Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hair Chalk Temporarily Color Your Hair in Seconds by Hair Chalk Co








Instantly Change the Color of Your Hair!

Temporarily Dye Your Hair in Bright, Vivid and Wild Colors in Seconds!



About the Product

  • Instantly change the color of your hair - temporarily dye your hair in  color with zero hassle
  • Comes with detailed instructions for best results
  • Vivid colors that show up on both light and dark hair
  • Every single stick of hair chalk is individually shrink wrapped to protect it from breaking
  • Comes with PVC gloves and cape for simple and mess-free coloring

How it WORKS? a STEP by STEP guide!

  1. 1st, preparation: grab yourself a chalk or few of them, a towel or a plastic coat, gloves, a hair clip and hair spray, trigger bottle with water (or just tap water) and iron/curler – optional
  2. wet your hair, or strands that you want to color: spray the water on your hair, use the fingers in case of tap water, or just dip the chalk in water – let the hair be very moist but not soaked and dripping
  3. rub the selected chalk/s onto your hair, holding it straight and tense with the other hand, the best practice is to rub it in direction of hair growth (from top to bottom) instead of up & down movement, or just dip your hair into the chalked dissolved in water. You can also try brushing the water-chalk substance onto your hair with the coloring brush/comb, or put the liquid in the trigger spray bottle & simply spray it on!
  4. now it’s time to dry the hair – use the blow dryer & don’t dry your hair with a towel as the chalk will stain the towel & it will be less seen on your hair!
  5. if you want to add some extra creativity, use the ironing tool or the curler to make the chalk a bit more long-lasting
  6. for a better & longer stay, use the hair spray after you’ve styled your hair!

How it WON’T work!

  • if you apply chalk on wa or any similar waxy product on your hair
  • if you’ve used silk or similar hair treatment previous to hair chalking
  • if it rains on your hair immediately after chalking
  • if you brush your hair vigorously immediately after chalking
  • if your don’t dry your hair after applying chalk
  • if you just rub the chalk once or twice gently & expect sudden immense change of color

extra TIPS

  • cover your clothes when chalking or, preferably, wear a towel or just something you don’t mind coloring – yes, chalk does not only paint your hair!
  • wear gloves if your mind coloring your fingers (but don’t worry, it washes off with water & detergent)
  • cover your pillow with a towel OR wash your hair before going to bed (although it washes off in washing machine as well!)
  • if you want extra duration, wet your hair well before chalking, and use the ironing or curling tools after chalking
  • if you wet blonde hair before chalking, chalk will stain the hair & it will take 1-2 more washes before it goes out completely
  • if you want the chalk even lighter or to be seen even better, use the white chalk, then whatever color you wish over it!
  • if you want even softer hair and a longer color duration, also a more intense color, try using the new technique available with our chalks – dissolving the chalk in water & applying it on your hair with the coloring brush (or old toothbrush) – get full instructions inside the package with your order!

Here Is A Peek At What Hair Chalk Co. Has To Offer!

Check Out Their Site To See More...

Having 4 girls in the house who love to have fun with their hair, I was excited to get Hair Chalk Temporarily Color Your Hair in Seconds by Hair Chalk Co.  I love the large variety of colors to choose from.  I chose the blue hues to start with.

I like that if you follow the enclosed instructions, it is very easy to apply and it works quite well.  I really like the On The Go Hair Dye applicator, it is super simple to use and a lot of fun as well!

My girls school colors are light and dark blue so they will be using the hair chalk all week during Spirit Week when they are allowed to jazz up their style and show their school spirit.

I think this is a wonderful alternative to actually permanently coloring your hair.  It is good for all ages and gives you a chance to try out all different colors and styles.  I think it would make a wonderful stocking stuffer, especially for teens and kids! I recommend it.

I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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