Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lightload Towels Review,+How to Video

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Product Description

The world renowned Lightload Towels are the only towels that are survival tools. Use them as a towel, wash cloth fire starter, first aid supplement, diaper, insulator, static electricity insulator, mask and more. They pack down to 1.5 in diameter and 5.75in girth and 1.2 in width.They're great for packing in tight spaces like suitcases and small pouches. They weigh a mere .3oz so very helpful where weight is a concern like in travel or backpacking. Waterproof packaging covers each piece so you always have a clean dry cloth which is good for hygiene, personal care and first aid. The material is 100 percent viscose which is made from cellulose(not oil, like microfiber). It's the most absorbent material you can buy. They are also the most energy efficient towels in that they need little energy to carry, wash and dispose. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. They're very soft against the skin so great for the gym and spas. Machine wash the towels very delicately or hand wash. Keep dry when possible. The towels are reusable and will last until they don't. This two pack is a great gift, and is easily mailed. Colors of the towels are assorted. Golfers can freeze to make a cold towel. Great as a game piece too on rainy days. Use as a checkerboard or puck. Boy Scouts and kid campers love this feature. Lightload Towels have been written about in many magazines including Climbing Magazine,Bike Magazine and Sailing Magazine.

 more absorbent than cotton and microfiber

wickable fabric so keeps you from freezing in cold activities
Excellent for packing in tight places where weight is concern

waterproof packaging covers piece so always have a clean dry cloth

 soft against the skin so great for spa and gyms

Lightload Towels (Two Pack12x12"hand Size), the Only Towels That Are Survival Tools

                              LightLoad Towels in Action

I like the idea of packing a full sized wash cloth in the space of 1.5 " diameter and 5.75" girth and 1.2" width in a backpack, travel kit, bike pack,glove compartment and so many other places a clean cloth would be needed.  This is perfect for my camping bag which I like to keep organized and as light as it can be since I will be lugging it everywhere I go.  I put the other light load cloth in the beach bag, where I know we always need a clean towel at the end of the day.  These little towels are nice for what they are intended for.  I got to try the 12"X12" towels which is the size of a wash cloth.  I would like to see the full size towels, I think those would be awesome for saving space while camping, fishing, beach and day trips. I do wish that they came wrapped in a airtight package so they don't accidentally get wet before you are ready to use them.

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