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WEDGiTS by ImagAbility Inc.WEDGiTS™ 15-pc Starter Imagination Set Review + Video

#wedgits Wedgits 

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Imagability Wedgits Starter Set - 15 Piece Set

by ImagAbility

  • Building block toy designed for toddlers

  • Large, open-ended parts for hours of play

  • Compatible with all WEDGiTS building block sets

  • Extra large WEDGiTS green part only available in Starter Set

  • Recommended Age Range 2 to 6 Years 


Product Description

Toddlers will delight in nesting, stacking, balancing and piling together these colorful pieces in surprisingly endless ways. Wedgits Starter Set includes 2 larger pieces to help get younger children started building. Watch as little ones go from fitting shapes together to simple stacking to building horizontally and vertically. 15-pc. set of nested building blocks is fully compatible with other Wedgits sets (sold separately). Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. Ages 2 and up. Imported. 8Hx9W"


From the Manufacturer

The smiling face of your exuberant child will show you how important creativity is for that budding personality. Every time your child plays with her/his WEDGiTS Starter set you will find a great sense of satisfaction. The perfectly nestable design of these blocks assures that there is no wrong way to build. This open-ended building set introduces the "little ones" to the spatial world of angles, color matching and creative, free-play designing. The Starter set has large blocks providing fun for the family with toddlers and individuals with special needs. The easy to grasp form of the WEDGiTS blocks are built out of geometric shapes that nest, stack and come to life with every colorful design created. Each set contains 15-pieces of primary colored building blocks that can be configured in virtually unlimited configurations. The WEDGiTS Starter set is compatible with all other WEDGiTS products making it a toy that will grow with your child. 15 piece set for Toddlers & Pre-School Ages w/Design Booklet

What Are WEDGiTS?

WEDGiTS are fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building sets. Early childhood age children are stimulated with the endless ways that soft, WEE WEDGiTS can stack and nest together. Pre-school children quickly learn the relationships between horizontal and vertical with Standard WEDGiTS. Elementary aged kids create everything from lifelike creatures to futuristic spacecraft with mini WEDGiTS.
WEDGiTS pieces can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds of designs. Encouraging imagination, creativity and group participation, WEDGiTS offer endless hours of creative challenge and entertaining fun. WEDGiTS are so much fun, your child won’t realize you've selected the toy as a learning tool.
Recommended for children as young as one (refer to individual product descriptions), WEDGiTS have been earning awards for over a decade. Some of their most impressive honors include the 2002 Learning Magazine Teachers Choice Award; the 2001 Parents Choice Silver Honor Award and 1998 Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year Award.
Come discover what makes WEDGiTS so popular with children and parents alike by clicking on any of the product catagories (WEE WEDGiTS, Standard WEDGiTS or mini WEDGiTS).

Using the booklet as inspiration!

Already enjoying this new WEDGiTS Imagination Set

Telling me stories about what is happening in this imaginary city she is building

She is liking how this city is coming along!

Amused by what she has created!

Checking out the box to see what these new WEDGiTS are all about

I love how she studies the booklet to see what she will create next!

15 piece WEDGiTS Starter Imagination Set

I was happy to get to try the WEDGiTS by ImagAbility Inc 15 pc Starter Imagination Set. Our little girls are almost 3 and 6 yrs old and they both love to play with connecting blocks and build imaginary animals and towers.  I was excited to see what they would do with these wedgits.  I was surprised that they both first picked up the booklet with all the pictures of the different ways these 15 wedgits could fit together. The 6 yr old started with the first picture and created what she saw in the picture. I was pretty impressed.  The almost 3 yr old studied that booklet and started to tell stories about what those objects are and what they were doing and where they were going. She built her own versions of these creations and turned them into animals in her imagination. The very next day they both wanted to play with them again so I knew these wedgits were a big hit at our house.  I think they are fun and really get you thinking about how those pieces fit together and also using your imagination to create whatever your heart desires. The 15 piece set is a nice started set and I am looking forward to getting more pieces and see what we can create as a family! I recommend this set, I think it would make a wonderful gift.


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