Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anuva Hair Nourishing Complex Review

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ANUVA ANTI AGING TREATMENT LINE (Anuva Hair nourishing complex)

from Anuva

 KNOW THE ISSUE: Aging has obvious effects on the condition of our skin, but changes in the hair follicle often go unnoticed until more than 50% of hair has been lost. Anuva treats the key symptoms and causes of aging hair; weakening follicles and loss of protein, lipids, and elasticity. Beginning a consistent Anuva regimen early on will protect and restore the hair you have while preventing future damage.

  • RELIEVE THE SYMPTOMS: Cosmeceuticals not only treat the root of the issue, they also remedy the visible signs of symptoms. Essential nutrients are employed to support healthy and strong hair growth, while lubricants and moisturizers coat the hair with a protective barrier and improve overall quality and appearance.




 HOW TO USE: Shake bottle before use and apply one dropper full of treatment in doses of one to two drops per square inch of affected area, then massage into scalp. Apply directly to a damp or dry scalp one to two times per day. It is strongly advised to not exceed two doses per day. This is a leave-in treatment; do not rinse it out.

  TREAT THE CAUSE: Anuva strategically combines active natural anti-aging ingredients with innovative and efficient topical delivery vehicles to target stages of the biological aging process. Active Plant Sterols neutralize DHT, the hormone that damages the follicle and impedes nutrition, while Bioactive Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatories, and Detoxifiers work against outside threats such as free radicals and environmental stressors. Each formula utilizes these ingredients to target specific problem areas; there is a solution for everyone.



NOURISH YOUR HAIR: The 100% natural Hair Nourishing Complex leave-in treatment is rejuvenating for the scalp and nourishing for the hair follicle, promoting thicker, faster growing hair. Formulated for men and women, the treatment utilizes a specific blend of amino acids, polypeptides, keratin and minerals for optimal protection and prevention.

 Treat your hair to the nourishing, moisture rich formula of Anuva's Hair Nourishing Complex. A specialized blend of amino acids, polypeptides, keratin, and essential minerals support healthy hair growth and protect hair from free radicals and environmental stressors. Achieve your silkiest strands, naturally, with active plant sterols and bioactive antioxidants. 





I was happy to get to try Anuva Hair Nourishing Complex.  With summer arriving and sunny days spent on the beach, the pool and outdoors, I find I need something more than shampoo and conditioner for my hair.  I really like what this product has done for my scalp and hair. I have fine straight hair and it tends to get oily with some products but this works great for my long blonde hair.  I am really liking how this complex is protecting my scalp. My scalp normally gets sun burned quite easily but this has prevented that from happening and is working great for me.  I am enjoying all the benefits it brings and will continue to use it all summer long.


 I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. What a lovely product, sometimes my hair seems so lifeless and dry. I could use a treatment.