Friday, April 15, 2016

Simply Klever silicone ring Review + Video

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Simply Klever silicone ring is designed to replace the wedding band for those people who either can't wear one , for maybe medical reasons or from previous injury , or for people who need to protect their traditional ring from damage or loss whilst working or training or taking part in sport.The ring is lightweight and thin but strong and resilient, so whilst its comfortable on the finger it will withstand the knocks and bumps that a metal ring won't. As well as preventing injury due to its flexibility it can be worn in many situations where a metal ring may not be possible .Easy to remove and clean , this ring is suited to all, not just those adrenalin junkies and weight trainers but for chefs,beauty therapists, firefighters and manual workers. It can also just be worn as a fashion accessory so is as flexible in it's use as it is in its nature.Many wives like the fact that their man, who was previously not able to wear a traditional metal band, can now show their commitment by wearing the silicone band

Having a son who works on heavy machinery in a big warehouse, I was happy to get him this set of silicone rings from Simply Klever.   I like that there are 2 rings in this gift box.  This way he can choose which color he wants to wear or have a spare if one gets lost.  He and his wife, like that he can now wear his wedding band to work to replace the metal band he had originally.  I think that it is nice that men and women who work in jobs or train, can now wear a wedding band without harm to themselves. I like that it is a nice sturdy material that can take the bumps of a hard working man and still look good,  I think the silicone band is a great idea and I think it would make a great gift. 


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