Monday, October 12, 2015

BikiniBOD: The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula Review




                                                             #mybikinibod BikiniBOD

Just 1 capsule of BikiniBOD contains the ingredient profile of a daily premium stack of 
10 discrete supplements: 

appetite suppressant
fat burner
fat blocker
carb blocker
metabolism booster
anti-aging (green tea) energy
biotin for hair, skin and nails.


  BikiniBOD is an All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free luxury weight loss supplement specifically designed with females in mind. The beauty of BikiniBOD is that it also contains Super Fruit extract to keep your skin glowing, along with Biotin to help with hair and nail growth. It's the new fusion of helping women get skinny while maintaining pretty!


We believe that weight loss is not about fitting into a mold, it's about getting to be the most comfortable, optimal version of YOU! BikiniBOD promotes HEALTHY women's weight loss and seeks to unite women by embracing ALL body types.


How It Works

Curbs Cravings

Bitter orange extract suppresses your appetite by moderating the circulation of hunger hormones, leading to less snacking and lighter meals.

Burns More Fat and Calories

Yohimbe, raspberry ketones and caffeine work in unison to boost your daily metabolic rate, leading to higher calorie and stubborn fat burn, whether or not you exercise.

Blocks New Fat

Green coffee bean halts fat breakdown and absorption in the small intestine, while garcinia cambogia prevents carbohydrates from converting to fats.

Banishes Bloat

Uva ursi goes to work as a diuretic, expelling excess water from under your skin and pushing it out through your kidneys, relieving unflattering and uncomfortable bloat.

Gets You Glowing

Biotin nurtures the strength and growth of your hair, skin and nails. Nourishing berry blend's antioxidants fight harmful free radicals. Green tea's anti-aging properties keep you youthful and radiant.

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