable meal it was not too bad. I added a steak seasoning to the meatloaf. 17 grams of protein makes it worth it! I am going to have Nutrisystem pretzels for a snack later on with my movie.


I did not sleep very well last night so I was up all hours of the night, needless to say, I woke up hungry.  I had a busy day so I ate my Nutrisystem on the go for breakfast snacks and lunch but I was able to sit down and eat a nice meal for dinner which was nice.  I am happy with the variety of foods I am getting to try out. I definitely have found some favorites already.  This week has been going slower than I anticipated. I am guessing it is this way for all newbies. I am happy that I have completely stayed on track and I am excited and a bit nervous to weigh in in a couple of days....

Day 6 Breakfast

 Quick Breakfast Nutrisystem peanut butter granola bar and a giant iced coffee. Super tasty!

Day 6 Lunch

Quick Lunch on the go. Nutrisystem Trail Mix Bar. Busy on the go kind of day. Lovin' some trail mix right now! 

 Day 6 Dinner

 I got to sit down and eat a Nutrisystem Chicken Pot Pie-chicken breast with rib meat, vegetables and creamy sauce topped with a flaky pie crust. I added 2 cups of broccoli,cauliflower and steamed carrots. I really enjoyed the flaky crust of the pot pie, that has always been my favorite part. It was all pretty good.


Day 7 and I am anxious to see the numbers on the scale tomorrow morning.  I am a bit nervous. I have not been getting all my water intake in each day and I need to step up on my 30 min of exercise a day.  It is only week 1 so I am not going to beat myself up about it, I am doing great at following the food, I just need to get that water and exercise in and I am sure I will.  It's a journey and I am taking it one day at a time and learning as I go.  I feel good. I don't feel stuffed and bloated like I usually do and I am proud of myself for following the Nutrisystem plan as it is laid out for me.  I just got back on my thyroid meds so I am hoping that will help with the weight loss in the weeks to come. 

Day 7 Breakfast

 Day 7 Breakfast 2 Nutrisytem whole grain buttermilk waffles with a hint of vanilla. Sugar Free orange drink with a slice of lemon and lime....very good! I don't care for syrup, never have, I like them plain.  Next time I am going to give them a smear of peanut butter.  

 Day 7 Lunch

 Day 7 Lunch was fantastic! Nutrisystem 3 cheese chicken curly pasta, tomato and broccoli in a cheesy sauce. I added steamed veggies and a 1sp of grated parm. Really delish!

Day 7 Dinner

Day 7 Dinner I had a Nutrisystem lasagna with meat sauce with cheese vegetables and beans topped with meaty sauce. I added diced steamed sweet potatoes. It was pretty good. a nice portion size and full of protein.


Today is my first weigh in day!  I lost 6.6 lbs. so far.  I have completed my first week on my Nutrisystem weight loss journey!  I chose Nutrisystem because I followed a blogging friend who did it and it sounded and looked like something I could also do.  I was inspired by the pics of the foods that Nutrisystem had to offer and how easy the program seemed to be, as far as following the meal plan and having it delivered to my door.  I was also inspired by the steady weight loss that was being reported each week from bloggers who were facing the same weight struggles as I am.  I also chose Nutrisytem because it did not seem to forbid a lot of foods and I knew that would be my downfall.  I love that I can still have the foods I enjoy just in much smaller portions, that I know will allow me to be much smaller at the end of this journey.  I really like that thought. I like that Nutrisystem is straight forward and is packaged in the 3 main meals as well as a packaged snack so there is no guesswork. I add 2 vegetables for lunch and 2 vegetables for dinner and pick a protein and a smart carb twice a day for snacks in between those meals.  Get in 30 min of exercise and 8 glasses of water and that is about it!  I love that it is that simple.  This is why I chose Nutrisystem.  I feel like this is something I can stick to and I am working on changing my mindset on portion control and no more mindless binging.

Day 8 Breakfast

Nutrisystem turkey ham and cheese omelet, a fluffy omelet filled with turkey ham, reduced fat cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. I am loving this SF Orange drink with the slices of lemon and lime.The omelet tastes good and has 13 grams of protein! I have to say the quality of the meats on Nutrisystem is very good!



Day 8 Lunch

Nutrisystem meatball parmesan melt- meatballs made with beef and turkey.low fat mozzarella cheese, parmesan and sauce in a whole grain roll. I chopped up some fresh cabbage and added ginger sesame dressing and had a diet soda. This is a good lunch, nice Italian sub flavors and 13 grams of protein.

  Day 8 Dinner

  Nutrisystem margherita pizza with mozzerella, shredded parmesan cheese. fire roasted tomatoes and basil with a mix of steamed veggies with added 1/2 T fake butter. Super tasty!! I love this pizza, the crust is really good and the toppings are really flavorful. I added shredded cheese for my extra.


I can already see the changes in my body. My clothes fit better and I feel a lot more comfortable.  Nutrisystem is doing all the work it is intended to do!  I do think it is important that when on the program that you get to choose which foods you want.  It makes it so much easier when I get to eat an entree that I like.  The dessert at the end of the day is really helping me get that after dinner craving taken care of and keeping me on the plan.  After dinner when everyone retires for the evening and kids are in bed, use to be my time to mindlessly munch on whatever was available while watching television.  I am so happy not to be doing that anymore. I have my Nutrisystem snack and a beverage and I am content.  I still think about it but I don't act on it. I know by doing this I will one day change my habits and triggers and this will be a part of my new life.  I am ready for this!

Day 9 Breakfast

I started the day with 2 Nutrisystem whole grain buttermilk waffles with a hint of vanilla.  I added 1/2 T peanut butter to each waffle and they were delicious!  I do not feel like I am missing out on anything with this breakfast.

 Day 9 Lunch

For lunch I had the Nutrisystem loaded potato which is mashed potatoes blended with cheddar cheese and bacon. Since I am a potato lover, this is great! It is just enough to satisfy that potato craving!  I added a fresh kale salad with a house vinaigrette and raw baby carrots for a great crunch factor.  

 Day 9 Dinner

For dinner today I tried something I did not think I was going to like at all.  I had already made up my mind at the beginning of this journey that I was not going to make excuses and I was going to eat whatever I was given on this program.  I normally would not have even toughed it.  I made the Santa Fe Style Chicken with white chicken and rice in the sauce.  I plated it on a bed of steamed broccoli.  It is a very generous portion and I ate it all and was satisfied for the rest of the day.  I am learning and reminding myself that food is a fuel for my body, not a treat or a comfort or something to fill what is missing in my life. It is a fuel to nourish my body. Nothing more.  I hope in time this sinks in because when it does I know I will never go back to being fat again.

I am so happy I chose Nutrisystem! I really love that the work is done for me. I just pick out my 3 Nutrisystem entrees, 2 snacks and my Nutrisystem dessert for the day and I make sure ahead of time that I always have fresh garden salad items and produce along with fresh fruits, nuts, boiled eggs, and low fat dairy ready in my refrigerator.  I also keep my freezer stocked with bags of frozen veggies ready to steam in the microwave.  I think prepwork ahead of time has helped me be successful so far. I have a nice variety to choose from and I measure everything I add to my entree.  After 10 days, I am really glad I chose Nutrisystem. It is a great fit for me.

Day 10 Breakfast

I chose Nutrisystem apple cinnamon oatmeal made of oats, apples, sugar and cinnamon.  I like oatmeal and this is a good one, not too sweet and a good portion. 

Day 10 Lunch

For todays lunch I chose the Nutrisystem sweet bbq sauce with pulled-style pork on a slice of toasted whole grain bread.  I added some mushrooms to mine with a side of spaghetti squash topped with crushed tomato and mushrooms.  This is a very hearty lunch. I enjoyed the flavors of the pulled pork and the spaghetti squash is really good with the tangy tomato sauce and mushrooms.

Day 10 Dinner

For dinner, I roasted a spaghetti squash to use as a bed for my pasta dishes this week.  Today I am having Nutrisystem chicken pasta parmesan with chunks of real white meat chicken with rib meat, spiral noodles. peppers and tomatoes in a cheesy sauce. On top of the tasty spaghetti squash this made for a hearty dinner that was very tasty and filling. The 1/2 T of grated parm on top made me feel like I was eating a restaurant meal.


I am starting to see the weight loss in my face and it feels pretty good!  My pants are even fitting better already.  I have decided that I am going to step out of my comfort zone a bit and create meals with my entrees that I may not have normally made for myself.  I am going to make the best use of my free veggies and condiments.  I am going to make the best use of my 3 extras for the day as well.  I am really excited to see how much more weight I have lost.  Monday can't come soon enough for me! Nutrisystem is really working well for me, mind, body and soul.

Day 11 Breakfast

I am starting my day with a Nutrisystem turkey hama nd cheese omelet  with reduced fat cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. This is the second time I have had this omelet so I decided to prepare it a little differently than I did the first time. I sprinkled the top of the omelet with a low fat shredded cheddar cheese and a few dashes of hot sauce.  I added a dollop of roasted garlic salsa and a small side of mushrooms as well. Very good and just enough for breakfast.  I love that it has 13 grams of protein!

 Day 11 Lunch

 Day 11 Dinner


I knew I had a busy day ahead so I sat down early this morning for a cup of coffee and a slice of french toast.  I don't care for syrup so I added a smear of peanut butter instead. I love how the peanut butter melts on the warm french toast. It was really good with my coffee and zero calorie orange drink.  The slice of lemon makes my drink taste like a fresh squeezed glass of juice.  I am planning on an Italian kind of day so I can use the spaghetti squash, mushrooms and crush tomatoes I have on hand.  I like that I can add fresh veggies, fruits, nuts to make a lot of different variations of these Nutrisystem entrees.  I am finding it a bit challenging to cook meals for my family and not want to eat them myself.  I have not cheated but some things really smell good and I am tempted.  Still sticking to my plan though, this is just the beginning and I am not about to give in!

Day 12 Breakfast

 Day 12 Lunch

Day 12 Dinner


 First time I tried the cinnamon roll, very good warmed and perfect with my coffee this morning. Homestyle Chicken Entree for lunch was good with an added mix of steamed veg. For dinner I had the Nutrisystem entree turkey sausage and bacon rigatoni for the first time. I added a side of steamed carrots and a kale garden salad. I also added garlic to the rigatoni and I enjoyed it like that. I never go hungry on this plan and I am feeling great!

Day 13 Breakfast


Day 13 Lunch

Day 13 Dinner


 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were all hearty meals on this cold winters day in Ohio. Join me! I am loving this Nutrisystem D plan.  It was one of those days were I was busy but bored and felt like I wanted to munch on goodies all day, but I didn't, I stuck to it and drank some more lemon water and went to bed early.

Day 14 Breakfast

 Day 14 Lunch

 Day 14 Dinner

 1/25/2016 Total Weight Loss to Date 9.6 lbs

Day 15 and I am feeling pretty good. I lost 3 more lbs this week.  I am glad to see I am on track with the program.  I am going to continue on as I have been and work on adding some exercise time to my day.

