Thursday, March 16, 2017

Personalize Your FACE IN A CASE® - Choose Your Clutch & Select Your Makeup Palette

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Gail Sagel is a cosmetic developer, brand ambassador, makeup artist, published author, and the creator of the award winning Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup. Her newest product is: FACE IN A CASE,” a magnetic makeup organizer she calls, “Beauty for the Busy,” that doubles as a stylish clutch in a way that truly makes beauty simple.

Since 2000, when Gail opened her FACES Beautiful® cosmetic company in Westport, Connecticut, she has been affectionately known as the "Eyebrow Queen."
Gail is a busy, dynamic entrepreneur and single mother who believes every woman will maximize her look and feel great by following her time-saving and easy-to-apply makeup techniques.

Gail, a member of Cosmetic Executive Women, has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women and works with a diverse clientele of actors, musicians, models, writers, CEOs, society persona, and devotes most of her expertise to everyday women. Her work has been featured in New Beauty, ELLE Canada, PARADE Magazine, The Examiner, Bella Magazine, VIV Magazine, Westport Magazine, Fairfield Magazine,

Gail's background is unique, as she's combined manufacturing and retailing cosmetic products after a successful career as a Wall Street derivatives executive. After having twins, Gail was named president of the NYC chapter of her twins' support group and co-authored a parenting book, "Making Childcare Choices," prior to her following her passion for cosmetics and launching FACES Beautiful®.

“I know so many cosmetic executives, and Gail really is at the top of her game.” —Judy Goss, former Editor at Cosmopolitan and More Magazine

“Thank you for making such great products! You definitely get women. Makes getting my face ready for the day so much easier!” —Kimberly Harbor, Beauty Blogger

“Working with Gail is like working with an artist.” —Catherine Frels, Actress.

FACE IN A CASE Beauty for the Busy: A Must-Have Makeup Fashion Accessory We are in the gorgeous fourth wave of feminism. Women are busy and alive with expression, diversity, identity and beauty. Unlike the first wave, makeup is no longer a necessity, but seen as a part of living a life of beauty and pleasure.

As the woman evolves, beauty and its products evolve; today’s modern woman wants a beauty product that complements her go-getting lifestyle. FACE IN A CASE is a simple, stylish and safe-to-use product that offers less mess for a more beautiful life. A perfect solution for our disorganized makeup bags. Designed as a trendy, clutch-sized accessory, FACE IN A CASE functions as a wallet and makeup case. 

The product offers two makeup palette options, plum neutrals and nude neutrals that are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and buildable for a day-to-night look in minutes. Inside the case is a blush, bronzer, six eyeshadows, lip gloss, two brushes and mascara. The makeup is neatly stowed and secured shut with a magnetic clasp, so there is no fumbling mess when it comes time to pay the bar tab. And never mind losing your favorite lipstick in the back of the taxi cab ever again. Complete with a mirror and slots to hold cash and credit cards, each product also includes easy-to follow, three-step eye shadow techniques to make makeup routines ever simpler. Offered in sleek black, champagne and wild cheetah design, the FACE IN A CASE lifestyle product blends how we live our lives with our love for ourselves, and for beauty. 

I love everything about Face In A Case! I like that there are 3 different colors for the clutch and I can also personalize the makeup palette for my skintone and favorite color palette.  Everything inside the clutch stays right where I put and does not tumble around in the clutch, because it is magnetized.  This keeps the makeup intact and in order. I really like that this is a functioning clutch that can hold my phone, cash, ID and credit card.  I think it is perfect for every day as well as special occasions like bachelorette parties, weddings, social gatherings, office parties, spring break functions, romantic dinners, girls night out and anywhere I may want to look my best! I think Face In A Case is a real show stopper that is a must have for women of all ages. It makes a great gift and a fabulous accessory for todays woman!

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