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Easy to follow Video Instructions

How to install your 3D Crack Sticker

1. Unfold sticker and flatten creases.
2. Place sticker at desired location, place tape (painter’s tape or similar) at the edge of the top of the sticker and mark arrows on tape and sticker for placement reference.
3. Carefully remove the back of the sticker.
4. Align arrows and carefully stick the top (top 1-2 inches) of the sticker to wall, make sure you hold the bottom portion away from wall.
5. Use a credit card or dull flat surface to slowly adhere the sticker, pressing against the paper backing, removing any air bubbles that may arise, remember to keep the bottom part of the sticker off the wall as you work your way down, out and towards the edges until the end.
6. Very slowly peel off the paper from the wall, making sure that the (fine edges) are stuck to wall. If any of the sticker peels up with the paper, simply put back against wall and press firmly with credit card until sticker adheres to wall.
7. Drill a hole in the spaces marked X and inset the wall plug, provided. Insert the screws provided to approximately ¾ of the way and place light onto screws.
8. Enjoy!

Important Safety Instructions

Please read all instructions first before applying sticker and mounting 3D Deco/Night Lights. You can apply your 3D Crack sticker to any smooth flat surface but make sure it is clean of dirt or grit and completely dry. Newly painted walls need at least 2 weeks before applying sticker.


The 3D Deco Lights are NOT toys.
DO NOT mount 3D Deco Lights in reach of children.

Important Safety Instructions

• For indoor use only.
• Do not use in or near water.
• Mount only on a surface that is mechanically sound.
• Do not mount near gas or electric heaters, fireplaces, candles, or other sources of heat.

Important Safety Instructions when using Batteries with this product.

• Placing the batteries for the first time and replacing the batteries should be done by adults only.
• Use AA or AAA batteries only.
• Turn Light off during the day to conserve battery life.
• Dispose of batteries safely.

I was super excited to get this Superman S-Shield from 3DLightFX.  As you can see from the collage above, it was very easy to apply to the wall. It comes with step by step simple instructions and I had it on the wall and lit up in no time at all! I have it in our little boys room who is not quite 1 yet and it works great as a night light, so we can check on him without turning on the overhead light in his room.  It turns on and off again with a simple touch to the top of the shield.  I think it looks great in his room and fits perfectly with his Superman VS Batman room.  I think these lights are great and come in so many different characters for both boys and girls and I know a lot of adults who love them just as much! These would make great gifts for girls, boys, teens and adults.


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