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Digital Wireless Headphones with 2.4GHz Digital UHF / RF including Wireless Transmitter by RIF6 TM

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Digital Wireless Headphones with 2.4GHz Digital UHF / RF including Wireless Transmitter that acts as the Headphones Charging Dock (Black) by RIF6 TM

by RIF6


AMAZING SOUND - Enjoy amazing crystal clear sound with a Frequency Response of 30HZ - 20kHZ, Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.5% and Signal to Noise Ratio of 70db. Includes wireless headphones, a wireless transmitter that acts as the headphone charging dock and two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries


WIRELESS UHF TECHNOLOGY - Our 2.4GHz Digital Headphones use radio frequency signals and have an expanded reception range (up to 100ft) that does not require keeping the headphones within line of sight of the transmitter. Perfect for use with your TV, Computer or Hi-Fi radio.

 LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Adjustable soft padded headband and On Ear ear pads designed to provide maximum comfort. Listen to music for hours and forget you even wear them!


RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES (INCLUDED) - The supplied rechargeable NI-MH batteries last approximately 20 hours on a full charge and recharge automatically when you place the headphones on the base station


 SMART FEATURES - Volume memory preset, ON/OFF LED Indicator, Muting, Speed Charge and Low Power Indicator Alert, Supports TV, MP3, iPods and Smartphones Devices. - 1 YEAR WARRANTY 





I was very excited to get to try these Black Digital Wireless Headphones with 2.4GHz UHF/RF including wireless transmitter that acts as the headphones charging dock by RIF6 from Sentey. I have been wanting something like this for a very long time! With 5 people in the house all wanting to watch or listen to 5 different devices at once can get on my nerves by the end of the day,  I love that I can multitask all around the house and the yard and still listen to the television, music on my iPod or movies from my computer. I LOVE IT! The range is incredible! These headphones have really given me some peace of mind! Laugh if you want, but listening to a preschooler watch the same movie over and over again will drive you mad! I like that the girls can even sit in the living room  and one watch a movie on her tablet and the other can watch a movie on the television without disturbing each other or anyone else. These headphones have stopped many an argument as to who gets to watch what next.  I like how they feel on my ears, nice and soft and not too much pressure.  I like that I can move around and get work done while I have them on.  I really like that they can be used during the day without needed a charge and can charge at night. I think the fact that the batteries recharge while on the docking station is awesome! I recommend these headphones for every household.

 I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.



Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion Review

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 Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion has been utilized effectively for years in healthcare facilities in Australia.   For those who suffer the daily, unrelenting pain of dry, red, cracked, distressed skin proven relief is finally here.  This proven product, tested in healthcare facilities, has harnessed the natural healing powers only found in the oil of the macadamia nut.  This natural ingredient mimics the oils found in human skin and naturally replenishes essential oils to distressed skin, penetrating hurting skin to repair, restore, and renew it.

Shown in two separate trials in healthcare facilities to improve the quality of distressed skin, this therapeutic lotion even showed a significant incident rate reduction in skin tears among long-term care residents.

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is dermatologist tested, fragrance and dye free, tested non-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin, absorbs quickly and will not stain clothing or linens.


It all began with a philosophy of caring and a tree.

Hurting skin interrupts life. And nowhere is it more evident than among our aging population. We know because for years, we’ve been consistently caring for those patients, family and friends, whose skin is in need of a solution.

We found the solution in the macadamia tree. A tree simple in natural beauty but complex in its skin-health benefits. Because macadamia oil is most like skin’s natural oils, it penetrates like no other lotion to restore health to skin and peace to living. This ancient remedy has worked for centuries. And that’s why we use it to change lives today.

We love quieting hurting skin. We love that we do it with a natural remedy infused with good science. And we especially love that every day we have an opportunity to make someone’s life better.




Macadamia nut oil, nature’s remedy, contains more omega-7 than any other nut oil, and closely resembles human sebum, allowing it to mimic skin’s natural oil production resulting in exceptional absorption for superior moisturization.

The best of science and nature is the foundation of our profound skin therapy known as Promega-7. It is an exclusive blend of pure macadamia oil, rich in omega-7, and the most soothing and effective moisturizers science has to offer.


Adāmia Therapeutic Repair Lotion penetrates below the skin’s surface to replace depleted oils.


Adāmia Therapeutic
Repair Lotion

Get uncommon healing and relief to hurting, damaged skin.


  • Contents one 16.9 ounce bottle

  • Adamia features our exclusive blend of Promega-7 including pure macadamia oil, rich in omega-7, and the most soothing and effective moisturizers science has to offer

  • Clinically proven to improve distressed skin, skins tears, and more

  • Non-greasy, exceptional absorption

  • Dermatologist tested, Fragrance free, Non-allergenic, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Petroleum Free, Vegan Friendly

    I was happy to get to try Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion. This time of year is especially hard on my hands with the change of season and spring deep cleaning, yard work and gardening. My hands are dry, cracked and red. They even hurt a little. So this therapeutic repair lotion was a welcoming sight. I applied a generous amount in the palm of my hand and rubbed my hands together until it was absorbed and right away my hands felt soothed.  I did this 2 times again the second day and I could really tell a difference that evening in how my hands felt and looked. That next day I applied it to the 3 yr old who has eczema and it lasted all day, which is rare for any lotion for her.  I was impressed and I will continue to use it because it works. I recommend it!

