Friday, February 27, 2015

Great Aussie Grill Brush Review

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 Product Description

The Great Aussie Grill Brush makes cleaning your Barbeque grills and grates easy. This brush gives you the SECRET to Great BBQ Grilling. The INNOVATIVE AUSTRALIAN DESIGN makes this the BEST BRUSH ON THE MARKET for cleaning between the grill grates to remove baked on grease and grime. EXTRA BRISTLES have been added to allow all angles to be covered.

 This 18 INCH grill brush is HEAVY DUTY. It is the perfect size and shape for SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE cleaning. Its LONG HANDLE allows long flowing brush strokes and EASY CLEANING while the grill is still hot without the steam or heat burning your hands. The STRENGTH and STURDINESS of this brush also allows you to use some "ELBOW GREASE" to remove baked on BBQ cooking residue where necessary.

 YOU WILL ENJOY THAT OTHERS NOTICE THE IMPROVED QUALITY OF YOUR GRILLING • When you start using the Great Aussie Grill Brush you will quickly appreciate the innovative design features that make this grill brush the perfect BBQ grill grate cleaning tool. This brush is a serious HEAVY DUTY BBQ tool made of the highest quality materials. The long handle allows you to easily and safely clean the grill while it is still hot.
• The innovative design allows you to feel confident that this brush will protect your BBQ investment and will enhance your BBQ cooking.
• Stainless steel bristles are strong and more durable than brass bristles yet are safe for use with porcelain coated grill grates or Weber grills.

 • We have all angles covered. The wide head and spiral design of bristles mean that the brush can be used in different directions for more effective cleaning. Our innovative design has added extra bristles around the corners of the brush for easier removal of cooking residue that gets baked on between the grill grates.
• This brush is the perfect balance of strength, sturdiness and length to reach hard to get grease and grime while being safe for hot grill and steam action cleaning.
• This is a PREMIUM PRODUCT designed and manufactured to our particular specifications to make the task of cleaning your grill grates an easy one.
• We believe that the product features of the Great Aussie Grill Brush allow you to be as confident as we are that this is a GREAT BBQ Tool and does the job in minutes allowing you to enjoy great BBQ meals.

GREAT AUSSIE BBQ GRILL BRUSH - 18" Heavy Duty - Best Barbecue Tool for Easy Clean Between Grill Grates - Stainless Steel Bristles Stronger Than Brass - Free Delivery (2 or More) - Safe for Porcelain, Charcoal, Weber, Electric, Gas - Money Back Guarantee - Gift Box - The Great Aussie Grill Brush Is a Great Barbecue Accessory and Gift for the "BBQ Man".

 I have to say when I ordered this Aussie BBQ Grill Brush I was not expecting this awesome brush to arrive! It is 18" and when they say Heavy Duty, they mean it! This is no flimsy bbq brush! It is really nice and sturdy, strong and the stainless steel bristles are made for major grill clean ups! It has a nice leather hanger so you can keep this brush right next to your grill every time you need it.  If you have an outdoor grill, this is a must have item for you! You will never need to buy another grill brush again! This one is amazing!
  I received this product in exchange for a review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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