Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ErgoGrip Comfort Grip for iPads and Tablets Review + Giveaway

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Product Description
ErgoGrip is a universal comfort grip for all tablets.
While we all appreciate that our tablets are getting thinner and lighter, They are getting harder to hold on to ,and get a comfortable safe grip.
When holding your tablet you are either trying to grip it without having your whole hand covering the screen or you rely on the case that your tablet is in gripping onto the case . Otherwise it is just uncomfortable to hold. When holding on to it for an extended amount of time you may even end up with some lasting discomfort.
We came up with this design so that you can comfortably grip and hold your tablet without covering the screen or having the fear of dropping it.
The ErgoGrip is made of a soft silicone and shped to fit comfortably in your hand. It stays on the tablet using well designed suction cups so that it does not cause any damge to your tablet. 
Product Options
Colors- Black, White, Green, Pink, Orange

  • ErgorGrip is molded using the highest grade silicone available. Fits perfectly on almost all the iPads and Tablets on the market.
  • ErgoGrip fits wherever you feel comfortable holding your iPad or Tablet. If you like to hold your iPad or Tablet with two hands then just use two ErgoGrips
  • ErgoGrip was designed by the same people who worked on some of the most sought after mobile devices
  • ErgoGrip's specially designed suction cups allow for the ErgoGrip to adhere to your device for hours without harming it.
  • Ergogrips Ergonomic design and shape allows your hand to hold your device comfortably for hours.


    Product Description

    This simple, yet ingenious accessory eliminates the discomfort when holding a iPad, Tablet or e-Reader for long periods of time. If you are one of the millions of habitual users of tablets or e-readers, you know how uncomfortable it is to hold these devices for a long time. Manufacturers of these devices work hard to make them thin and sleek, but these "cool" designs result in a suboptimal surface. Your hand has to squeeze the front and back of the device to hold it in place and this results in hand stress and discomfort. We developed a very simple Patent Pending ergonomic tablet holder, that allows you to comfortably hold a tablet or eReader because it relieves the strain on your fingers. We call it the ErgoGrip Additionally, because the ErgoGrip is made of a non-marking sticky silicon, you don't have to squeeze the device to secure it, a gentle grasp is all it takes to keep it in place. Finally, the ErgoGrip is extremely versatile. You can switch for right or left hand use and for landscape or portrait modes. You can use it with any device. As you can see from the photos the ErgoGrip is small light and can be used with any tablet or e-Reader. 
  •  I had high hopes for this product when I read the information about it and I was not disappointed.  I have little ones that love to play games, read stories and watch movies on the families shared tablet.  Needless to say the 2 yr old has so many sticky prints that it needed to be wiped off all the time.  This ErgoGrip helped her hold on to the tablet without leaving fingerprints and now it does not slip out of her hand and is much easier and comfortable for all of us to hold while reading, watching movies or playing games.  I like all  the different ways it can be attached to the tablet.  The suction cups stick really well! A must have for tablets for kids and adults.

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