Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Self Coiling Combination Bike Lock Review

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Bike Cable Lock, Alaska Bear® Security Lock Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Lock, 5-Foot x 1/2-Inch, Theft-Protection Lock, Flexible Lock With Mounting Bracket


 5'(1.5m) long x 1/2" (12mm) diameter

Mounting bracket included for easy transportation.

 Ideal for bicycles, strollers, ATVs, skateboards, sports equipment, tools, and ladders and gates.


 Set your Set your own personalized number combination for easy unlocking.

  • 4-Digit combination mechanism for 10,000 possibilities and keyless convenience.

  • Flexible and vinyl-coated steel cables for strong cut resistance.





    Alaska Bear®: Enhance your Life


    1) This cable is 1/2-inch (12mm) and 5-foot long. It is perfect for securing your bicycles, strollers, and other valuable items to a mounted item such as a pole or a bench.

    2) The Alaska Bear Security Lock has strong woven steel cables to resist against cutting attempts and a vinyl coating to protect your valuables from being scratched.

    3)The lightweight and compact size of the lock makes it easy to transport the lock in backpack or bag.



    4)The 4-digit combination allows 10,000 possibilities, making this lock nearly impossible to crack. Set your own combination in the strong and complicated mechanism for easy keyless convenience.

    Package Includes:

    1 * Alaska Bear® Bike Cable Lock 




                    Here Is Mine


    I was happy to get to try this Self Coiling Combination Bike Lock by Alaska Bear.  I could see right away that this is a high quality product.  I really like the features of this bike lock. I like that it is self coiling because it stays compact when not in use.  The woven steel cables covered by vinyl gives is strength and protection.

I have used this lock to secure our stroller when we have been on day trips and it has been very easy to use.  I have also used it on a bike as well as our lawn mower in the garage.  I like that it has a combination code instead of a key so the whole family can use it and not have to worry about having a key or lost keys.  I think it is a great deterrent for thieves, one look at that steel cable and they move on.


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