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VTech Infant Toys for the Holidays (ages 6 months -3 years)

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“The product has been provided by VTech so I could experience it with my family;
 however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.”

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·         (1) VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ (6 months-3 years; $14.99)
·         (1) VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™ (6 months-3 years; $19.99)
·         (1) VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™ (9 months-3 years; $24.99)
·         (1) VTech® Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™ (1-3 years; $39.99) 

·         VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™  (6 months-3 years; $14.99)
o   This interactive ball wiggles and wobbles on its own encouraging little ones to chase after it.
o   Press the dot, cat, and bear buttons to learn about animals, colors and numbers through more than 45 songs, phrases and sounds.
o   Five flashing lights spin, twist, and slide.

  • VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™ (6 months-3 years; $19.99)
    • This travel ready laptop features nine brightly colored buttons and a moveable mouse that interacts with the light-up screen.
    • Choose animal mode to learn about animals and their sounds; shape mode to explore colors and shapes; or music mode to hear a variety of songs and melodies.

  • VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™ (9 months-3 years; $24.99)
    • This interactive pet carrier lets little ones take their plush pet anywhere.
    • Put the plush puppy inside or take her out of the carrier and hear playful phrases when opening and closing the door.
    • Press the light-up buttons to learn about colors, shapes, pet care and more.
    • The carrier also includes four pet care accessories so kids can groom, feed and play with their puppy.

  • VTech® Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™ (1-3 years; $39.99)
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    • This interactive 2-in-1 pony grows with your child and quickly transforms from a rocking horse to a ride-on toy.
    • Brightly colored buttons introduce colors, action words and play realistic pony sounds.
    • The pony also features a motion sensor that detects children’s movement and responds with cheerful music and pony sounds to encourage them to rock & ride.
“The products have been provided by VTech so I could experience them with my family;
 however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.”

Our 3 little ones were lucky enough to get to try these 4 "NEW" VTech Learning Toys for the holidays!  I love that there is something for every age and each learning toy has levels of growth, so the kids can learn and play in stages of their development.  

VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ has 45 songs and so many different ways to play with it that the baby never gets tired of chasing this ball around. He gets a lot of practice crawling and using his fine motor skills and really enjoying himself.

I am not sure who was more excited about this VTech® Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™ because the whole family loves this toy the best! I love the way this toy interacts and reacts when played with, it really encourages fun and movement.  I like that it will transition from a rocking horse to a ride on toy. There seems to be endless songs, sounds that delight our little one.

The VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™ has been taken over by our 4 year old who really enjoys showing her baby brother how to use this baby laptop and learning shapes and colors, etc. They have a lot of fun playing together while the laptop screen lights up and plays songs and phrases. It is colorful and there is a lot to do which keeps them playing and learning in the 3 different modes.

All 3 kids love the VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™ which comes with a soft little puppy to care for.  I like how it teaches them about caring for a pet and includes items to use in the care of the little plush puppy.  It also teaches colors, shapes and more! I think it's a great first step to owning a pet.

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