Day 15 Breakfast

Day 15 Lunch

Day 15 Dinner 


 I tried 3 entrees I had not tried yet and I found a new favorite! I really love the ham and bean soup. I added 2 tiny potatoes and carrots. It was really good! I am glad that was in my box, I don't think I would have tried that one on my own. You never know what you are going to enjoy and what will be your favs on this plan. I am happy I get to try a huge variety of entrees and snacks. I am learning to enjoy what I eat in the correct portions. The cheese and crackers for my snack were heavenly. I was delighted to learn that the banana nut muffins are amazing as well. I can do this! You can too! Join me~

Day 16 Breakfast

 Day 16 Lunch

 Day 16 Dinner


I woke up feeling good about myself.  It is nice not to feel stuffed and bloated and having that "food coma" feeling.  Eating all of this healthy food every few hours is going along well with me being a Diabetic and having thyroid issues. I feel so much better already.  I learned that I am getting my 10 lb weight loss bear and I am excited about it and plan to have a shelf full of them by the time I am done.  I am changing my life this time, I am going to succeed and I am going to live this life, not just go on a diet and then go back to what I was doing before.  That obviously had not been working for me. Yes, I love food and I love to eat. BUT I need to let this lifestyle be a life change for me. I need portion control, not restriction. This way I can still have the good stuff, just not so much of it! I am still learning but this time I am liking it! I am really liking how I feel.  I may still be unhappy at what I see in the mirror each day but I feel great and it is slowly coming off and that I am pleased with! Thanks so much to Nutrisystem!

Day 17 Breakfast

 Day 17 Lunch on the go!

 Day 17 Dinner


 My daughter is in the hospital and I have the new baby and little girls with me) Even though my stress level is very high and I have had very little sleep I have stuck to the program and am still doing well on it. I am so glad it is easy and I do not ave to think about what I am going to eat because Nutrisystem has done it all for me. Very nice, especially in times like this. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 1 Snack (The broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast is fabulous!) I added mushrooms, motzerella and tomato sauce to my wrap and it was sooo good! Just like a calzone. The added mushrooms and wedge of 35 calorie cheese made my omelette into a full meal.

 Day 18 Breakfast

 Day 18 Lunch

Day 18 Dinner


 My daughter is still in the hospital, So again I am at home with 2 little girls and a newborn baby boy. A firetruck hit our electrical pole so we were without electricity for about 5 hours. So I had to improvise my eating but it was easy and no trouble to do so. Working on little sleep but still sticking to my food plan. Nutrisystem works! Even in times of distress. Breakfast. Lunch Dinner and 1 Snack (the Turkey Gravy and Mash was excellent! The quality of meat and the gravy made this delicious!)

Day 19 Breakfast

 Day 19 Lunch

 Day 19 Dinner


 Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and one of my snacks for the day. I love that I can have a boiled egg on toast with lite mayo and mustard as a snack. I really like that I get to eat "real" food on this plan. Portion control is starting to become a habit now.

Day 20 Breakfast

 Day 20 Lunch

Day 20 Dinner


 Breakfast Lunch Dinner and one of my snacks for the day. I am excited because tomorrow is weigh in day. I never thought I would EVER hear myself say that lol I am feeling really good and so much healthier already. I do not miss that sluggish, bloated feeling I use to feel after over eating. I added extra tomato sauce and grated parm on my ravioli and I enjoyed it! I had put off the chicken fajita wrap but to my surprise I loved it so much with salsa and hot sauce!

Day 21 Breakfast

 Day 21 Lunch

 Day 21 Dinner


Today is weigh in day and I am happy to report another 2 lb loss! For a total of 11.6 lbs lost in 3 weeks so far.  I received my first Nutribear! Yes! I have my eye on that "goal weight" gold bear!

 How can I receive Nutribears? 
If you're a current customer and have lost or are losing weight on the Nutrisystem program, you're eligible to receive Nutribears. For each weight loss milestone you reach throughout your weight loss journey, you will receive an adorable Nutribear as a reward for your weight loss achievements. And when you've reached your goal weight, you'll get your very own Goal Bear. Just use our website to log and track your weight loss—it's that simple!

Day 22 Breakfast

 Day 22 Lunch

 Day 22 Dinner

 1 of my snacks for the day

9 small ice cubes equaling 1 cup water

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk under 35 calories

1 packet creamy chocolate Nutrisysten Protein Drink

Ice crusher function on my blender turns it into a chocolate frosty!



 With such a busy day today, I was so glad I did not have to think about planning my meals. I am loving this plan! If I can do it so can you! Have I mentioned? I am loving my scale! I am really enjoying this slow and steady weight loss.  It is not a diet at all. I get to eat good food and still lose weight.

Day 23 Breakfast

 Day 23 Lunch
Day 23 Dinner
1 of my snacks for the day


 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and one of my snacks for the day. I had put of eating my southwest wrap til the end because I did not think I was going to like it. I was so WRONG! I loved. I made mine kind of like a burrito bowl. I cut up my wrap in small pieces and laid them on a bed of lettuce, tomato, salsa and southwest ranch dressing. It was really good! I am surprising myself every day on this plan. I am starting to see food in a whole new way. I added garlic and grated parm to my mash and I enjoyed my dinner. I had a quick breakfast of coffee and a Nutrisystem breakfast bar. One of my snacks today was a stick of string cheese and low fat wheat thins.

Day 24 Breakfast on the go!

 Day 24 Lunch

 Day 24 Dinner

Day 24, one of my snacks for the day.


I am coming down with a cold so I did not do much of anything. I am so happy that my meals and snacks are quick and easy to make. I added a little bit of crushed pineapple and 1 Tbl bacon crumbles (30 calories) to my thick crust pizza and I used my own motz cheese. 

Day 25 Breakfast


Day 25 Lunch

 Day 25 Dinner

Day 25, one of my super yummy snacks for the day.

crackers, 1 wedge of lowfat cheese, apple slices, dried cranberries and raw sunflower seeds.


I got to try the Turbo Shakes for the first time today. I add a shot of sugar free flavoring and use the ice crusher on my blender to make a chocolate frosty.....super good! I tried something new today.  I bought some sugar free red raspberry preserves and added 1 Tbl to my cottage cheese and it was really good.  I am really tasting all the flavors in my foods now.  I think using the salt free seasonings has a lot to do with it.  A simple wedge of spreadable cheese on 5 whole grain crackers is like heaven! hahaha Apples are sweeter and juicier than I remembered.  I can honestly say I am happy with the serving sizes now. At first I thought, are you kidding me...5 crackers? I use to eat a whole sleeve of crackers.  Now I am truly happy enjoying 5 with my 35 calories spreadable cheese wedge. I really like this change, it feels good and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything.  I even made my family a huge mexican pizza yesterday and cinnamon rolls and it didn't bother me.  These are some fantastic changes in my life. 

Day 26 Breakfast

 Day 26 Lunch

 Day 26 Dinner

Day 26, one of my snacks for the day


For a snack today, I was hungry so I made an egg on whole grain toast with 2 slices of turkey bacon. I received my 2nd shipment of Nutrisystem shelf stable and frozen entrees today for my 2nd 28 days on Nutrisystem. I chose a lot of the meals I really enjoyed. I was happy I got to try a bunch of entrees I would never have tried on my own and they ended up being favorites. You never know until you give it a try. I also personally feel that when you add 2 servings of veggies of your choice and add ons like salad dressing, garlic, onions.nuts, dried cranberry, coconut, low fat shredded or grated parmesan cheese and so many more...It makes all the difference in the world in how these meals taste. I love making them my own with the add on ingredients. I am feeling great about this plan and I am seeing the numbers on the scale go down and down each week. It is not a sprint, that is for sure but it sure feels good to see those numbers dropping slow and steady.

Day 27 Breakfast

Day 27 Lunch

 Day 27 Dinner

Day 27 one of my snacks for the day


My spirits are high! I am feeling really good. This is working for me! My mind is set. I have kept to the plan 100% and that feels amazing. I am already finding myself ,saying things like....Is that worth an extra 60 calories? NO! and being alright with that. I am loving how this feels. Yes, while I was at the grocery store I did want to buy a bag of chips, but I did not, I headed to the kale and got 2 bags and some 25 calorie milk. I had 3 great meals today and 2 delicious snacks. Tomorrow is weigh-in day....I am looking forward to getting on that scale!

Day 28 Breakfast

 Day 28 Lunch

 Day 28 Dinner 

(I love Hawaiian pizza so I make my own version.  I put 1 Tlb crushed pineapple, cinnamon, almond slivers and grated parm)


Weigh-In Day! I am down 2 more lbs this week, making it a 13.6 lb weight loss in 29 days! I feel amazing! I know I have a long way to go but I could not feel happier inside.  I cannot wait for my outside to match my inside! My clothes fit better and I feel a little more comfortable in my skin. Just knowing I am doing this and that I am succeeding is making the world of difference in how I feel. I know I don't look that much different YET but I feel different and I can see weight loss in my face, which makes me smile. I am on my way to a better life for myself. This Nutrisystem journey has just begun and I am looking forward to the next bend in the road. I am loving my scale!

  Day 29 Breakfast

Day 29 Lunch at Applebees

 Day 29 Dinner


 I still can hardly believe that I get to eat 5 times a day and still get a dessert like this at the end of the day while still losing weight. I am starting to get compliments and that feels great!

Day 30 Breakfast
Day 30 Lunch
Day 30 Dinner
Day 30 Dessert

One month in and this plan is changing my life for the better! I could not be more pleased! This is my time! Anyone who has ever started a "diet" knows that one has to be completely ready to make permanent changes in their lifestyle for it to really work for them. I am completely in! Thanks so much to Nutrisystem for making is so easy to stay on track and teaching me portion control while allowing me to never be hungry or feel deprived of snacks,desserts and foods I love!


Day 31 Breakfast

I used low fat cream cheese and sugar free raspberry preserves on one of my waffles and natural peanut butter on the other. I don't care for maple syrup so this was really good!

Day 31 Lunch

My first time trying the grilled chicken sandwich entree and it was very good! I microwaved it quickly and then popped the bun in the toaster.  I added a lowfat cheese slice and a Tbl of lowfat mayo and mustard. I decided to use the lettuce and tomato on my salad with balsamic vinegar. This was an excellent lunch.  ( I love that the chicken is bigger than the bun!)

 Day 31 Dinner

I really love the frozen pizzas! I bake mine in the oven because the crust is perfect that way and I love to load it up with mushrooms, crushed tomato and grated parm.  It may look messy but it tastes great. My side this time is shredded carrot and cabbage with a ginger sesame dressing.

Day 31 

Here is one of my snacks for the day.  A simple 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and a banana.


 Today I got to try 3 new entrees and they were all excellent! I added a sprinkle of cinnamon to my apple slices, a cup of mixed steamed veg to my soup and a half cup of crushed tomato,mushroom, onion, garlic, to my stuffed crepes. They were even better than I anticipated. The rest of my family had sushi and pizza today and I didn't even

Day 32 Breakfast
 Day 32 Lunch

Day 32 Dinner


  Another weekend before my weigh-in on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing how much more I lost this week. I had an amazing breakfast of Nutrisystem waffles with natural peanut butter and chocolate syrup, a banana and a hot cup of hazelnut coffee for breakfast and I am STILL losing weight! How could I not be happy with this plan and  these results so far??

Day 33 Breakfast
 Day 33 Lunch

Day 33 Dinner


 Today I celebrate my 48th birthday so I decided to treat myself a little bit and used some fat free whipped topping and sugar free chocolate syrup only 15 calories each! I had the 300 calorie steak, spinach and whole grains at Applebees for my birthday lunch with my daughter and I got to enjoy a Nutrisystem pound cake slice afterward. This is my year, I am sticking to my goal and with the Nutrisystem, I am going to reach it!

Day 34 Breakfast

 Day 34 Lunch
 Day 34 Dinner
Day 34 Birthday Cake


 Happy Valentine's Day! It is so nice that I can still have a sweet treat and keep to my plan.

Day 35 Breakfast

 Day 35 Lunch

 Day 35 Dinner

 Day 35 Snack


 Super busy day, I am so glad I have my meals on hand and ready to eat in no time! This is the first time I got to try the soft pretzel and it was excellent! I have a few ideas for the next time.

