Monday, October 20, 2014

5 Hour Energy Pink Lemonade 5 Hour Goes Pink

#‎5HourGoesPink‬ I’d like to raise my white bottle pink ribbon 5-hour ENERGY® in honor of all the brave women who choose to Fight Like Girls! – I want to honor my friends Rebecca Maki Douglass and Tamara Doto Doney for showing us what it really means to "Fight Like A Girl" Because of this, I toast to you,Rebecca and Tamara , and I nominate you to honor someone special in your life. #5hourGoesPink” I received 2 free samples of Pink Lemonade 5 hour energy drink to review.  I did feel a lot more energy than I normally do, I did not feel shaky and did not feel a crash after the 5 hours were up.  I would recommend anyone who needs a boost of energy during the day to give it a try.  Check with your health care provider before trying anything new.

Learn more about how #5hourGoesPink with LBBC  I'm a member of, where
 I qualify to try brands for free in exchange for sharing my authentic feedback.

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