Monday, November 17, 2014

ZEP Commercial Cleaning product review


I received free samples of 2 different types of Zep Cleaners, the ZEP Quick Clean Disinfectant and the ZEP All Around Cleaner and Degreaser. I shared 2 samples with friends and they came back with the same rave reviews I did. We all loved how they smelled, how fast they worked, that they were clear, disinfect without bleach and worked on stains that other cleaners did not touch! I used them in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  I wish I had taken a picture of the entry door which had some stains on it that I could not get off for several years, I tried every cleaner I had on them. One evening I was cleaning up the kitchen before bed and looked over at that unsightly door, walked over with my ZEP All Around Cleaner and Degreaser and gave the entire door a spray.  I went back to wiping off countertops and the stove. When I was done, I walked back over to the stained door and literally with one wipe of the sponge almost every stain came off with ease, I was honestly amazed! I sprayed it again and the door looks almost new again. It was the type of door that was suppose to be painted and never was, so it is very porous and every dirty hand and stain stuck on the door until now! I want to try the rest of the ZEP product line, I recommend you do too! #ZepCleansters

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