Saturday, March 21, 2015

Joy Looker Stainless Steel Foldable Food Steamer

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Joy Looker Stainless Steel Foldable Steamer Food Steamer Fruit Basket Vegetables Basket Draining Basket 6.1 Inches Expands to 10.5 Inches

 It Can Be Expanded To 10.5 Inches By 6.1 Inches,Foldable Steamer,Easy To Storage.

 Porous Designs Are Very Convenient And Fast Cooked Food

 It Can Be Use For As A Steamer Or Fruit Basket Or Vegetables Basket.

Fruit Basket

Vegetable Basket


Makes a great gift!

High Quality Stainless Steel

Product Description

It Can Be Expanded To 10.5 Inches By 6.1 Inches,Foldable Steamer,Easy To Storage. This product can be use for as a steamer or fruit basket or vegetables basket. Foldable steamer fits various cookware and easy to store. Center post with ring allows easy lifting from cookware. Detachable center post allows easy washing. Footed base keeps steamer elevated from boiling water. Steamer should be lifted slowly and carefully to avoid and scratching of the inner wall of cookware. Wash steamer with dish washing liquid and leave to dry. 


I was happy to get to try the Joy Looker Stainless Steel Foldable Food Steamer.  The very best thing I love about this steamer is that it folds up very nicely and can be easily stored. I like how it can open and close to fit the pot I am steaming my vegetables in.  This makes it very handy and it works great this way!  I like that it does not sit directly on the bottom of the pot. I only wish the handle to pick it out of the pot was easier for me to use. Maybe I need to get use to it.  I like that you can use it to store fruit or veg on the counter top.  It looks great filled with fresh fruits. I love to use it for boiling eggs as well, they don't sit on the bottom of the pot or get cracked as easy and can be removed much easier from boiling water than if they were loose in the pot.  This would make a nice addition to any kitchen. I recommend it.

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  1. Sweet! That looks awesome and not to bad on the price either!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just like rice cookers, food steamers do not only keep the food warm but the aroma as well. Thank s for a great review.