Day 36 Breakfast

 Day 36 Lunch

 Day 36 Dinner

Day 36 Snack


 Today is weigh in day for week five. I am happy to report I lost another pound this week. For a total of 15 lbs lost in 5 weeks. I am eager to lose this weight and I am happy to have lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks following a plan that allows me to eat all day and still have a steady weight loss each week. I am thrilled to have found Nutrisystem after so many years of yo yo dieting. This new lifestyle is amazing and it's working for me like nothing else has before. I want to start blogging more about how I put together my meals for the day and give more detail of how I prepare my food for the day.

Day 37 Breakfast

 Day 37 Lunch

 Day 37 Dinner

 Day 37 Snack

Cottage cheese blueberry parfait. I layered a half cup of cottage cheese with a half cup of blue berries.


  Day 38 Breakfast

Day 38 Lunch

Day 38 Dinner

With a newborn baby and 2 little girls in the house it has been super busy and we are still working on a schedule which of course is difficult to keep to on a baby's terms lol.  I have been sticking to the plan and feeling so good about it and proud of myself for not going off plan and keeping my word to myself.  I promised myself if I had an opportunity to try Nutrisystem, I would stick to it no matter what! Anyone who has ever dieted knows this is not always easy but I cannot stress how easy Nutrisystem has made it for me to keep on track. The weight loss is slow and steady and I am looking forward to each weigh in and that next 20 lb weight loss bear, coming soon!

Day 39 Breakfast
Day 39 Lunch
 Day 39 Dinner


It really is the "small wins" that keep me going! That is another reason why I love this plan so much.  Each day I do a little more to change my life.  Each day a small win keeps me going to the next day. I try to use less and less extra calories added to my meals. Like using 1 Tablespoon of dressing instead of 2 and slowly getting use to it and being ok with my salads and actually tasting the veggies and enjoying the slivered almonds and raw sunflower seeds with dried cranberries that really make a salad pop!  I am loving the small wins like my pants being more comfortable. I see in the mirror that I have lost a chin and that is a BIG win! 

Day 40 Breakfast
 Day 40 Lunch at Wendy's Grilled Chicken Salad/Diet Coke

Day 40 Dinner Steak n Shake Grilled Chicken Salad/Coke Zero


I have to say being away from home most of the day yesterday was a little challenging. I mean in my mind. I was in several grocery stores and big chain stores with food everywhere and drove by countless restaurants and YES I wanted to get a bacon cheeseburger and cheese fries from steak n shake but I didn't. I got the grilled chicken salad and it was delicious.  I sat and drank my coke zero while the rest of my family enjoyed raspberry chocolate chip shakes. I was ok with that! I felt great after the meal and I had a lot of energy to walk all day shopping and chasing our little ones here and there.  It is still in my mindset to want these things but I am ok with not having them and know that when I get home I can make a Nutrisystem protein shake with fresh fruit and even add a bit of non fat whipped cream on top and be just as happy! Actually happier, because I am enjoying great food and still losing weight.

Day 41 Breakfast

  Day 41 Lunch

 Day 41 Dinner at Wendy's Grilled Chicken Salad

Spring weather starting in Ohio and all the snow and ice has melted so I am getting anxious to get outdoors and get the yard cleaned up, start to prepare the garden for seed sowing and getting outdoors to the park and walking to the bus stop instead of driving.  I really am looking forward to getting outside and being more active.  I cannot wait to get the kids and walk around the zoo all day.  I am already looking forward to summer days at the beach. I am totally motivated and Nutrisystem makes it so easy for me to stay on track! 

Day 42 Breakfast

Day 42 Lunch

 Day 42 Dinner

Week 6 Weigh-In Day!  I am happy report I have lost another pound this week for a total of 16.2 lbs lost in 42 days! The "small wins" just keep adding up.  My rings are a lot more comfortable on my fingers now.  I have a lot more energy throughout the day.  I have not had heartburn, indigestion or that horrible bloated belly since I started the NS plan Jan 11, 2016. My clothes fit better and I have lost a chin. Every day I am seeing these "small wins" and they feel great and motivate me to keep going. Every single week the numbers on my scale go down and that is a huge win for me! I just placed my next food order to be shipped.  I am excited to try some new entrees I have not tried before!

2 boxes Chocolate Shake
2 boxes Vanilla Shake
5 Buttermilk Waffles
5 Canadian Style Turkey Bacon Egg and cheese Muffin
3 Cinnamon Roll
4 Granola Cereal
3 Homestyle Pancakes
3 Honey Wheat Bagel
5 Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin

4 Chicken Noodle Soup
5 Grilled Chicken Sandwich
5 Hamburger
4 Loaded Potato
6 Three Cheese Chicken
4 White Cheddar Mac n Cheese
4 Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
3 Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza
4 Italian Sausage and Turkey Pizza
3 Margherita Pizza
4 Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast
3 Ravioli Formaggio
4 Roast Turkey Medallions
3 Stuffed Shells
5 Chocolate Brownie Sundae
3 Cream Ranch Snack a Rounds
3 Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits
3 Parmesan Herb Crisps
3 Smokey BBQ Snack a Rounds
2 Stuffed Apple Pie
3 Sweet n Salty Snack Mix
3 White Cheddar Popcorn
3 Whole Grain Soft Pretzel

Day 43 Breakfast
Day 43 Lunch

 Day 22 Dinner


I am so excited about all these amazing entrees I am getting to eat and I get to be creative and add my own veggies, fruits, nuts and low fat/ fat free condiments.  This lets me still order my favorite Nutrisystem entrees and get to prepare them many different ways. I really love this about this program.  

Day 44 Breakfast

Day 44 Lunch
Day 44 Dinner


Now that I am on my 3rd shipment of Nutrisystem foods, I have found my favorites and still finding new items to try as well.  I have also found that going back to foods I may have not been thrilled with at first, taste great now. I think it may have something to do with when I first started my taste was different for sugary and salted foods. Where now I find those foods too sugar and too salty so the NS foods are better and I can add my own flavors as well.  Garlic, Onion, Crushed Tomato, Parmasan Cheese, Salt free seasonings and Mushrooms have made the pasta dishes and pizzas taste like my home made and I have really been enjoying them.

Day 45 Breakfast

Day 45 Lunch

Day 45 Dinner


I am still amazed that I get to eat cheese, English muffins, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cake and snack chips and STILL lose weight each week! I love the breakfast sandwiches, they taste amazing and they feel like an indulgence!  My favorite lunches are the grilled chicken sandwiches, they are soooo tasty and I load them up with fresh veggies and a spreadable soft wedge of laughing cow cheese and the taste is just amazing.  I like to toast my buns for the breakfast sandwiches and the grilled chicken lunch sandwiches in the toaster after I microwave the entire sandwich.  This makes them crisp and toasted just like I like them! I like to add a horseradish sauce, low fat mayo and salt free spices.  The 2 cheese chicken pasta for lunch is also incredible! I add 2 Tablespoons of grated parm to the noodles, stir it up then add 2 cups of steamed veg and it is fabulous! Some of my favorites for dinner are the pizzas, I love all the frozen pizzas.  The crust is so crispy and delicious.  They are loaded with toppings but sometimes I like to add a bit of crushed pineapple, almond slivers and cinnamon to make it like my favorite Hawaiian pizza.  I also like to cook up a pan of fried onions, mushrooms, fresh garlic and plain crushed tomatoes and keep it in my frig to add to the pasta dishes and to top my pizzas and  meatball parmesan melt wraps.  I count them as an added veg.  I am still amazed I get desserts! woo hooo at the end of the day, I get to sit and relax after the rest of house is calm and in bed for the night and have my dessert or snack.  The chocolate brownie sundae cups are the best!  I enjoy every single bite.  I am thrilled to get to eat popcorn and snack "chips" as well.  I really enjoy the  soft pretzels, it was always my go to at the mall to get a soft pretzel so this is just great for me. I add a few sprays of my fat free no calorie butter sub and sprinkle with pink sea salt, or grated parm and salt free garlic spices and if I want to sweet treat I add a few sprays of butter sub and cinnamon sugar (stevia) or just plain mustard.  As you can see there are so many ways you can prepare your Nutrisystem foods and still stay on plan and still lose weight every week.

Day 46 Breakfast

Day 46 Lunch

Day 46 Dinner


I love the shakes because I use 1 cup of ice which is about 6 ice cubes, a shot of sugar free syrup (the kind I use for my coffee)  I have a lot of different flavors like smores, hazelnut, raspberry, orange, peppermint, lemon, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, french vanilla etc. I use a half cup of the 25 calorie cashew milk and I mix them in the blender with my shake mix, ice, fruit and SF syrup.  The consistency comes out like a very thick shake or a frosty.  The flavor combinations are so tasty.  I even mix 1T of PB2 with 2 T of sugar free Hersheys syrup to the chocolate shake and its like a reeses cup shake. Another favorite is to mix the french vanilla syrup and the orange syrup to the vanilla shake to make a creamsicle flavored treat.  As you can see, I have thought this out in detail and have been making some really good frosty shakes for my midday snacks.

Day 47 Breakfast

Day 47 Lunch

Day 47 Dinner


I am getting close to 50 days on the Nutrisystem plan and I have not cheated one time!  I still look at the "bad foods" as I am grocery shopping but I walk right by and head to the produce section and pick out fresh and frozen produce and go home happy and healthy!  I am so glad the weather is starting to get nicer so I can be more active.  I am steadily losing weight each week but I am eager to get another pound off each week and I think walking more outdoors will be the ticket for me.  The baby is now 1 month old so soon he will be able to get outdoors and I can walk him in the stroller with the other 2 girls to the park etc.


Day 48 Breakfast

Day 48 Lunch

Day 48 Dinner 


With the weather getting warmer, I am able to get out more and walk.  We have been walking to the park, the store and the school bus stop.  I am so happy the weather is starting to warm up, since the baby is only 1 month old.  It feels great to get outside again and walk.  I am feeling great! I could not be more happy with this plan. Every week I am losing weight and have stuck to the plan every day.  I am finding new veggies I like and loving fresh steamed produce. My glucose levels have stayed level since I am eating well and every few hours. I have so much more energy and have been sleeping a little better too!  I am awaiting my next Nutrisystem frozen and shelf stable food shipments and eager to try some new entrees this coming month.

Day 49 Breakfast
Day 49 Lunch
Day 49 Dinner


Today is weigh-in day and I am happy to announce I have lost 2.6 lbs this week for a total a total of a 19 pound weight loss in 50 days! I am so happy and I am feeling better and better each day. I have stepped up my exercise routine this week and it sure paid off with a big loss this week! I am 1/4 the way to my goal and it feels great!

Day 50 Breakfast

 Day 50 Lunch
Day 50 Dinner


I have not felt as good about myself as I have these last 50 days in a long long time. I cannot express in words how good my spirit feels. I am taking care of myself like I should be and it feels really good. Even though I am only just beginning this weight loss journey and am only 1/4 of the way to my goal. I feel very good about it because I am learning each day how to fuel my body and not use food as a reward, a comfort, to fill a hole, or to make me happy.  This is still a struggle but I am able to do it with the help of Nutrisystem.

Day 51 Breakfast
 Day 51 Lunch

Day 51 Dinner

I wake this morning with a joyful heart! I just received my new shipment of shelf stable food and I have some new foods I get to try for the first time.  This morning I had my first Nutrisystem Honey Wheat Bagel with a few sprays of ICBINB and low fat cream cheese and sugar free raspberry preserves.  I added a tiny nectarine with a small piece of pineapple.  I am very pleased with the taste and texture and look forward to having it again for breakfast, next time I will add an egg white. 

