Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hand Held Double Action Balloon Pump, Great for Balloon Animals (Colors Will Vary) by Cornucopia Brands

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Hand Held Double Action Balloon Pump, Great for Balloon Animals (Colors Will Vary)

by Cornucopia Brands


    Perfect air pump for blowing up balloons



    This balloon pump is a great addition to any professional or casual balloon artist accessories.



This air pump is great for not only balloons but can also be used to air up bicycle tires or sports balls


    These balloon pumps are made of high quality plastic that will last for many years to come.


    When ordering this air pump it is important to remember that colors may vary.




    Hand Held Double Action Balloon Pump

    The Cornucopia Brands balloon air pump is great for blowing up the perfect balloon. Balloon pumps are great for blowing up birthday parties balloons or balloons for large gatherings.

    This air pump can be used to inflate various items such as bicycle tires, basketballs, and volleyballs. Made of quality plastic and molded to perfection. It comes with two attachments so it can be interchangeable for all your air pump needs.

    This Cornucopia Brands air pump is ideal for professional balloon artists or for the everyday casual consumer.



     Since we have little kids at home who are always needing balls, tires and balloons blown up, I was happy to get this small portable hand held balloon pump by Cornucopia Brands.  It is nice that it comes with 2 tips that store in the handle.  I keep it in the garage with the outdoor toys are stored.

    I like that it is small but still does the job.  It blows up balloons if you have someone hold the balloon on the tip and with a change of the tip, I can inflate the kids outdoor balls which over the season seem to go a bit flat. This pump works great for that!  I also like that I can put a little air back in the bicycle tires if I need to.

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