Thursday, August 9, 2018

Crayola Take Note! Gift Pack Giveaway!

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Take Note! 6 ct & 18 ct 

Erasable Highlighters

Highlight and erase in 6 vibrant colors without damaging books or documents! The Crayola® Take Note! erasable highlighters have bright colors on one end, with clear ink tips on the other end for magically erasing the colorful highlights. No more worrying about highlighting the wrong word or over highlighting a page! Includes three packs of 6 dual tipped erasable highlighter markers in 6 different colors.

Features and Benefits

  • Highlight, erase, and highlight again no more worrying about highlighting the wrong word or over highlighting a page
  • Organizing by color helps to quickly find and remember important information
  • Each pen has a vibrant ink on one end with a clear ink on the other end for magically erasing your colorful highlights
  • Highlight textbooks and documents without damaging them
  • Perfect for studying and art projects
  • Includes 6 erasable highlighters in 6 different bold colors
  • For 6 Years and Up

  • Take Note! Washable Gel Pens 

    14 ct.

    Create vibrant art and notes with Take Note! washable gel pens from Crayola. Each washable gel color lays down smooth and streak-free with a cool click of these ergonomic, cushioned-gripped pens. Create colorful special effects with the washability you expect from Crayola. Perfect for taking notes, art projects and organizing documents by color. Includes 14 washable gel pens in unique, vibrant colors

  • This Crayola Color Gel Pen Set includes Berry, Orange, Green, Jade, Light Blue, Indigo, Dark Blue, Lilac, Raspberry, Black, Amethyst Purple, Yellow Green, Marigold, and Red
  • These washable gel pens are easy to clean from clothing,skin, or furniture.
  • The special formula of these quick dry pens makes them smear-free and ideal for note taking!
  • Each colored gel pen in the set has a lay down that’s super smooth and streak-free.
  • Their clickable format and ergonomic cushion grip makes these colorful gel pens comfortable and convenient to bring around throughout your school or work day.


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    1. This would be great for my sons back to school supply list! Love Crayola brand.

      1. I agree Anne, and I know our kids teachers prefer Crayola. These new gel pens and highlighters are a great new addition to the traditional crayons and markers! Great for middle and high school!