Day 52 Breakfast

Day 52 Lunch

Day 52 Dinner 

I wake this morning with a smile. I feel great! I have hope! With Spring on the way, I have gone through my closet and decided to try on some of my favorites that I have not been able to wear before I started Nutrisystem.  I am loving that I can comfortably wear a lot of my clothes after this first 20 lbs gone.  There is nothing worse than "fat lady" clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable.  I am just in the beginning of my weight loss journey but each day brings a smile to my face and just being able to wear my clothes more comfortably is a great start for me.  Did I mention that I had to add the belt on my winter coat? YES! I found my waist again!

Day 53 Breakfast

Day 53 Lunch

Day 53 Dinner


Starting my Friday off with a hot cup of coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. It is nice to "go shopping" in my own closet.  I am getting to wear clothes that have been pushed to the back of the closet because I had gained too much to wear them comfortably.  It feels great because some of them are brand new that I picked up thinking I was a certain size, to find out I could not fit them when I got home.  Well today is a new day and I can wear them now and I feel pretty great about that!

Day 54 Breakfast

Day 54 Lunch

Day 54 Dinner


I am excited to get on the scale this week. I will be getting my 20 lb weight loss bear and I am really happy to get it this week! This is just the start to getting my life back to where I am feeling good about myself and have the confidence to make decisions and move forward with my plans.  Carrying around extra weight is so much more than just body fat, it is carrying around a whole lot of other things.  It is time to drop this baggage off and leave it behind for good. I could not have done this without this plan and I am very thankful to be able to learn to eat like I should and continue each day losing weight and hopefully soon I will be off my Diabetic medication as well.

Day 55 Breakfast

Day 55 Lunch

Day 55 Dinner


Spring is such a wonderful time of renewal.  I am feeling like a new bloom myself.  I really do lol That is how good I feel. Everything I am putting into my body is something I chose to eat and I am not going to be deterred from my goal.  I am happier so that makes me a lot more likable  and nicer to get along with. I am also getting out and doing more so it is helping me bond in my relationships and enjoy each other again! 

Day 56 Breakfast

Day 56 Lunch

Day 56 Dinner

I received my frozen meal shipment today and I am very excited to try some Nutrisystem entrees and snacks this time around. I have been really enjoying the meals and the portions.  Every week I have lost weight so far and that really makes me happy.  I love that Nutrisystem does all the work and I just follow a simple plan and stick to it!  The weather is warming up, we are spending the entire day at the Zoo tomorrow so I know I will be getting in a LOT of exercise.  I am looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the day with my family.

Day 57 Breakfast
Day 57 Lunch

Day 57 Dinner


Today is another weigh in day and I am so happy to have lost another 1 1/5 lb this week. I have earned my 20 lb NutriBear and I am very proud of that!  We spent the entire day at the zoo today and walked many miles and really enjoyed the weather and time together. I sure feel a new sense of self confidence. I felt really good and was not self conscious about what I looked like. Again, just the beginning of this weight loss journey but I cannot help but smile because I feel THAT good about myself. For some many reasons....I have stuck to it for one! I have not cheated.  I have tried to do better and better each day with exercise and keeping up with my water intake.  I am slowly learning portion control and good eating habits.  I am loving that I can go into my closet and "shop" for clothes I have not worn in awhile and really surprise myself that I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Day 58 Breakfast
Day 58 Lunch
Day 58 Dinner

Today I am excited to try 3 new Nutrisystem Entrees!  For breakfast I had 2 homestyle whole grain pancakes with natural maple flavor.  I added 1/2 tsp of sugar free raspberry preserves to each because I don't care for syrup. I used my cooking spray and fried an egg over easy and added some ripe banana slices to my pancakes.  Topped it all off with a hot cuppa coffee.  This is a nice quick hot breakfast. For pancake lovers, this is a must have!

Day 59 Breakfast

Day 59 Lunch

I just have to say that I wish I had got these frozen hamburgers from day 1! wow they are so thick and juicy! I mean look at this burger!! woo hooo I added some baby spinach leaves and a slice of tomato with a wedge of creamy mozzarella and a slice of red onion.  Fantastic! I am looking forward to throwing these burgers on the grill when we cook out this summer! I think these are a must have! I still cannot believe I get to eat soooo good and still lose weight each week.  I also ordered 4 different kinds of 10 calorie per 2 Tablespoon salad dressings. I have tried 2 flavors so far and I am thrilled that I get to have 2 Tbl on each salad for only 10 calories and no bitter aftertaste. 

Day 59 Dinner

For dinner I tried the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza with reduced fat mozzarella, garlic chicken breast, ranch dressing, bacon and spinach. Like all the other frozen pizzas, this is a winner! I love that I can top it with more spinach and diced tomato if I want to.  The crust is crispy and tasty and with a nice big salad it is a full meal.


This is day 60 on the Nutrisystem plan and I am thrilled to be on this weight loss journey with my new pals in the NSNation!  I am learning so much about fueling my body with food and not using food to fill a void, or use it as a drug to calm me or make me feel better. The truth is, I feel so much better now that I have been eating smaller portions several times a day. My blood sugar levels have been great and I am losing weight each week. This has been an amazing 60 days.

Day 60 Breakfast

Day 60 Lunch

Day 60 Dinner


My relationships are improving since I have been on the Nutrisystem plan.  I am sure it is because I am happier and healthier so my mood and attitude are better which reflects in my daily life.  My friends and family are seeing a happier version of myself these days and it is nice because we all benefit. I get out more now and want to do more and be in public more. I am not as reserved and self conscious about my weight. I am getting there, that is for sure and my relationships are improving day by day.

Day 61 Breakfast

Day 61 Lunch
Day 61 Dinner
I love getting out of the house more. I feel pretty good about being in public and not worrying about what people are thinking about my weight. I am enjoying my time with friends and family and not hiding in the background anymore. It is a slow process but it feels great.

Day 62 Breakfast
Day 62 Lunch
Day 62 Dinner on the run.
03/13/ 2016
I am learning to eat in restaurants and in public while I am not at home eating just NS foods. I am finding as long as I plan ahead, I can stay on track and still enjoy myself and I feel great afterwards because I am not stuffed with foods that are not good for me and I have energy.

Day 63 Breakfast
Day 63 Lunch

Day 63 Dinner
Spring is here and I am ready to step up my exercise and being more active during the day. The weather is giving us some lovely days already and I am looking forward to getting out in the garden and planting some produce.  The yardwork is already giving me some extra active times rather than spending my day inside. Spring has sprung and no setbacks for me! Looking forward!

Day 64 Breakfast
Day 64 Lunch
Day 64 Dinner
With Spring here and mini goals being met, I am eager to get out more and do more and be active again.  I love walking the kids to the park, we have a lot of fun just getting there.  We bring a healthy snack with us and eat our little picnic snack together and fly our kites, kick the ball around, run and chase, push each other on the swings and make up our own obstacle courses and cheer each other on! I love spending this healthy time with the little ones and we are already looking forward to getting a pool membership in the summer.  I am moving forward and not looking back.  Each day gets better and I could not be happier. Nutrisystem is the perfect plan for me! I am happy that I took on this weight loss journey with NS and have wonderful support from them as well as Facebook Nutrisystem Friends group that inspires me each and every day.  The struggle is real, but Nutrisystem is right there for me every step of the way.

Day 65 Breakfast

Day 65 Lunch
Day 65 Dinner

The first signs of spring are revealing themselves in my backyard.  I woke to 2 open daffodils all bright and standing tall.  The trees already have little green buds on them and the grass is getting greener by the day!  I love Spring because it is a wonderful time of renewal.  That is how I feel right now, like I am in a great time of renewal, like I am shedding my skin, or rather my fat suit lol  I really do feel amazing inside! I have hope because every single day I am sticking to the Nutrisystem plan and I am losing weight each week. I know in time, my goal will be reached and I will be a new person inside and out. I am chaning my lifestyle each and every day it gets better. I may not look like it on the outside yet, but I am changing for the better and starting to have a very different relationship with food. This is an amazing process...join me!

Day 66 Breakfast
Day 66 Lunch
Day 66 Dinner

 As I am nearing a mini goal of mine, I am feeling anxious.  There are major life changes going on and I know that I have to keep myself on this plan and make it a priority.  For so many years of my adult life, I did not do that and I have paid the price in many ways but I am learning to make myself a priority and stick to my goals and keep moving forward. I could not do this without the help of the Nutrisystem plan. It is just that easy to follow.  I don't have to think, they have it planned out for me and I just have to follow it.  I am so grateful for that right now with so many life changes going on.  I have stuck to it and not cheated or faltered.  I am really proud of that.

Day 67 Breakfast

Day 67 Lunch
Day 67 Dinner
Spring weather comes and goes here in Central Ohio, it is teasing us with warm days then freezing days.  I am looking forward to a steady stretch of warmer weather. I have so much more energy and I want to get outdoors with the little ones.  I am keeping my eye on the prize (my weight loss goals) and continuing each day on this journey.  No going back this time!
Day 68 Breakfast
Day 68 Lunch

Day 68 Dinner
It is getting close to placing a new food order and I am getting excited for that.  I want to try some new entrees again this time and switch up my week with some new foods.  I love the huge variety I can get on this plan.  I definitely have my favorites but I find myself trying new things and really enjoying them.  I am so happy to get to eat pasta, cheese, potato, waffles, pancakes, bagels, breakfast sandwiches and so many other foods that I have never been able to eat on other "diet" plans. This is really great for me, I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. I still crave some junk food from time to time, but I am still learning and programming my new way of life into my routine.  It is not that hard at all.  
Day 69 Breakfast
Day 69 Lunch

Day 69 Dinner
The first day of Spring finds me happy and excited to start the day.  Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am hoping to meet a mini goal I have set for myself.  I am feeling like I have more energy, more smiles during the day and a lighter, younger spirit!  I am really excited to get back to doing some of the things I did when I was younger.
Day 70 Breakfast

Day 70 Lunch
Day 70 Dinner

Today is my weigh in day and I am so happy to have lost another 1 1/5 pounds this week! I have also met a mini goal of mine to get to a certain number on the scale. I am under that number and so very happy to never see it again! woo hooo I am making progress and feeling fantastic!  Today is also my younger sisters birthday and I feel as young as she is ha ha ha! I really feel great and ready to step up my plan as I head through Spring and toward Summer!

Day 71 Breakfast

Day 71 Lunch

Day 71 Dinner
I ordered my next 28 days of Nutrisystem food today and was so excited to order my favorites as well as choosing some new foods recommended by a lot of people in a Nutrisytem Facebook support group, it is not run by NS but is all NS users of over 3000 members.  I love going there to check out what everyone is doing on NS, from eating, tips, struggles, encouragement, support, laughs and inspiration.  I am most excited about getting chocolate covered pretzels, that is one of my favorite snacks and I am not sure how I missed seeing them on the menu before.  With Spring break coming soon, I am feeling like a kid again and wanting to have fun on our little mini holiday.  Life is getting better and's the small things in life...really!

Day 72 Breakfast
Day 72 Lunch
Day 72 Dinner


I am actually looking forward to my Dr appointment tomorrow.  I am getting my every 3 month A1C blood work because I am a Diabetic.  I have lost 23 lbs since my last check up, so I know that I will have improved since then.  My goal is to get off my Diabetic medication for the rest of my life.  I have faith, because this plan is working so well for me and I am determined.

