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VTech Toys for the Holidays Review

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VTech® Pull & Learn Alligator™,

Best for ages:

18 to 48 months

The funny Pull & Learn Alligator™ by VTech® is the perfect pal for teaching kids about letters and phonics. He features 26 letter buttons plus a music and help button. In the five play modes, little learners can explore phonics; animals, people and objects; hear silly sentences; or listen to music. Push or pull the interactive gator around to watch his head move, mouth open, tail light-up and play songs and melodies. A silly sentence game lets your little one learn about alliteration through a variety of fun phrases. The alligator also includes a quiz game that reinforces learning. Have awesome alphabet fun with this cute alligator!

Product Number: 80-178400

Battery: 2 AA Batteries Required

Other Features:
26 letter buttons explore letters and phonics
5 learning activities introduce words, animals, sounds and more
Push or pull the alligator to see him move his head
Silly sentence game introduces alliteration
Light-up tail flashes with the sounds
125+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

VTech® Spin & Learn Color Flashlight®,

Best for ages:
12 to 36 months
Learning is colorful with the Spin & Learn Color Flashlight® by VTech®! Press the adorable turtle button on the chunky handle in flashlight mode to use just like a real flashlight. In play mode, the flashlight tells your little one when the light is on or off to introduce opposites. Spin the magical color-changing ring, and watch it shine in one of six bold colors while introducing colors and animals. Press the three buttons on the side to hear fun melodies, nature sounds, learn letters or play an interactive game. Shine a light on learning!
Product Number: 80-185900
Battery: 3 AAA Batteries Required

VTech® Ring & Learn Cash Register™,

Best for ages:

12 to 36 months

Go shopping with the Ring & Learn Cash Register™ by VTech®. Your little shopper will love filling their basket with healthy play food and pretending to buy them with the interactive toy cash register. Weigh the food, ring up the order and use the credit card to pay for the groceries. Each interaction is rewarded with a variety of playful phrases, fun sounds, songs and music. Pressing the light-up number buttons introduces your child to numbers, colors, food and healthy-eating phrases. For more role-play fun, slide the pretend credit card through the slot and open the cash drawer.

Product Number: 80-191300

Battery: 2 AA Batteries Required

Other Features:
10 pieces of healthy food, a shopping basket and a pretend credit card
Play in number or role-play mode
Light-up buttons introduce numbers, colors and food
Spinning rollers reward curiosity with lights, sounds and music
Credit card triggers voice and sounds
80+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

VTech® Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot™,

Best for ages:

2 to 5 years

Play pretend with Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot™ by VTech® by mixing and matching his 10 interactive accessories. Place the pirate hat on Bizzy’s head and he’ll pretend to search for treasure. Add the baseball glove to his arm and Bizzy will imagine he’s the best pirate baseball player ever! Bizzy's 10 accessories combine in more than 90 different ways, triggering lights and silly responses. Put on Bizzy’s legs and press the gears button to see him do a robot dance to the music. Bizzy will also challenge your little learner by asking them to attach different accessories on him. Create a robot symphony by attaching his accessories for a variety of interesting sound effects. With Bizzy around, the fun never stops!

Product Number: 80-190000

Battery: 3 AA Batteries Required

Having 3 little ones who love to play and interact with their toys, I was excited to get to try 4 new VTech toys and let the kids play with them, show me what they do and what they really liked about each of them.  Our 8 month old was fascinated by the Bizzy Robot right away and could not wait for me to take it out of the packaging.  

Bizzy the Mix and Move Bot was a big hit with all 3 kids ages 8 months, 4 yrs and 7 yrs. There is a lot you can do with this delightful little robot, with all its interchangeable parts and combinations, the kids have not stopped playing with it since we got it.  I like that there is something for all of them in the Bizzy Bot and the best part is that there is a volume button on all 4 toys so they can be played for hours on end and it does not get annoying.  This Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot is our 3 little ones favorite new toy! They love everything this little bot does, from the interchangeable arms, hats and removable legs so it can roll on hard surfaces and do a robot dance, to the interaction with each press of a button and the silly responses. They love to make this Bot dance and move around the kitchen with sound effects and so much more. 

The Pull and Learn Alligator is the 4 yr olds favorite, she just started Pre K and really enjoys how much fun she has learning and playing with this funny alligator. I like that there are many different activities to do with this alligator, including a quiz, which Kylie really likes and says her new teacher is an  alligator! She has not stopped playing with it since we opened the box. She loves the 5 play modes and the silly sentences. I like that she is learning while having fun  and the quiz feature lets me know she is understanding and learning her alphabet, phonics and sentences. A great feature is the volume control and the tail lights up and can be pushed or pulled while the head moves.

 Our 8 month old loves this Spin & Learn Color Flashlight. He likes to spin the top and see all the different colors. I like that he can manage this himself and the light is just right so he does not hurt his eyes as he looks into the top of the flashlight and has a nice protective covering. His sisters love to play red light, green light with this flashlight and they all have fun playing together. I like that this flashlight teaches colors, opposites, letters and has fun nature sounds. I like that it is great for on the go as well. 

All 3 kids enjoy the Ring and Play Cash Register, the baby really likes all the healthy play foods and the girls play nonstop weighing and purchasing food from each other as they take turns being the shop keeper. They really like running the credit card through the cc machine. I like that the cash register has a response for each action. With so many different ways to play these are all fun, interactive learning toys for a nice age range. 

“The product has been provided by VTech so I could experience it with my family; however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.”I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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