Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Smart PlayBook by Suzanne M Wind Review

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Product Description

This award-winning activity book offers families a simple, fun and effective game plan to teach children vital life skills. We have been featured on WCBS and Good Day NY Fox. 

What is my book about?

The SMART Playbook is every parents go-to solution to fix a growing problem in our tech-savvy generation– teaching them basic social skills and manners in this fast-paced digital world. Written in a relatable style and chock full of games, these activity books have been called the "perfect solution" by educators and parents. Five SMART topics to help kids succeed in life and stand out for all the RIGHT reasons: Social Skill Basics, Mealtime Manners, Art of Conversation, Restaurant Behavior and Technology Talk. How to gracefully play the game of life in this modern world.

Retail Price: $19.95 for the compendium and $8.95 for smaller books by topic

Unique Selling Point:  The game plan for a happy and confident child. Hands-on kid’s activity books focused on 5 important SMART topics. More than 100 games and challenges with a reward system lead busy families in a collaborative effort to bring manners to a new generation. The child is the player and works independently. Adults are the coaches. The book is the guide. Life is the referee. Available as one compendium or by topic. Winner of ten prestigious awards including Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of the Year, 2014 USA Best Book Award in the 'Children's Educational' category and Academics' Choice in the Smart book category.

Reason’s it’s a must-have:  A game-changing solution to teach your kids stand out for all the RIGHT reasons! Your child will gain confidence, character, integrity and empathy in face-to-face situations and technology usage.


“I TRULY love the whole concept. Parents can make sure that their children are developing vital social skills while having a fun experience with kids. The information is helpful and pitch perfect.” 

Dr. Andrea Archibald, Child Psychologist and Chief Girl Expert for Girls Scouts USA.

An Award-Winning Workbook for Kids to Teach Vital Life Skills

-Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient

-Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of the Year

-Mr. Dad Seal of Approval

-The Toy Man News & Reviews Award of Excellence

-The Toy Man News & Reviews S.T.E.M Award

-The Toy Man "Mom-Approved" Award

The world is changing faster than ever before. Parents and children are busier and technology has presented new challenges we must face. But with all the texting, emailing, and posting, are children developing the social skills that will be required for life-long happiness, confidence and success?

The SMART Playbook introduces the basics of social skills for the modern world and is packed with more than 100 games and challenges to keep your child motivated, along with how-to guides for some of the finer points of social skill development.

Five SMART topics to help your child succeed in life and stand out for all the RIGHT reasons:

1. Social Skill Basics - The principles of modern manners.

2. Mealtime Manners - A guide to mealtime etiquette.

3. Art of Conversation - Face-to-face conversational skills.

4. Restaurant Behavior - The finer points of restaurant conduct.

5. Technology Talk - Internet safety and responsible usage.

Your child is the player. You are the coach. The book is the guide. Life is the referee. ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILD READY TO GET IN THE GAME?


About the Author


Suzanne lives in CT with her husband and three kids. Before kid, she was an international marketing executive in New York City. With a multi-cultural background, she was raised in more than six countries with four languages. Her career and living overseas taught her the importance of knowing and using the common language of manners and social skills to being your best. Today she's a mom with a mission, inspired to communicate social skills in a modern world to a new generation.


I am happy to be reviewing Play It Smart! The Game Plan for a Happy & Confident Child. by Suzanne M Wind.  I found this to be a very modern version of Miss Manners guide. I think this art of teaching our children these fundamentals has been forgotten but I am happy to see this book bringing them to light again.  Social Skills, Mealtime Manners, the Art of Conversation, Restaurant Behavior and Technology Talk are the main focus points of the book.  I like how this book teaches these life skills through games, points or ticket earning and fun!  Our little girls will gain a lot of confidence and good character from these lessons and I am happy to have this guide to help teach them these very important life skills. No wonder the Author and this book have won so many awards! It is just what this generation needs!

I received this product in exchange for a review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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