Day 73 Breakfast

Day 73 Lunch
Day 73 Dinner


I have some fantastic news to report! At the beginning of January, just before I started the Nutrisystem plan, my A1C was 7.3 and today, 3 months later, my A1C is 5.7 in only three months time! My Dr was impressed with my 23 lb weight loss and my fabulous A1C this time.  I have to go back in 1 months time to see how much I have improved and may be lowering my meds and getting off them completely in the near future. I am thrilled with this progress.  I feel like I am getting years of my life back.

Day 74 Breakfast

Day 74 Lunch
Day 74 Dinner

I am seeing my goals within sight!  I feel myself tapping into my fountain of youth again!  There is so much I am looking forward to with my short term goals as well as my long term goals.  I am not letting anything deter me.  Easter is coming up, I plan on making our traditional Easter Sunday Dinner as I always have. But I am going to stick to my Nutrisystem meals and smile knowing that I am staying of track.

Day 75 Breakfast

Day 75 Lunch

Day 75 Dinner


I got to try the meatloaf sandwich for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I had been hearing others on the plan talk about how good it was and they were right.  It is not like the hamburger which I thought it may be like, but it is not, it is totally different tasting.  I like this change of tastes and meals.  I love the variety of meals, snacks and desserts I get to have. I love creating new ways to prepare them and different product to add and change up the flavor combinations. I feel like I did 20 years ago, I have an excitement for life!

Day 76 Breakfast

Day 76 Lunch
Day 76 Dinner

03/27/2016 Easter Sunday

I decided to stick with tradition this year and cook a traditional Easter Sunday Dinner for my family.  I did add a giant green salad filled with lettuces, kale, cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage and almond slivers, dressed in a poppyseed dressing.  I am not going to lie, when I was frying up the thick cut bacon for the pot of collard greens, I really wanted a slice of bacon, but I did not.  I prepared the dish and kept on going!  Everyone enjoyed their meal and I enjoyed my Nutrisystem turkey dinner and kept on track the entire day. I am not going to let anything get in my way of my progress and my goals. This is my year and I am going to conquer it!

Day 77 Breakfast

Day 77 Lunch

Day 77 Dinner

03/2016 Weigh-In Day

Weigh-In Day- Week 11 and I have lost 3 more pounds this week! 

For a total of 26 lbs in 77 days! 

I feel amazing!! My health is improving by leaps and bounds and my spirits are high! Join me on this weight loss journey with Nutrisystem.

Day 78 Breakfast

Day 78 Lunch

Day 78 Dinner


I am still feeling really proud of myself for sticking to the NS plan from day one and through a major holiday.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and it feels fantastic!  I had no excuses and made no excuses and it all paid off.  The end of March is nearing and I am looking forward to a new month and warmer weather.  11 weeks on this program and I am starting to feel and look like a new woman!

Day 79 Breakfast

Day 79 Lunch

Day 79 Dinner


10 more days and I will have been following the Nutrisystem plan for 3 months.  I am so happy to report how much success I have had and I know anyone who follows this easy plan can have to. It is pretty fool proof.  I am still working on getting in more exercise, which I know will only benefit me.  The weather has been cold, windy and rainy and my family is looking forward to getting outdoors.  I want to make sure I am keeping on track with my water intake each day. Sometimes I get so busy during the day, I lose track of time and don't feel like I have got all my water in for the day. I am going to make this more of a priority and prepare lemon water, iced water and unsweetened tea the night before so I am sure to drink it all with no excuses!

Day 80 Breakfast

Day 80 Lunch

Day 80 Dinner


The end of march is here and I am excited to be getting closer to my next mini goal of -30 lbs.  The first 11 weeks have been an amazing adventure and I have honestly enjoyed every moment. It has not always been easy, I have wanted to snack a few times on junk food but I have not given in to that temptation.  I wanted to eat out and get my old favorites but I did not and I kept on plan and am really proud for doing so.  Those temptations don't last for long because I can find something on Nutrisystem that is comparable and much better for me and leaves me feeling a LOT better about myself.  It is a learning process for sure. I have been eating poorly for most of my life so I know its going to take some time for it to be a habit and a lifestyle. It is already starting to and I enjoy preparing healthy choices in a creative way. The taste profiles are always good and I am very happy to be losing weight each and every week for the last 11 weeks.

Day 81 Breakfast

Day 81 Lunch

Day 81 Dinner


Hello April! I love the beautiful signs of Spring all around me! Early flowers are blooming and green buds and flowers are starting on the trees and I am feeling renewed inside and out. I can really see it in my face and my side profile. This belly had gone down a lot and my clothes are looking a lot better on and I feel so much better inside.  I am 48 yrs old now but I feel younger every day!

Day 82 Breakfast

Day 82 Lunch

Day 82 Dinner


I am very happy with the food choices and all the options there are with Nutrisystem. I still cannot believe all the amazing foods I get to eat every day. I am not deprived of anything at all....ever!  I get pizza, pasta, chocolate, potato, gravy, desserts, ice cream, snack chips and popcorn, cheese and dairy and so much more. I am going to try and deconstruct some entrees and see what creative things I can do with them.  With this new baby and a toddler at home all day, it makes it a challenge to prepare food quickly but I think I am doing a pretty good job and I am finding that early preparation is key.

Day 83 Breakfast

Day 83 Lunch

Day 83 Dinner


I prepared edamame for the very first time and it was very good. I decided to keep it simple at first to just enjoy the natural flavors so I steamed them in the pods in the microwave from a frozen state and they were easily removed from the pods and I sprayed them with some ICBINB and sprinked with pink sea salt. Very tasty and my family enjoyed them as well and wanted to make a spicy roasted version for next time. I am trying new things and really enjoying them. I like looking up ways to prepare these  new foods and adding them to my menus.  It's also fun to share ways of preparation and recipes with other NS members.  This journey just gets better and better!

Day 84 Breakfast

Day 84 Lunch

Day 84 Dinner

04/04/2016 Weigh-In Day

The start of week 12 and I have lost another pound this week! For a total of 27 lbs lost in 84 days so far. It is a slow but steady process and I love it! I get to eat good foods all day long and end the day with a nice dessert. This weight loss journey is the best I have ever experienced and it is changing the relationship, yes relationship, I have with food and portion control. This plan is so easy to follow because NS does all the work for me. I just follow it and the weight has been dropping off every single week since I started. I am not exercising like a maniac or starving myself all day. I am changing my eating habits for a lifestyle change. I had a omelette made of 1 large egg, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, green onion, garlic and a wedge of babybel cheese with 2 NS pancakes 1/2 tsp SF raspberry preserves topped with blueberries and a SF salted caramel iced coffee for breakfast.

Day 85 Breakfast

Day 85 Lunch

Day 85 Dinner


I wake to a wintery feeling morning...wondering where Spring has gone!  It is a nice quiet morning...1st grader off to school...preschooler enjoying her fresh fruit salad...newborn sleeping nicely and I am having a second cup of coffee.  Life is good and I am feeling wonderful this 12th week of my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem.  The next 12 weeks I have decided to really concentrate on getting some real work outs in.  I admit this does not thrill me but I know that once I start and I begin to see positive changes in my body and energy levels I will warm up to the idea.  I really enjoy walks with my family but the weather is still too cold for the new baby so I am going to plan B....the elliptical 

Day 86 Breakfast

Day 86 Lunch

Day 86 Dinner


I cannot get over all the wonderful kinds of foods I get to have every day! As a lady, there is a certain time of the month that I want pasta and chocolate in every meal and that is ok! It's all in moderation of course but that is a good thing because it leaves me feeling good and not stuffed and regretful. I am enjoying Nutrisystem meals and learning all the different ways I can incorporate all the unlimited veggies allowed on this plan.  I want to try something new or different every week when I grocery shop.  I love the produce isles, they are full of fabulous colors and flavor combinations.  Who would have ever thought I would be saying this? Not me! But it's true, I am really enjoying this weight loss journey and lifestyle change. I have been thinking of it for the last 10 yrs but it never clicked or stuck til now!  What a blessing this is for me!

Day 87 Breakfast

Day 87 Lunch

Day 87 Dinner


I wake up and I realize I am happy....for no particular reason...just happy.  A song in my heart and a smile on my face.  I am really starting to feel like "Me" again.  I cannot wait for my outside to catch up with the way I feel inside! I am happy.  There really is no easier way to describe it.  This plan is changing my life for the better and I am very thankful!

Day 88 Breakfast

Day 88 Lunch
Day 88 Dinner


I am getting to the point where I can really notice a difference in how I look.  What is funny is that from day 1, I felt better on the inside and continue to each and every day feel better on the inside. I can see now that my outside is catching up and I am really loving seeing these changes for the better. My face is a lot thinner, no more double chin to speak of.  My clothes fit so much better and they have in a long time.  I need to measure myself again and see how much I have lost in inches.  I am going to do this at the -30 lb mark which should be next week.

Day 89 Breakfast
Day 89 Lunch
Day 89 Dinner
The end of the first 12 weeks is upon me and I feel fantastic! It went by quite fast and was not difficult at all. I did have some days where I craved junk food but I got past that in no time and kept moving forward. There was a day I wanted to eat at my favorite pizza place but I didn't, I made an NS pizza and was so happy that I did not give in to temptation.  I did not feast on the Easter Dinner that I prepared for my family, instead I stuck to my NS plan throughout the day and felt like a million bucks for doing so! I have had a lot of small victories and have lost weight every single week, so I am thrilled at the outcome over this last 12 weeks and I am super excited to go for 12 more weeks and see how close I can get to my goal weight.

Day 90 Breakfast
Day 90 Lunch
Day 90 Dinner


I am so excited to say that I have completed 90 straight days of being faithful to the Nutrisystem plan! I have stuck to it every single day and I have almost 30 lbs lost to show for it, that is an average of 10 lbs every month lost so far! I am proud of myself and really seeing a difference in how my clothes fit.  I am going down sizes and looking forward to reaching my next goal which will be my half way point.

Day 91 Breakfast
Day 91 Lunch
Day 91 Dinner

Here I begin week 13 of this amazing weight loss journey! I am thrilled to continue on the Nutrisystem plan for another 12 weeks and I cannot wait to share my day with everyone and show you what I am eating each day. I am also looking forward to making some recipes from the Nutrisystem Blog the Leaf.  I am sure I will find some great new additions to my new recipe box.  I have learned so much in the last 12 weeks and now I am going to hone those skills and continue to work on getting my daily intake of water in and upping my exercise.

