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3-Person, 3-Season Lightweight Family Camping/Traveling Windproof Tent with Compression Bag by Semoo Review

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Semoo Large D-Shape Door, 3-Person, 3-Season Lightweight Family Camping/Traveling Windproof Waterproof Tent with Compression Bag

by Semoo



 Lightweight sport dome tent that sleeps up to 3 people



High strength fiberglass frame with pole pockets for easy setup


Large mash D-style door and windows provide excellent cross-ventilation


High quality mosquito mesh to make sure bug free

10 pegs

6 windproof guy lines

hooped fly frame

 Nicely lightweight and easy to set up and fold up, the Semoo smt117301 3-season tent is a great choice for small families and groups. It is spacious enough to sleep up to three people. The one half mash body is perfect for ventilation and bug free environment. D-shape inner door allows easy in and out for an adult. Door mud mat helps keep tent clean. The inner pockets are convenient for storing small daily things. High strength fiberglass frame with pole pockets makes sure for easy setup and stability, which surely makes any camping trip a better experience. The companies description warns: "Please do not use it on a rainy day because it might be leaking." Fixing hooks are very convenient. Moreover, it comes with its own carry bag which is great for storage and transport.

 Having a Girl Scout going on her first camping trip with her troop, I was excited to get this 3-Person, 3-Season Lightweight Family,Camping/Traveling Windproof Tent with Compression Bag by Semoo.  

 I like that this tent and accessories all fit in a zippered bag with carrying handles that even a child can carry.  I like that it has a lot of screened windows so there is nice ventilation and protection from bugs and mosquitoes. 



 I like that there is a rain cover for the top of the tent, although the descriptions warns not to use in the rain as it may leak.  I have not used the tent in rainy weather so that is something I will have to try and see what the results are.


 The tent was pretty easy to put up with just me and my daughter.  I know next time to adjust it a little better so that it is even on all sides.  I like that there are just 3 extension poles, it makes it easy to put up and take down. 

 I really like that it comes with the pegs and lines to secure the tent to the ground and keep it from blowing away.  I think this is a nice lightweight tent and I recommend it.

  I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. Timber Ridge Family Tent For Camping from Bizarkdeal

    This thing is massive. I've seen other people on here saying that it's not as big as they expected. It was the complete opposite for me. Timber Ridge states it fits 8 people, and while it might be a little tight with 8 full sized adults, I don't think that's what was the intended use saying 8 people. But it could easily fit 4 adults and 4 children. I'm confident that you could even get two queen sized air mattresses in this thing, I believe one will fit in each half of the tend with the room divider up. One thing that stood out to me while setting this up is the thickness of the tent poles, they seem very durable and don't seem that they would break easily which is a problem I have had with tents in the past. Another awesome feature is that the tent also has these convenient cubbies, or pockets, around the entire top of the inside of the tent for storage. I shot the video and took the pictures in my yard for the purpose of this review. I will update soon once we actually get to take it camping hopefully in the next few weeks.

    From my first impressions I would not hesitate to recommend this to friends or family.