Monday, November 16, 2015

Party Snow

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Party Snow is an extremely realistic artificial snow that can be used for parties, displays, holidays, hobbies, and all kinds of fun! Party Snow powder is safe and non-toxic polymer developed specifically to imitate most of the properties of snow. Perfect for making a unique snow party for your little princess or decorating your home for the holidays.

  • Just add water and watch it erupt instantly

  • All non-toxic and fully safety tested

  • Makes 2 gallons/ 7.57 liters of snow



  • Makes up a realistic, fluffy, snow-like substance that can be sprinkled on holiday trees (both real and artificial)

  • Can last for many days or weeks


I love this idea of Party Snow!  I think think the snow outlined footprints of santas boots underneath the chimney is a very fun idea. I am going to do it this year and I know the little girls are going to be thrilled!  I also like this for Frozen parties, for the kids to make their own snow, that is a really cute idea and I know kids love that sort of thing.  It goes right along with the magic of the movie.  I think this party snow is a fun way to let kids who don't get to experience snow at Christmas time, a fun way to enjoy the magic of snow on Christmas Eve. It is also nice to decorate trees and wreaths with. I also think it is a fun experiment that kids can make for themselves with adult supervision.  I recommend it.

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