Day 92 Breakfast
Day 92 Lunch
Day 92 Dinner


Day 93 Breakfast
Day 93 Lunch
Day 93 Dinner

I am reposting recipes for "CHIPS" from Nutrisystem Leaf Blog

Kale Chips: The Unlimited Snack
One of the keys to great chips is getting them crispy without burning the vegetables, which is why this is one time you won’t want to use olive oil. Olive oil has a “smoke point” of 190 degrees, meaning it will start to burn off and smoke at that temperature. Using an oil with a higher smoke point, like canola, sunflower or coconut, means you can potentially cook the chips longer (and get them crispier) without burning. You can also use zero-calorie cooking spray, which has the properties you need to get good chips without the calories.
Kale chips are one of the easiest to keep from burning, and a great place to start. And they’re great to finish, too: They won’t keep in the fridge, so it’s encouraged to finish them all not long after they’re out of the oven. And since they’re an unlimited food, you can do so without a shred of guilt!
You’ll need:
1 large bunch kale, cut into one-inch strips
Zero-calorie cooking spray
Salt and black pepper
To make it:
1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
2. Spread the kale evenly on a baking sheet and spray with zero-calorie cooking spray.
3. Season the kale liberally with black pepper, and lightly with salt.
4. Toss the leaves and re-spread into a single layer.
5. Cook them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until the edges turn brown and crispy.
Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Pasta

Shrimp Scampi With Zucchini Pasta

Sweet Potato Chips: Orange You Glad You Made ThemThe orange color means Vitamin A: More than 700 percent of your daily intake is in just a cup of sweet potatoes, as well as 25 percent of your daily fiber. Here’s the trick to getting them crispy enough to dip in ketchup: Slice the sweet potatoes super, razor thin. If it’s available, use a mandolin for uniform, thin slices that will get crisp instead of cooking brown. If you don’t have a mandolin, use a sharp knife and take your time to get the thinnest slices possible—the results are worth it. A half cup of these fries counts as one SmartCarb and one Extra on Nutrisystem.
You’ll need:
2 cups of sweet potatoes, sliced ultra-thin
2 tsp. salt
1.5 Tbsp. canola oil (or other oil with a high smoke point)
To make it:
1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
2. Toss the sweet potato slices in oil, coating thoroughly.
3. Season with salt, and toss again.
4. Spread the slices on parchment paper on a baking sheet in a single layer.
5. Bake for about 8-10 minutes, then flip the chips.
6. Bake for 8 more minutes.
7. Turn on the broiler and broil for 2-3 minutes per side to make them really crispy.
Video: Loaded Omelet Muffins

Video: Loaded Omelet Muffins

Broccoli Chips: Turn Trash Into Snacking TreasureNot the florets. The stumps! Instead of trashing that big, fat broccoli stem, slice it thin and turn it into a salty snack that’s perfect with hummus or a light ranch option. You can eat as many as you want, all while packing in Vitamin B, iron and 5.1 grams of filling fiber per cup.
You’ll need:
1-2 broccoli stumps
Zero-calorie cooking spray
Salt and black pepper to taste
To make it:
1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
2. Cut the broccoli stumps into coins, as thin as possible (if possible, use a mandolin. Otherwise, go slowly with a knife).
3. Coat the broccoli with the cooking spray.
4. Spread the chips evenly on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
5. Bake for about 10 minutes or until they crisp up.
How to Know Which Oils to Cook With

How To Know Which Oils To Cook With

Beet Chips: A Sweet SurpriseBeets are sweet for a simple reason: With four grams per beet, they’ve got more sugar than most other vegetables. But unlike the added sugar you’d get from a cookie or candy bar, the four grams of sugar in the beet come with potassium, iron and Vitamins A, B and C that make the small blood sugar spike worth it. The fiber in the beet also helps to manage the sugar spike so it isn’t as drastic as with an added-sugar snack. Which makes these sweet-and-salty beet chips a satisfying choice when you’re craving sweetness. Enjoy all of the chips, and you’ve eaten two Vegetables and one to two Extras, depending on how much oil you use.
You’ll need:
2 large beets (about two cups), sliced as thin as possible
1-2 tsp. canola oil
1 tsp. salt
To make it:
1. Take one of the racks out of the oven, and place it on the counter.
2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
3. Toss the beets with the oil and salt in a bowl.
4. Spread the beets on a parchment-lined baking sheet in a single layer.
5. Put another baking sheet on top of the chips to keep them flat.
6. Bake for about 20 minutes, then uncover the chips.
7. Bake for 10-15 minutes more, or until the color lightens and the ends start to curl.
8. Put the chips on the wire rack until cool. They’ll crisp up there.
How to Cook Veggies: 3 Ways

How To Cook Veggies: 3 Ways

Zucchini Chips: Crisped Up by ParmesanIf you’ve ever spilled some Parmesan over the edge of a food that you’re baking or pan-frying, you know that the cheese cooks into a delightful, salty crisp that’s a bonus for the chef. Time to share that secret: By lightly coating coins of zucchini with the cheese, the squash turns into a pile of potassium-rich chips that you’ll love. Enjoy half of these chips and you’ve eaten two Vegetables, one PowerFuel and about one Extra on Nutrisystem.
You’ll need:
4 cups zucchini, cut into super-thin coins
1 Tbsp. canola oil
1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan
Low-calorie cooking spray
Black pepper
To make it:
1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
2. Toss the zucchini with the oil in a bowl. Drain off any excess.
3. Pour the Parmesan in the bowl and toss until the zucchini is evenly coated.
4. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray, and arrange the coated zucchini in a single layer.
5. Bake about 15 minutes, then flip the coins.
6. Bake for 10-15 minutes more, or until they’re crisp. Remove from the baking sheet immediately to keep them from overcooking or getting soggy.
#HealthyHowTo Video: Peeling Garlic Made Simple

#HealthyHowTo Video: Peeling Garlic Made Simple

Garlic Chips: Great as a Snack or Salad TopperGarlic chips are surprising: Bursting with flavor that pairs phenomenally with the salt they’re topped with. And they’re great for more than a snack: Without the salt added, they can be an ideal, crunchy replacement for croutons that can add flavor to salad without packing on extra calories or carbs. The trick with garlic, though, is not to burn the chips—err on the side of caution, removing them from the pan and letting the chips dry on a paper towel rather than burning them. This entire recipe counts as two Extras on Nutrisystem.
You’ll need:
1-2 bulbs of garlic, separated into cloves and peeled
2 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. large-grain kosher salt
To make it:
1. Slice the garlic cloves as thin as possible.
2. Heat oil over medium in a frying pan.
3. Add the garlic and spread it out so it’s in a single layer. Saute for 5-10 minutes, or until lightly brown and crispy.
4. Remove the chips to folded paper towels. Allow to drain and dry slightly.
5. Sprinkle with salt (optional) and serve.
- See more at:
Day 94 Breakfast
Day 94 Lunch
Day 94 Dinner
Day 95 Breakfast
Day 95 Lunch
Day 95 Dinner
Day 96 Breakfast
Day 96 Lunch
Day 96 Dinner
Day 97 Breakfast
Day 97 Lunch

Day 97 Dinner


Day 98 Breakfast

Day 98 Lunch

Day 98 Dinner

04/18/2016 Weigh-In Day

My successful weight loss each week is really keeping me going each and every day, because I know that by the next weigh in day, I will have shed more of this unwanted weight and each week get closer to my goal. This is very motivating to me.  I still have cravings and want to mindlessly eat at night, like I did for so many years.  I fight that urge, drink some tea or water and go back to bed. It is still not easy but I am doing it, because I know one day this habit will be broken and my new lifestyle changes will be second nature and that makes me happy.

Day 99 Breakfast

Day 99 Lunch

Day 99 Dinner

April 19 2016

Day 100 Breakfast

Day 100 Lunch

Day 100 Dinner

April 20 2016

Day 101 Breakfast

Day 101 Lunch

Day 101 Dinner

April 21 2016

Day 102 Breakfast

Day 102 Lunch

Day 102 Dinner

April 22 2016

Day 103 Breakfast

Day 103 Lunch

Day 103 Dinner

April 23 2016

Day 104 Breakfast

Day 104 Lunch

Day 104 Dinner

April 24 2016

Day 105 Breakfast

Day 105 Lunch

Day 105 Dinner

April 25 2016 Weigh In Day

I am down -33 lbs and I can really see it in my face and in my midsection.  My pants are literally falling off of me!  This is really showing now and I am just about at my half way goal. It is kind of scary because I don't want to fail or sabbatoge myself like I have in the past. I need to keep my faith and stick to the Nutrisystem plan, it is working and I am happy.

Day 106 Breakfast

Day 106 Lunch

Day 106 Dinner

April 26 2016

 Monthly Food Order

Day 107 Breakfast

Day 107 Lunch

Day 107 Dinner

April 27 2016

Day 108 Breakfast

Day 108 Lunch

Day 108 Dinner

April 28 2016

Day 109 Breakfast

Day 109 Lunch

Day 109 Dinner

April 29 2016

Day 110 Breakfast

Day 110 Lunch

Day 110 Dinner

April 30 2016

Day 111 Breakfast

Day 111 Lunch

Day 111 Dinner

May 1 2016 

I am really enjoying all the recipes I am finding on the LEAF

Day 112 Breakfast

Day 112 Lunch

Day 112 Dinner

May 2 2016 Weigh-In Day

I am so happy to report another 2 lbs lost this week for a total of 35 pounds lost in 112 days so far! I am thrilled with this program. I have never eaten better! I get to have so many delicious meals, snacks and desserts every single day that I find no reason to have a "Cheat Day"  I feel like I am cheating every day! But I am not, I am in control of what I eat, I measure everything and I keep track of everything I eat.  I am feeling really good about myself. I love that my self confidence is starting to come back and I am feeling like the OLD me, only better! I am coming up on my half way goal which is just amazing to me! All things are possible! I am excited to continue on this weight loss journey and reach my goal weight!

Today I am going to make this treat from the LEAF  

I will be posting my pics after my sweet treats are ready!

Here is my First Attempt at making these delicious Sweet Treats.  (next time I need to work faster with the warm chocolate. It dried and hardened quickly.) But even though they are not that pretty, they taste delicious! What a fantastic treat and very quick and easy to make! I can't wait to try it with other fruits.

 Day 113 Breakfast

Day 113 Lunch

Day 113 Dinner

May 03,2016

Day 114 Breakfast

Day 114 Lunch
Day 114 Dinner
May 04, 2016 

Day 115 Breakfast

Day 115 Lunch
Day 115 Dinner
May 05, 2016

My Cinco de Mayo plans include trying this recipe for the LEAF  I really love that I can still partake in traditional celebrations with my family and friends and still stay on plan! 

Day 116 Breakfast

Day 116 Lunch
Day 116 Dinner

May 06, 2016

Day 117 Breakfast

Day 117 Lunch

Day 117 Dinner

May 07, 2016

Day 118 Breakfast

Day 118 Lunch

Day 118 Dinner

May 08, 2016

Day 119 Breakfast

Day 119 Lunch

Day 119 Dinner

May 09, 2016 Weigh In Day

This is the first week that I have not lost any weight, I have not gained either, I am at the exact weight I was last week at this time. Naturally I am bummed, but I am trying to not let it get me down.  Fear of failure is very real at this point and my half way goal is in sight.  I am determined to keep going and move forward.

Day 120 Breakfast

Day 120 Lunch

Day 120 Dinner

May 10, 2016

Day 121 Breakfast

Day 121 Lunch

Day 121 Dinner

May 11, 2016Day 122 Breakfast

Day 122 Lunch

Day 122 Dinner

May 12, 2016Today I want to show you my first time roasting Brussels sprouts fresh from the produce isle. I normally steam my veggies or make fresh raw salads with them, but I have been seeing a lot of friends posting recipes and pics of roasted veggies and they look so good, so I thought for a change of pace I would give it a go. I was not disappointed at all, my whole family could not get enough of these roasted Brussels sprouts. I wanted to make the first batch simple and play with the recipe another time.  So all I did was dress them with olive oil, fresh garlic and sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  I roasted them until they were a nice carmelized color and tender on the inside.  Wow what a flavorful side dish this is! I cannot wait to do this on the grill this summer as well. They taste so good!

Day 123 Breakfast

Day 123 Lunch

Day 123 Dinner

May 13, 2016

Day 124 Breakfast

Day 124 Lunch

Day 124 Dinner

May 14, 2016

Day 125 Breakfast

Day 125 Lunch

Day 125 Dinner

May 15, 2016

Day 126 Breakfast

Day 126 Lunch

Day 126 Dinner

May 16, 2016 Weigh In Day

I am down about a half a pound this week, I am happy that I lost, but now I am thinking I need to cut out the nuts from my snacks. I have been eating nuts these last couple weeks for my snack and I think this may be a reason why I am not losing 1-2 lbs like I have been from the beginning. I am going to continue what I am doing otherwise, and make sure I get all my water intake every day and cut out the nuts and see how that works for next weeks weigh in. It is still a loss, so I am glad about that, still getting closer to my goal and working on changing what is not working!

