Despite the fact that organic herbs and spices taste better, because they are not sprayed with chemicals and pesticides that rob your food of flavor, there are many reasons why to embrace an organic lifestyle.
In fact, eating organic is linked to a number of health benefits.
As you might imagine, herbs have been improving the overall health of the body by playing a major role for decades in healing wounds, strengthening the immune system, and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol.  The anti-inflammatory properties of herbs are thought to be important for preventing all types of diseases. And according to the scientific study published in the January 2010 issue of “Nutrition Journal,” “the antioxidant action of spices is 3,600 percent greater than that found in vegetables and 2,300 percent higher than in fruit.”
As a result, herbs demolish the nutritional deficiencies in your body and thus restore balance of the body by nourishing every part of the body with vitamin and mineral content. Herbs provide us with most of these necessities to meet the everyday demands of life.
As you might imagine, eating organic foods is now mainstream, because people are opting for organic products to embrace better health, better flavor, and health of the planet by keeping our soil, rivers, drinking water, and air free of contaminants from persistent toxic chemicals.
As a result, foods grown on healthy soils appear to produce superior human health, but don’t get fooled, thinking “natural” means organic. Natural foods may include organic foods, but not all natural foods are “organic.”
The reason is this, all food that is sold as organic must come from growers, processors, or importers who are registered with a certified body and subjected to regular inspection to determine they are 100% organically grown or processed.
The “organic” food label identifies food grown with practices that:
  • Don’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and soil fumigants.
  • Don’t use genetic engineering (GMO)
  • Don’t use sewage sludge as fertilizer
  • Do improve the quality and fertility of the soil
  • Do protect water quality
  • Do reduce soil erosion
  • Do rely on natural biological systems for pest and weed control
  • Do reduce the impact of agriculture on our environment
  • Do produce high quality, great tasting food
So, the next time you buy organic, remember you are making a positive choice for you, your family and the planet because:
  • It’s good for you
  • It’s good for farmers
  • It’s good for the animals, rivers, air, drinking water, and entire planet
  • It’s less dependent on fossil fuels