Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pants Hanger Set of 20 - Hangers for Slacks Trousers Scarf or Tie by B&C Home Goods

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Pants Hanger Set of 20 - Hangers for Slacks Trousers Scarf or Tie

  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This set of 20 pants hangers is made of strong metal with a black rubber coating making them heavy-duty and non-slip. Each hanger is 5mm in diameter, can hold up to 20 pounds and measures 5.5 inches tall by 14 inches long--longer than most other brands!
  • SAVE SPACE IN YOUR CLOSET: The slim and sleek profile of these hangers help you save space in your closet while keeping things organized. Fits most standard size closet poles.
  • MAKES DRESSING MORE CONVENIENT: The open ended design of these hangers allow you to save time by easily slipping clothes on and off the hangers without removing them from your closet.
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN: These hangers were made from one piece of metal and are not pieced together unlike other hangers that are more likely to fall apart. A completely safe rubberized coating protects you and your clothes from any sharp edges.
  • GENEROUS LENGTH and GUARANTEE: At 14 inches in length, these hangers are longer than most other brands, and ensure you can fit any type of garment.

I am always looking for nice durable hangers for my closets, so I was happy to get these Open Ended Pant Hangers. These are very well made, I love how sturdy they are and that they have a nice rubber coating on the end of the hook as well as the full length of the hanger. This is very nice and a big improvement from the hangers I have replaced these with. I love that there is no bowing of the hanger after some time of the slacks hanging in the closet, They are very useful and I am sure to have them in my closets for years to come. I think they would make a nice gift for someone who is getting their first place and a nice addition to any home closets.

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