Day 127 Breakfast

Day 127 Lunch

Day 127 Dinner

May 17, 2016

Day 128 Breakfast

Day 128 Lunch

Day 128 Dinner

May 18, 2016

This morning I wake up with a real desire to reach my goal. This is something I really really want and I know I can do it with the help of Nutrisystem. Today I am going to make a recipe from THE LEAF This is Nutrisystems Blog and it has a ton of information and recipes I can make and still stay on my plan. 

Here is a simple yet delicious recipe from THE LEAF Nutrisystem Blog that I really enjoyed, I pureed my fresh pineapple and froze it in portions so it was simple to blend since I did not have a bag of frozen pineapple.  I used cashew milk instead of almond milk, they are very similar, I just happen to have cashew milk.  The pineapple whip is very smooth and creamy like a sorbet and not overly sweet, more tropical and refreshing than heavy and sweet. I made a half batch of the recipe which is 2 smart carb servings.  I will be doing this a lot this summer its a wonderful smart carb!

Day 129 Breakfast

Day 129 Lunch

Day 129 Dinner

May 19, 2016

I roasted 2 bags of mixed veggies in the oven. Nice change of flavor, I lightly dressed the veggies in olive oil, fresh garlic, seasalt and fresh ground pepper.

Day 130 Breakfast

Day 130 Lunch

Day 130 Dinner

May 20, 2016

Day 131 Breakfast

Day 131 Lunch

Day 131 Dinner

May 21, 2016

Day 132 Breakfast

Day 132 Lunch

Day 132 Dinner

May 22, 2016

Day 133 Breakfast

Day 133 Lunch

Day 133 Dinner

May 23 2016

Summer vacation is getting closer so I decided to buy a bathing suit because I decided when I started this journey in January that we were going to go to the beach as often as we can this summer and I am not going to feel bad about how I look, and that even though I will only have reached about half way to my goal, I will have fun and enjoy the summer with my family and make memories we will cherish.  No regrets! I bought a swim suit 4 sizes smaller than last years version, that BTW I NEVER wore. So even though I am not where I want to be, I am a lot closer and I feel pretty good about it and cannot wait to hit the beach!

Day 134 Breakfast

Day 134 Lunch

Day 134 Dinner

May 24, 2016-Weigh In Day

 I am happy to report another 2 lbs lost this week for a total of over 37 lbs lost so far in 134 days! I am happy and have an even stronger desire to reach my goal.  Just about half way there and I am on a mission, thanks to Nutrisystem, I am able to fulfill my dream of finally changing my life and losing this unwanted weight while gaining a new lifestyle and understanding of how food is a fuel for my body.  This morning I also received my Frozen meal shipment, the shelf stable box should be here tomorrow or the next day. I separate the frozen snacks,breakfast,lunch and dinners in separate giant zipper bags in my freezer so I can easily grab whatever meal I need at the time. I stack the boxed frozen dinners directly in the freezer. I keep all my frozen veggies on the bottom freezer shelf and it is all organized pretty well. This system works for me!

Day 135 Breakfast

Day 135 Lunch

Day 135 Dinner

May 25, 2016
Day 136 Breakfast

Day 136 Lunch

Day 136 Dinner

May 26, 2016 
Day 137 Breakfast

Day 137 Lunch

Day 137 Dinner

May 27 2016
Day 138 Breakfast

Day 138 Lunch

Day 138 Dinner

May 28, 2016
Day 139 Breakfast

Day 139 Lunch

Lunch out with my daughter, I chose a grilled chicken salad with lite balsamic dressing.

Day 139 Dinner

May 29 2016
Day 140 Breakfast

Day 140 Lunch

Day 140 Dinner

May 30, 2016 Weigh In Day

Today I am happy to report another 2 lbs lost this week for a total of 39 lbs lost so far! I have been staying on track, getting my daily water intake and eating every few hours.  I could still step up my daily exercise but I am still losing weight and doing very well, 1 lb away from my half way goal weight, so I feel fabulous and ready to start the next half of this journey with Nutrisystem. I know I can do it with the help of this amazing plan. I could not do it on my own and this plan is working very well for me and I am actually enjoying this plan, this journey and my life again!

This Memorial Day I decided to do a mini version of the recipe on today's Nutrisystem Instagram recipe.  Their recipe feeds a crowd and mine is for 2 people to share.  It is super easy, very patriotic and super tasty for the season!

Now here is my mini version for 2 to share. It is a simple recipe of blueberries arranged for the stars in a square, with alternating strips of strawberries and Fat Free whipped topping.  For a group this works best in a deep pan like the pic above and for a single serving or for 2 to share I chose to make this mini version on a plate.

Day 141 Breakfast

Day 141 Lunch

Day 141 Dinner

May 31, 2016

This morning I am feeling a real sense of accomplishment with 40 pounds lost in 20 weeks so far with an average of 2 lbs lost a week. I feel really good about that! Half way through my weight loss journey and I am soooo looking forward to this second half because I feel great, I look better and I can see myself when I look in the mirror!  I see a happy healthier woman than I did 20 weeks ago and I know with the help of Nutrisystem, I can reach my goal!

Day 142 Breakfast

Day 142 Lunch

Day 142 Dinner

June 1, 2016

Well, June is here and summer is just about here, the weather is hot here in Central Ohio and we sign up for swim lessons at the local pool in 12 days for the little girls. I am nervous but excited to get in that pool this year! I am only half way to my goal but I am going to enjoy myself at the pool this year, it has been a good decade since I have got in a public pool so I am nervous but I am going to do it anyway. I want to enjoy this time in my life and I don't want to miss out on another fun summer! So the countdown is on...12 more days!

Day 143 Breakfast

Day 143 Lunch

Day 143 Dinner

June 2, 2016
Day 144 Breakfast
Day 144 Lunch
Day 144 Dinner

June 3, 2016
Day 145 Breakfast
Day 145 Lunch
Day 145 Dinner

June 4, 2016
Day 146 Breakfast

Day 146 Lunch
Day 146 Dinner

June 5, 2016
Day 147 Breakfast

Day 147 Lunch
Day 147 Dinner

June 6, 2016 weigh in day
21 weeks into my Nutrisystem weight loss journey and I have reached my half way goal of exactly 40 lbs lost so far! WOW I feel amazing, I have to say I am looking good but I feel even better on the inside!  My health is way better, I have not had any heartburn in 21 weeks, I have more energy, my back does not ache nearly as bad, my A1C is 5.7 now which is almost normal and my spirit is starting to soar again! My clothes fit so much better and I am getting a lot more attention than I have been in a long time.  Since I have reached my half way point, I am already starting to think of maintenance and preparing for when I am no longer eating Nutrisystem for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert every single day.  I have to admit this is a bit frightening but also a big goal to test myelf on my new eating habits and lifestyle change. What I love most about this journey is that I have learned that I am ok with having a 1/4 cup of ice cream and not a huge bowl or 2...I like that when I go to the grocery store, I head straight to the produce section and get excited about what season goodies are looking fabulous.  I love cheese so I enjoy going to the "gourmet" cheeses and getting a beautiful wax round of gouda or fresh motzerella or fet and treat myself to these fantastic cheeses instead of cheese puffs and mounds of shredded cheese or fake cheese slices. I know that I can cut off an ounce of this fabulous tasting cheese and be super happy about grating it over my pizza or make  cheeseburgers with fresh mushrooms and swiss. I like that I am ok with these serving sizes and don't go looking for more.  I am not saying that from time to time, I want to eat another dessert cup, cuz I do , but I DON'T do it.  I have that self control now and in the end, it makes me feel good about myself and the choices I am choosing to make and stick to.  

Day 148 Breakfast

Day 148 Lunch

Day 148 Dinner

June 7, 2016
Day 149 Breakfast
Day 149 Lunch

Day 149 Dinner

June 8, 2016

Today brings me to 150 days on my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem! I had a lifetime of bad eating habits.  I know it is not easy and it is not going to happen overnight, not even after 150 days BUT I feel different and I have a different relationship with food. I am starting to change those bad habits and replace them with sensible attainable habits and goals for myself.  The little girls heard the song of the ice cream truck and ran out to get ice cream...yay!!! I cream we all cried out!! They both got a soft serve cone and I smiled and went to the freezer and got myself an ice cream sandwich and we all enjoyed our treats and I felt great about not getting a big fat sundae from that ice cream truck and was happy with my delicious NS snack.  I am learning and it feels good to make good choices on my own.  I know it's just an ice cream but it's really a lot more than that!....

Day 150 Breakfast
Day 150 Lunch

Day 150 Dinner

June 9, 2016

Day 151 Breakfast

Day 151 Lunch
Day 151 Dinner

June 10, 2016

Day 152 Breakfast
Day 152 Lunch
Day 152 Dinner

June 11. 2016

Day 153 Breakfast

Day 153 Lunch
Day 153 Dinner

June 12, 2016

Day 154 Breakfast
Day 154 Lunch
Day 154 Dinner

June 13, 2016 Weigh-In Day
Another pound lost this week.  It seems I am stuck on losing 1 pound a week, but who could complain about that!? I would love to be losing 2 lbs a week but I am good with the progress I have made.  Having got past my half way goal mark is making me a little anxious and nervous.  Fear of failure is starting to creep in my mind and to be honest, it is kind of messing with my confidence.  I want more than reach my goal.  I don't know why the closer I get to it the more scared I am.  So much going on at home right now.  Stress has been a factor and I have not been getting in my exercise on a regular basis which is making me feel guilty, which we all know is never a good thing.  I am trying to stay positive and just take it one day at a time.

Day 155 Breakfast
Day 155 Lunch

Day 155 Dinner

June 14, 2016

Day 156 Breakfast
Day 156 Lunch

Day 156 Dinner

June 15, 2016

Day 157 Breakfast
Day 157 Lunch
Day 157 Dinner

June 16, 2016

Day 158 Breakfast

Day 158 Lunch
Day 158 Dinner

June 17, 2016

Day 159 Breakfast
Day 159 Lunch
Day 159 Dinner

June 18, 2016

Day 160 Breakfast
Day 160 Lunch
Day 160 Dinner

June 19, 2016
Day 161 Breakfast

Day 161 Lunch

Day 161 Dinner

June 20, 2016 Weigh-In Day
I lost another pound this week and I am really happy to see that scale number go down!  I did not get fat overnight, it was me at a point in my life that I did not care about myself, feel good about myself and lost my self worth after a break of my marriage and the struggle to begin a new life with nothing.  This journey has taken me a long way so far. I am gaining what I lost in self worth and confidence and I am starting to care about myself and my body and what I put into it.  I am trying to change my thoughts about food as fuel and not as a source of comfort.  Nutrisystem has helped me in ways that reach far beyond a "diet" plan.  