     I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Manual Coffee Grinder Galleany Review

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Galleany - Manual Coffee Grinder Beans - Adjustable Conical Ceramic Burr - Hand Mill Stainless Steel- Guaranteed


 Best Bean Grinder Mill, small, easy to use and affordable. So if you love coffee and want to take your home brewing to the next level, then get hold of this Manual Coffee Grinder today and say hello! To taste of freshly ground coffee!

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a hand mill, such as, size, weight, capacity.... though probably the most important factor to consider is how will the mill will fit in your hand. Grinding on a hand mill requires a sturdy grip, and you will want to maintain good leverage for the few minutes it will take to grind the beans. Consider a mill that you can comfortably grasp in your hand, Manual mills are suitable for a drip, espresso and the finer side of a French Press Grind.

Manual Coffee Grinder –Mill is a great coffee grinder with AWESOME features, Uniform Grind Size, brewing from fine espresso to coarse French press, Polished stainless steel, Adjustable Grind Sizes - adjust with black knob and Acrylic window to measure coffee ground. Enjoy the taste of f freshly ground coffee with Manual Coffee Grinder –Mill.

Why You Should Buy Manual coffee Grinder - Mill?

If you are one of those persons who cannot start day with having a great cup of coffee then in this case best manual coffee grinder -Mill is a sort of product that you cannot do without. Many people start to get more and more interested in this type for many reasons. Some like it because it is so traditional and can be used when camping or trailing. However, below are more reasons manual coffee grinder –mill are considered as so vital in brewing fantastic coffee.

    On the spot Grinding for Freshness

If seeds of caffeine are well roasted and all feasible precautions are taken throughout the process of manual grinding, then the end result will be always a spectacular aromatic cup of cappuccino. That also means that the ground packages which most of the folks buy for weeks from beverage outlets do not often provide the paramount outcome because of the lack of freshness of grounds. Thereby it is always great to grind beans right on the spot. This way everything will be nice and fresh and the product of such grinds would be simply lip smacking.

    Burr Mechanism

Another incomparable advantage of utilizing these manual grinders is that virtually it comes with burr mechanism, so actually what is the big deal about such mechanism which is placed in non automatic grinder? Well factually it is an extremely handy feature since it allows its users to grind seeds in amazingly uniform size which is nearly impracticable to achieve with the help of blade grinders. In fact, in case of these non automatic grinders the users are also able to adjust various specifications of grinders depending on their preferences and specific taste so that they can make the best out of it!


    And many more benefits of manual coffee grinder yet to mention!


Why Choose Our Product:

  • We offer inexpensive and affordable products.


We’re experts, with years of experience in marking high quality Manual and Electric Grinders -Mill

Our products has been tested and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves in prompt delivery.

And most importantly 100% quality!


  • * PORTABILITY: The Mill is the ideal portable manual grinder for campers, the traveling coffee or home enthusiast.

  • * VERSATILITY: Small to save space, lightweight, eco friendly and inexpensive. Polished stainless steel that does not rust, easy to wash and clean.

  • * ADJUSTABLE: Easily Adjustable for uniform Grind Sizes for best taste possible

  • * BODY: Conical acrylic container with Ceramic burr that fits in hand and Aeropress compatible.

  • * GUARANTEED: We offer Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back for the first 90 days after purchased.

  Do you love coffee? Small, easy to use and affordable, this grinder will take your home brewing to the next level. If you can't imagine starting your day without a terrific cup of java, consider what freshly-ground beans can add to the brewing process. Coffee beans begin to lose flavor and aroma from the moment of grinding, so for the peak experience, grind your own! The Galleany Manual Coffee Grinder has been thoroughly tested and has been trusted by our satisfied and happy customers. We stand behind everything we sell, and so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee during the first 90 days after your purchase - no questions asked! When you select our grinder, you are GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK !



 I was very happy to get to try this Manual Coffee Grinder by Galleany. I love that it is polished stainless steal and manual because it matches really well with my french press.  I like that it is a nice small size and the handle comes off for easy use and easy traveling. I really like that I can make a fine, medium or course grounds depending on the beans I am using. It is so nice that it does not take up much space, it does not need electricity and I can hand grind my own coffee beans anywhere! The ceramic blades are sharp and work very well. This manual coffee grinder helps me achieve the perfect cup of coffee.  It would make a nice gift for any coffee lover, camper, outdoorsman etc.  I recommend it.

 I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.