It seems as if today our lives are busier than ever, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Snacking on the go has become one aspect of daily life that seems more commonplace than sharing healthy meals with one another, but it’s important to remember that one doesn’t have to sacrifice health just to gain convenience while in the midst of a busy schedule. At Gourmet Nut, we want you to know that healthy snacking can be just as convenient, and just as tasty, as treating yourself to something that may be a little on the less than healthy side, and we offer options of healthy snacks for every taste!

Oriental Party MixIf you’re looking for something a little spicy or salty, we want to introduce you to our Oriental Nut Party Mix. A perfect healthy substitute to your normal salty snacks, this mix combines sesame sticks, peas, rice crackers, and nuts to give you the texture and flavor blast you’re looking for in your on-the-go snacking! Never boring, this mix gives you a salty flavor with a bit of a spicy bite, and the excitement of all of the different elements is sure to have you coming back for more.

Cajun Hot MixIf you’re just looking for hot, we have that as well, and a spicier snack than our Oriental Nut Party Mix is our Cajun Hot Mix. With this mix, we make use of a variety of hot Cajun spices on the sesame sticks, corn sticks, and nuts held inside each on-the-go friendly bag, so this isn’t a snack for the faint of heart!
Ginger SlicesOn the opposite side of the spectrum, we also have a variety of healthy on-the-go ready snacks for those with a sweet tooth as well. Our Mango Slices, Ginger Slices, and Dried Apricots can help you to satisfy that craving for sweetness in a way that is healthier than what you may originally choose. Made from real fruit, you not only get the flavor benefits of a sweet treat, but the health benefits of a natural one as well.
Snacking while on the go doesn’t need to be a diet breaking experience, and there are things that you can give your body while engrossed in your busy day that it will truly appreciate. Our mixes use nuts, spices, fruits, and other healthy treats to give you a travel-ready snack your body is sure to love!