Day 162 Breakfast

Day 162 Lunch

Day 162 Dinner

June 21, 2016
Day 163 Breakfast

Day 163 Lunch

Day 163 Dinner

June 22, 2016
Day 164 Breakfast

Day 164 Lunch

Day 164 Dinner

June 23, 2016
Day 165 Breakfast

Day 165 Lunch

Day 165 Dinner

June 24, 2016
Day 166 Breakfast

Day 166 Lunch

Day 166 Dinner

June 25, 2016
Day 167 Breakfast

Day 167 Lunch

Day 167 Dinner

June 26, 2016
Day 168 Breakfast

Day 168 Lunch

Day 168 Dinner

June 27, 2016 Weigh-In Day
Just about another pound lost this week. I am hormonal and holding on to water.  I have had a hormone headache the last few days which has kept me sedentary.  I am letting stress get to me, which I am experiencing for the first time since I started this weight loss journey.  I am doing my best to overcome these feelings and looking forward to the week ahead.  I have a LOT going on the next 3 weeks so I am looking forward to getting past all that.  I know its something I have to go through and something I have to deal with.  I am choosing to stay on plan because I know it is the best decision for me and my goals.  I am planning ahead and thinking of my strategy for this second half of my goal and preparing for maintenance when I do reach my goal.  I know for sure that meal prep is a huge factor to keeping on plan.  I know exactly what I use each week and in what amounts so it is easy for me to make my grocery lists and make sure I have everything I need for the week ahead.  I do not want to give myself any excuse to go off plan.  Preparation is key for me.  Keeping my mind focused on my goal and not back pedaling is keeping me moving forward.  I know this little bump in the road is my test.  Just as in real life, there are always tests and rough spots in the road.  I just need to get through this and I know I will be stronger for it in the end.

Day 169 Breakfast

Day 169 Lunch

Day 169 Dinner

June 28, 2016

Day 170 Breakfast

Day 170 Lunch

Day 170 Dinner

June 29, 2016

Day 170 Breakfast

Day 170 Lunch

Day 170 Dinner

June 30, 2016
Day 172 Breakfast

Day 172 Lunch

Day 172 Dinner

July 1, 2016
Day 173 Breakfast

Day 173 Lunch

Day 173 Dinner

July 2, 2016
Day 174 Breakfast

Day 174 Lunch

Day 174 Dinner

July 3, 2016
Day 175 Breakfast

Day 175 Lunch

Day 175 Dinner

July 4, 2016 Weigh In Day

I have lost another pound this week and I had another Dr appointment to get my labs done, which I get every 3 months. This time my AIC is 5.5 and my Dr was thrilled and she said it was fairly unheard of that people who are on cholesterol meds and diabetic meds (insulin and oral pills) get to a point where they can go off of them. Well I am happy to say, I no longer need my cholesterol medication and she halved my diabetic oral meds because my A1C was so good.  She kept congratulating me and telling me how proud she was of me, she even asked me for a hug! My goal is to get completely off diabetic medication and hopefully high blood pressure medication as well.  I will know more in 3 months. For now I am continuing to take it one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time....I could NOT have done with without Nutrisystem and the Nutrisystem D plan for Diabetics.

Day 176 Breakfast

Day 176 Lunch

Day 176 Dinner

July 5, 2016
Day 177 Breakfast

Day 177 Lunch

Day 178 Dinner

July 6, 2016
Day 178 Breakfast

Day 178 Lunch

Day 178 Dinner

July 7, 2016 
Day 179 Breakfast

Day 179 Lunch

Day 179 Dinner

July 8, 2016

Day 180 Breakfast

Day 180 Lunch

Day 180 Dinner

July 9, 2016

Day 181 Breakfast

Day 181 Lunch

Day 181 Dinner

July 10, 2016

Day 182 Breakfast

Day 182 Lunch

Day 182 Dinner

July 11, 2016 Weigh In Day

I have a mini goal of -50 lbs that is so close I can just about grab it! I have to admit it is a bit frightening...I am not sure why I fear success of is it a fear of achieving success and then losing it? I have lost a lot of weight before and have gained it all back within a few years time, so I am thinking it is that old fear creeping in on my thoughts.  BUT this time I lost the weight slowly and carefully with a good plan and a solid foundation. I need to keep this in my mind and remember all I am learning about nutrition, choices, goals, food combinations, options and alternatives.  Fear is a big force in my thoughts but I am going to be brave and trust in myself and this weight loss plan. 

Day 183 Breakfast
Day 183 Lunch
Day 183 Dinner

July 12, 2016

Day 184 Breakfast

Day 184 Lunch

Day 184 Dinner

July 13, 2016

Day 185 Breakfast

Day 185 Lunch

Day 185 Dinner

July 14, 2016

Day 186 Breakfast

Day 186 Lunch

Day 186 Dinner

July 15, 2016

Day 187 Breakfast

Day 187 Lunch

Day 187 Dinner

July 16,2016

Day 188 Breakfast

Day 188 Lunch

Day 188 Dinner

July 17,2016

Day 189 Breakfast

Day 189 Lunch

Day 189 Dinner

July 18,2016 Weigh-In Day

Summer is in full swing and I find myself thinking of summer day trips and I am excited about it for the first time in many many summers. I am more confident now and want to get outdoor more and more each day.  I look forward to all day trips to the beach with my family and enjoying my time with them and not worrying about what people are thinking or saying about what I look like.  I am also going to set up the volley ball net in the backyard that has been in storage for about 2 years.  I am excited to teach the little girls how to play and run around the yard with them. It has been a stressful month with moving into a new house but I made it and stayed on plan the best I could.  It was not that difficult since I had so many options and was so thankful that I could microwave my meals because we had no stove. Summer fruits and veggies are amazing and abundant this time of year, it makes eating healthy a great thing with so much to choose from. I am really loving all the recipes for cool icy drinks from THE LEAF. My favorite is the different versions of an iced coffee.
Day 190 Breakfast

Day 190 Lunch

Day 190 Dinner

July 19, 2016

Day 191 Breakfast

Day 191 Lunch

Day 191 Dinner

July 20, 2016

Day 192 Breakfast

Day 192 Lunch

Day 192 Dinner

July 21, 2016

Day 193 Breakfast

Day 193 Lunch

Day 193 Dinner

July 22, 2016

Day 194 Breakfast

Day 194 Lunch

Day 194 Dinner

July 23, 2016

Day 195 Breakfast

Day 195 Lunch

Day 195 Dinner

July 24, 2016

Day 196 Breakfast

Day 196 Lunch

Day 196 Dinner

July 25, 2016 Weigh-In Day

Stress seems to get in way of progress, I am losing weight each week but I know I could be losing more if I did not stress so much.  I still find myself wanting to grab unhealthy choices and just eat them without thought. This mindless eating of junk food is how I use to cope with stress and I do not ever want to go back to that way of coping again.  It is a challenge but I am coping by stopping dead in my tracks when I get these thoughts, drink a cold bottle of water and grab some crunchy baby carrot sticks.  It may sound funny but these carrot sticks have saved me many times from grabbing junk food lol  It is the crunch and the time it takes to eat them and they are a bit sweet and tasty too.  I drink the bottle of water to help fill me up and aid the weight loss.  It helps a lot that I am able to have these NS snacks and desserts, it keeps me from cheating and I can enjoy sweet treats with my family and still feel good about myself and stay on plan.

Day 197 Breakfast

Day 197 Lunch

Day 197 Dinner

July 26, 2016

Day 198 Breakfast

Day 198 Lunch

Day 198 Dinner

July 27, 2016

Day 199 Breakfast

Day 199 Lunch

Day 199 Dinner

July 28, 2016

Day 200 Breakfast

Day 200 Lunch

Day 200 Dinner

July 29, 2016

Day 201 Breakfast

Day 201 Lunch

Day 201 Dinner

July 30, 2016

Day 202 Breakfast

Day 202 Lunch

Day 202 Dinner

July 31, 2016

Day 203 Breakfast

Day 203 Lunch

Day 203 Dinner

August 1, 2016 Weigh-In Day

I have been losing about 1 lb each week lately, my body is changing and I know I need to do more for myself on this weight loss journey.  I have been avoiding exercise besides walking which I really enjoy and do most every day but I think I need to step it up and get some real cardio and strength training started. This is a challenge I need to take head on and just do it! I have a feeling that this last 32 lbs to lost is not going to be easy but I am ready to conquer it one day at a time! I see others in my  online weight loss group going through the same struggles and they have been a great support. It is nice to know that I am not alone on this journey. That we are not perfect and some days will be challenging and with the support I have around me, I can get through it.  I also have my NS counselor that I can call or email with my concerns and questions and I know she will be there with a sensible practical solution or idea.  I have to smile as I notice that I am getting a LOT more attention from the opposite sex and a lot of compliments from friends, family and strangers as well.  I am starting to feel like I am visible in the world again.

Day 204 Breakfast

Day 204 Lunch
Day 204 Dinner

August 2, 2016

Day 205 Breakfast

Day 205 Lunch

Day 205 Dinner

August 3, 2016

Day 206 Breakfast

Day 206 Lunch
Day 206 Dinner
August 4, 2016

Day 207 Breakfast
Day 207 Lunch
Day 207 Dinner
August 5, 2016

Day 208 Breakfast
Day 208 Lunch

Day 208 Dinner
August 6,2016

Day 209 Breakfast
Day 209 Lunch
Day 209 Dinner
August 7, 2016

Day 210 Breakfast
Day 210 Lunch
Day 210 Dinner
August 8, 2016

I have accomplished so much in the last 210 days and I have to admit I am pretty proud of myself. I have overcome so much in my own head and I have made great strides in my medical condition (Diabetes) (High Cholesterol) etc. I have stumbled some and got right back up because I really want to change my lifestyle and reach my goals and ultimately get off all diabetic medication for the rest of my life.

Day 211 Breakfast
Day 211 Lunch
Day 211 Dinner
August 9, 2016 
Day 212 Breakfast
Day 212 Lunch
Day 212 Dinner
August 10 2016

Day 213 Breakfast
Day 213 Lunch
Day 213 Dinner
August 11, 2016

Day 214 Breakfast
Day 214 Lunch
Day 214 Dinner
August 12, 2016

Day 215 Breakfast
Day 215 Lunch
Day 215 Dinner
August 13, 2016

Day 216 Breakfast
Day 216 Lunch
Day 216 Dinner
August 14, 2016

Day 217 Breakfast
Day 217 Lunch
Day 217 Dinner
August 15, 2016

Although my confidence level is high and I am nearing my goals, I have had trouble this month getting my water intake every day and keeping up with exerise. I have been seditary and feeling really guilty about it. I don't want to beat myself up about it, I want to continue and know that everyone still has faith in my and most importantly that I have faith in myself. I need to remember what worked before and do that and continue to use what I have learned so far on this weight loss journey. Before I started Nutrisystem D, I would have given up right away, especially if I faulterd. Not this I am going to take a deep breathe and keep on going!Day 218 Breakfast
Day 218 Lunch
Day 218 Dinner
August 16, 2016

Day 217 Breakfast

Day 217 Lunch
Day 217 Dinner
August 17, 2016

Day 218 Breakfast
Day 218 Lunch
Day 218 Dinner
August 18, 2016

Day 219 Breakfast
Day 219 Lunch
Day 219 Dinner
August 19, 2016

Day 220 Breakfast
Day 220 Lunch
Day 220 Dinner
August 20, 2015

Day 221 Breakfast
Day 221 Lunch
Day 221 Dinner
August 21 2016

Day 222 Breakfast
Day 222 Lunch
Day 222 Dinner
August 22 2016

I am ready for a new start...I need to forget about the last few weeks and just start now and continue doing what works and trust in myself and this plan.  I don't know why I have this fear of not making my goals when they are so close!! Fear of failure is all I can think of. I am going to change all that and have faith that I can do this! I AM doing this! I will reach my goal and with the help of my NS counselor and the Nutrisystem family and plan, I can and will achieve my goals and make my dreams come true! My life has changed for the better in so many ways, I need to trust in that and reach for the finish line!

Day 223 Breakfast
Day 223 Lunch
Day 223 Dinner
August  23, 2016

Day 224 Breakfast
Day 224 Lunch
Day 224 Dinner

Current loss: 50 lbs

 January 1, 2017 

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  1. Wow nice lot of all those products. Have always heard good things about Nutrisystem. Keep us updated on your goal!