Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rainbow Night Light for Baby/Toddler by Zitrades Review + Video

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Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight for Kids with Sensor

from Zitrades



They have four rainbow sleep light models, with different color sequences.

 For little ones who need light at night. Soft light from the smiley face and pastel colors lampshade helps kids to fall into sleep without fearing the dark, yet it is soft enough not to dazzle sleepy young eyes, also as guide light to find way in darkness.


 Light or Voice sensor control is on your choice (slide switch), it will turn on automatically in darkness or be activated by sound. Save money no bulb replacement, with 3 super bright energy efficient white LEDs, 12hrs each day.


Safe for babies. Made of ABS and PS, non-toxic materials, no heat from it and cool to the touch, perfect for nursery, kids room, playroom, also anywhere you need extra light at night for bedroom, hallway, bathroom.

 Environmentally  friendly.  Zitrades children's night light is plug in, so do not need to worry about battery running out and polluting the environment.




 Choose a rainbow for your babies.
This cute rainbow night light will be definitely your best choice.With having little kids in the house, it is important to have night lights all over the house. In the bedroom for them to be able to sleep a little easier, the hall for when they get up in the middle of the night to make there way to sisters room to sleep together or to go potty & in the bathroom so they can find the light switch. It works wonderful on both settings Light sensor control and Voice and Light sensor control, it will turn on automatically in darkness, or be activated by sounds.This would make a great gift for anyone that has infants or toddlers. 

 Here Is Mine! My Rainbow Color Sequence is Green/Yellow/Red/Blue as explained above, there are 4 different color sequences, all the same style but the colors are in different order, they are shipped at random.

 With a sweet new baby boy and 2 little girls, we are always in need of a night light, so I was happy to get this Rainbow Night Light for Baby and Toddlers by Zitrades.  I really like that it has a switch on the back where I can use it with a Light Sensor or  a Sound and Light Sensor.  I like that it comes on automatically when it is dark.  This saves on electricity and it is always on when it is needed.  I like that it is not too bright that it keeps baby awake. It is just light enough so we can see when we go to check on him without having to turn on the overhead light and possibly wake him up.  It has a cute happy rainbow design that can go with a variety of nursery decor. I recommend it.

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  1. Great review. This is really cute and practical. Would love this for my nephew. (Tammy Horn)

  2. Great review. This is really cute and practical. Would love this for my nephew. (Tammy Horn)