Saturday, April 1, 2017

Make Easter Morning Memorable with

For over a decade, their family has shared their love of gourmet foods with others around the world by creating award-winning, handcrafted gift baskets. 

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It’s not too early to start shopping for Easter! Select the gifts you’d like to send and have them delivered on a date of your choosing. Shop now and save 10% with code HOP

Here is just a few items available for Easter! Check out the site for more!

With Love Brownie Gift Box

Almond Strawberry Delight

Double Bunny Easter Basket

I was super excited to get these 3 different gourmet gift baskets from  

The With Love Brownie Gift Box is a beautiful reusable box of brownies and is perfect for that brownie/blondie lover of homemade baked goods, in your life.  I really like that each brownie is individually wrapped for freshness and there is a delicious variety of flavors.  I think this is a decadent treat for Easter that the recipient may not want to share!  

The Almond Strawberry Delight box is really tasty and I like that the nuts and dried fruit are packaged separately and are filled with quality fruit and nuts which tastes fresh and full of flavor.  I think this is just right for that special person who may not be a fan of candy.  

The showstopper is the Double Bunny Easter Basket that I saved for the 2 little girls who are going to be thrilled to have twin bunnies and a giant basket filled with candy and toys on Easter morning!  I can already see the smiles on their faces and know we will be talking about the memories of this Easter morning for years to come!


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