Friday, February 24, 2017

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate 2017

I received free products in order to host a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate. The opinions expressed here all all my own.

I am super excited to plan and host a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate
between April 1-May 5, 2017.

I will be sharing our experience online via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and on my personal blog Popular Product Reviews by Amy

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Our sponsors sent this suitcase filled with all these goodies for a fun #DisneyKids preschool playdate! The kids loved the unboxing, their excitement was contagious!

We had a lot of fun making swag bags for our preschoolers, well in our case, they are swag Frozen and Dory buckets! Bubble necklaces, Disney coloring books, Frozen and Tsum Tsum sun catcher painting kits, Disney lip balm, Disney punch ball balloons, Dory and Frozen surprise boxes, Dory mystery eggs, Dory fish and assorted candies, Disney draw string backpacks, a cuddle plush and more! We added the a Jake and Sophia crown, party hat with 3 sheets of assorted stickers to decorate, party blowers and HP Social Media Snapshots to take home to mom and dad for after party memory making!

At our hand washing station we had Softsoap hand wash with lotion which is very easy for preschoolers to use and wash their hands after playing outdoor games and before eating.

hp Card & Invitation Kit is perfect for making magical personalized cards and invites. hp Social Media Snapshots is a fun easy way to capture memories of a special day or event.

We decorated our deck with the Disney decorations and party supplies. The kids excited was mounting with each new decoration! The older kids really had a lot of fun decorating the deck and setting up the game tables and fun play stations for the preschoolers.

Our preschooler made quick claim to this adorable cuddly Dory Pillow Pet!

We made our own natural fruit Frozen geletin with fresh fruit in our preschool size servings.

Smiles and giggles at our #DisneyKids playdate!

Pop Secret microwave popcorn in these cute theatre boxes and Disney cups filled with pretzel sticks is a fun portable treat for preschoolers on the go while they played games in the back yard. I topped with the Disney cupcake toppers to make them extra special!

Fresh fruit wands were a big hit with everyone at the playdate as they looked in their swag buckets at all their goodies!

The kids and I made this super fun Mickey pizza using a regular size pizza crust and 2 small pizza crusts with regular size pepperonis and mini pepperonis to make the Mickey ears! The kids were thrilled, gasped and giggled when I brought out the Mickey pizza! Cheers for mom!!

Pop Secret premium popcorn was a preschool pleaser at this playdate and I love how easy and quick it is to make.

Look at how adorable the pepperonis make the Mickey Mouse shapes!

Everyone came in their favorite Disney attire and smiles were all around!

Even Cruella and Ursula made an appearance at our playdate!

Balloons scattered on the deck and out in the backyard were enjoyed by the preschoolers.

We combined our 3 themes in our red velvet Frozen cupcakes with Dory and Nemo topped with Mickey and Donald cupcake toppers. This made all the kids happy to see their favorite Disney characters on their cupcakes.

Arrhh it's Jake enjoying fresh fruit before the playdate games begin!

Yummy treats could not be resisted as soon as they sat down!

Painting Disney Frozen sun catchers was the first activity our preschooler wanted to do!

Kylie won the fasted puzzle maker award and was proud to show off her work!

There were 2 big prizes for the winners of the playdate games, one Frozen gift basket and 1 Dory gift basket filled with Disney goodies! Everyone went home with a swag bucket and a smile!

A very special thank you! to our #sponsors

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