Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fuzzy Flyers Play Egg Toss with Chirpie and Coco

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Energetic kids will love Fuzzy Flyers, two fuzzy characters (Coco & Chirpie) that will motivate kids to put the tablet down and play. Coco & Chirpie have a motion sensor to recognize actions, share silly phrases and include pre programmed games. They are soft lovable toys that will encourage kids to move and have fun at the same time. Play “Dance Party” with Coco and learn cool dance moves, “Sky Bird” with Chirpie where players have to keep Chirpie in the air, or surprise a friend with “Bark Attack”, Coco won’t stop barking until someone catches him. Coco and Chirpie are affordable at $29.99 and a great way to motivate kids to play on their own or with a sibling/friend to encourage teamwork and social interaction.

I love that this is a soft toy for playing outdoors or in a large indoor gym for ages 3 and up, so the whole family can play together or a child can play on his or her own.  I like that it is interactive and gets playing outdoors, running around and having fun. There are silly phrases and games that are already programmed when the toy arrives.  I like that it is a fun way to improve fine motor skills, teach sharing and taking turns and just having a fun time playing. I think Chirpie or Coco would make a nice holiday gift for kids ages 3 and up. I have to say the adults had just as much playing with the kids and chirpie!

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