Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Boho Mama Maternity and Breastfeeding Wrap Review + Video


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When is a nursing cover not a nursing cover? ...  When it’s the Boho Mama Maternity & Breastfeeding Wrap. The BOHO MAMA BY EASY MOM & BABY is the original much-copied, yet never surpassed multi-functional, versatile garment. The snaps let you configure it in many different ways - which makes it extra adaptable for you and your nursing style, so it’s a  shawl, a scarf,  a poncho, ,a  cardi, a shrug, a sarong, a swaddle, a car seat cover ...   the list goes on.  We've found at least 15 different ways to wear it.   It does everything that an infinity scarf does PLUS much more. The Boho Mama is truly for pregnancy, for nursing and beyond.

Firstly it does NOT shout out that it is a nursing cover, so you wear it as a normal stylish garment and then it instantly transforms into a nursing cover just when you need it. Unlike the dowdy frumpy apron style nursing covers which need to be stored in your bag

Secondly it is made from soft, breathable bamboo and not cheap cotton or polyester as are so many of the cheaper nursing covers. That’s better for both you and your baby. And perfect for any season.

Thirdly it does everything that an infinity scarf does and much more because of the cleverly placed snaps and because it is just larger, so you get full 360 coverage.

Fourthly, it is a durable long lasting item, which washes well and will last you through pregnancy, nursing and beyond. It can be worn with out washing in the final fe days before the birth to take on your smell and so help the new born baby to relax when first feeding.

It may take a bit of practice with both the fashion styles and the feeding styles with the Boho Mama, but I assure you it is worth it. Before you review it, please look at the guide inside the pouch and also please have a look at the fashion style video at https://youtu.be/xCodXIqDQ6U
We will have a video showing nursing styles up in a couple of days and will send you the link. 



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