Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Anzard (we all have one) by Christopher Conroy Childrens Book Age 8-12

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Anzard Paperback – October 15, 2014

Ten-year-old Justin Cavell prays for his parents’ safety as they fly a single-engine airplane through a treacherous storm. While Justin waits at home for good news with his grandparents, he discovers a mysterious comic book in his bedroom. The book, The Path of Possibilities, will lead him on a journey that will test his inner strength and resources in magical ways beyond his wildest imaginings.
Justin is shocked to meet Poofy, an enchanted creature called an Anzard: part angel, part wizard. In an unexpected answer to Justin’s prayers for help, Poofy leads Justin down the Path of Possibilities and into the strange new world of the planet Spiritania.
Justin and Poofy join forces with the Tribe of Truth, a gang of animal guides consisting of a turtle, an eagle, a chipmunk, and a strange goat-man named Billy. When the evil witch Nosefeen sends a swarm of Batflies to capture Poofy, Justin and the Tribe band together to rescue the Anzard. By listening to his inner voice and calling on his own reserves of courage and smarts, Justin has the chance to save Poofy and ensure the safety of his parents back on Earth.

About the Author

Christopher E. Conroy was born in Ireland and raised in Canada, and currently lives in Southern California. Through his debut middle-grade novel, Anzard, Conroy hopes to inspire children to heed their inner voices, and hence be empowered to use those unique personal instincts to surmount any obstacle or challenges in their lives.

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