Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fascinomas by Clifton Meador MD Book Review

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Fascinomas –fascinating medical mysteries. A paralyzed teen recovers overnight. A woman complains her breast implants speak. A man and his dog become gravely ill at the exact same time. These strange real-life cases and many more can be found in author and physician Clifton K. Meador’s newest collection, Fascinomas. Combining the word “fascinating” with the term for a tumor or growth, “fascinoma” is medical slang for an unusually interesting medical case. These are the extraordinary stories medical professionals recall forever and pass from one colleague to another in hospital lounges and hallways. Every medical professional has at least one fascinoma to tell, and in this collection of bizarre-but-true stories, Meador retells some of the most memorable. In the vein of Berton Roueché, the famed medical writer for The New Yorker, the author of True Medical Detective Stories is back with an all-new book of complex cases, where medical professionals must often race against the clock to find clues in the most unusual places. Fascinomas is an entertaining and informative collection for physicians, nurses, medical students and those who simply can’t get enough of bizarre clinical cases. Written from the point of view of an experienced doctor, the stories are crafted in an engaging style that can be enjoyed by medical professionals and laypeople alike. More than just interesting tales, however, these real-life mysteries serve as great examples of the need for doctors to listen closely to and ask the right questions of their patients, even in the computer age, when so much information is at their fingertips. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and you never know where a crucial piece of evidence will be found by one of the detectives of the medical world.

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I was really excited to get a copy of Clifton K Meador, MD book fascinomas fascinating medical mysteries.  I had to know right away what were "fascinomas" Combining the word “fascinating” with the term for a tumor or growth, “fascinoma” is medical slang for an unusually interesting medical case.

I found that this book is very interesting and it made me want to share these stories with my adult daughter, who quickly asked to read this book for herself. We both really enjoyed it and we talked about these fascinating medical cases time and again.  I think this book would be a great read for a book club.

  I like that this book keeps me wanting to read more and share these stories with others and we all get to discussing how fascinating and interesting each of these cases are.  I really enjoyed this book and recommended it to others.  My daughter enjoyed it as well.  It is a quick read and very interesting.  I like that this book reminds me that anything is possible!

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