Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's Change That! If Animals Can, We Can, Too! Children's Book Review

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A children's book for K-3rd graders that focuses on teaching tolerance, acceptance, team work and overcoming fears.  Using lovable animals, children better understand complex topics.




  Let's Change That!: If Animals Can, We Can, Too! Paperback – May 30, 2014

 What if we had to change the ways we normally did things just to help someone who really needed us? Could we do that? Watch how Felix asks for help from the most unlikely characters and see their reactions. Will they all pitch in and help or will they refuse?




About the Author:

Bashar Salame


About the Illustrator:

Rainer M. Osinger

I was happy to get to read Let's Change That! If Animals Can, We Can, Too! Children's Book.  For me, teaching tolerance and acceptance is very important.  I love that this children's book does just that.  Our 3 and 6 year old loved this book and have read it again and again. It has quickly become a bedtime favorite at our house. 

  I think this book is well written and has a wonderful message that needs to be taught to all children and a great reminder to their parents as well. I love the illustrations, they are lively and colorful and our girls love to talk about each animal. I think this is a great book to add to any child's library and would make a nice gift or donation for all kids to read.

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