Saturday, October 17, 2015

Doctor's Choice Probiotic Supplement Review

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Probiotic Supplement - Doctor's Choice: 12 Super-Strain Probiotics - 60 - 300 mg Veggie Caps 1 X Per Day - Contains Living Robust Intestinal Flora Strains - Acid & Bile

from Doctor's Choice

  • Our probiotics don't need special capsules, coatings or gels to protect them, they are strong enough to out compete & replace bad flora without chemicals or mystery ingredients. How will a probiotic take over an E. Coli or Strep overgrowth if it's not even strong enough to survive your digestive tracts own acid & bile? Our Vigorous, Rugged flora strains are strong enough to out compete the bad guys, but are gentle enough for the most sensitive stomach & are safe for men, women, and children.

  • This product and our specific combination of bacterial strains was created by a holistic physician with over 20 years experience. It is not a generic formula. Dr. Moore worked directly with the best probiotic lab in the country to specifically utilize the strongest probiotic strains available in the perfect proportions. Click on the images above to see our rigorous standards and lab data. Our Probiotic will proliferate throughout the entire digestive tract, even into the large intestine -- helping you to feel light, clear & vibrant.

  Doctor's Choice Probiotics, the "good" bacteria that perform important functions for digestive, immune, & metabolic systems. They produce enzymes that digest food, regulate vitamin uptake & produce nutrients. Balancing intestinal flora alleviates indigestion, inflammation & bloating. Improve digestive strength, mood, speed fat loss & reduce allergies. Fatigue & irritability can be from poor nutrition - probiotics create a microenvironment that promotes nutrient absorption, to help you feel happy & energetic.

Did you know the GI tract is responsible for 80% of immune system health? If we improve digestive function, we boost immune function. Reducing bad bacteria fights off infection. In a U. of Florida study, people were less likely to come down with a cold/flu when they took a probiotic vs. placebo. Probiotics shorten the duration of cold/flu by over 1 day. 37% of the placebo group spent more than 1 day suffering from cold/flu. Only 24% taking a probiotic got sick & when they did catch a bug, it didn't last as long - an avg. of 1.8 days vs 2.4 days.


12 Broad Spectrum Strains (Lacto & Bifido)

15 Billion CFU's - Once per Day

Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration

Made in USA & 100% Natural

Probiotics help make anti-inflammatory substances, have anti-pathogenic effects & regulate the intestines mucosal immune system. Studies show probiotics are safe for long term therapy. In a study of patients with indigestion, the most improvement occurred after 2 months of treatment; with 84% showing improvement in abdominal pain, 74% in bloating, 92% in belching, 88% in flatulence, 91% in diarrhea & 87% in constipation; with no adverse effects.

 Since it is the start of cold and flu season, I was eager to try Doctor's Choice Probiotic Supplement.  I like that I only have to take 1 capsule each day. This fits into my normal morning routine.  I like that it is vegan, GMO, soy, wheat, corn, gluten and preservative free. 

 This probiotic keeps my digestive system in order as well as my immune system.  I don't catch every single cold and flu that I come in contact with, like I use to before taking probiotics.  The first benefit I noticed was with digestion, specifically gas and bloating.  I am happy with the results and I have had no negative side effects only positive.

 I like that this supplement is all natural and made in the USA and FDA approved. I feel confident in taking this probiotic and have enjoyed the many benefits of taking 1 capsule each day to maintain my health.  I recommend it.

I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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