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Orange Blossom Water Toner [100% Natural] by Foxbrim Review

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Orange Blossom Water Toner - 100% All-Natural Face Toner - Beautiful Floral Water - To Tone & Refresh Skin - Balance pH and Skin Moisture - Alcohol Free - Imported from Morocco - Renowned Neroli Distillate/Hydrosol - Perfect For A Complete Beauty Regimen - Amazing Guarantee

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 ONLY THE WONDERFUL FLORAL WATER OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: Foxbrim proudly bottles only the exquisite orange blossom (or floral) water of the Mediterranean. Enjoyed as part of many Moroccan traditions, Orange Blossom Water is known for it's beautiful scent and its many uses. You'll find absolutely nothing else added. Only the cherished floral water. Often known as Neroli Hydrosol or Neroli Distillate.

  • AMAZING SKIN HEALING & NOURISHING PROPERTIES: Stimulate healing and skin regeneration. Restore vitality and suppleness. Smooth skin while reducing pore size. For a totally refreshed and radiant complexion.

  • ENJOY NATURAL MOISTURE: Balance PH with natural acidity and provide perfect skin moisture. The best choice for a proven and time-tested all-natural toner. All the benefits in a single a bottle. Safe for use multiple times daily.


Orange Blossom Water Toner by Foxbrim. Foxbrim’s Orange Blossom Water Toner brings the wonderfully scented floral water of  the Mediterranean to you.  From the bitter orange tree comes a 100% pure and natural blossom (or flower) water. Absolutely nothing added so you enjoy the full benefits of this fragrant and skin healing water. Renowned for it’s many uses and benefits, Orange Blossom Water has astringent and anti-microbial properties to provide skin a fresh and and balanced feel while removing excess dirt and oil. 


Pure and natural distillation of Neroli. Also known as Neroli Oil (or Hydrosol) - Citrus aurantium amara

-Visibly softens wrinkles and scars

-Stimulates new cell growth

-Balances skin tone and oil production

-Fades marks, scars and skin damage



  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Your skin will love this all-natural and alcohol-free toner. Perfect for those with sensitive skin looking for a proven natural option. Those with acne prone skin will enjoy the astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that this toner provides. All while creating a healthy environment for beautifully supple and nourished skin.

  •  AMAZING GUARANTEE: We know you'll love this renowned flower water but if for you any reason you're unsatisfied with your purchase let us know. We will offer you a full refund. No questions asked. 

     Wonderfully Fresh for Perfect Beauty.

    Orange Blossom Water Toner from Foxbrim.

    Exquisitely delicate and refreshing to skin. You'll find this all-natural toner to be soothing while its astringent and antibacterial properties work to create a radiant and healthy complexion.

    The floral water of the Mediterranean. Bottled for natural beauty.

    Here's what you can expect with your Orange Blossom Water Toner:
    - Skin clarifying properties nurture a radiant glow
    - Minimize pore size
    - Heal scarring
    - Reduce inflammation and treat sun-exposed skin
    - Hydrate and soothe skin
    - Natural acidity will balance pH levels for healthy moisture and tone

    Gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Fight oil build up and acne-causing bacteria with a natural and proven toner.

    Enjoy this wonderful toner today. If you're unsatisfied in any way we will provide you a full refund. It's that simple.

    Foxbrim continues to responsibly source all ingredients. This can mean a shortage of available inventory at times. If available now, we do encourage you to secure your bottle of Orange Blossom Water Toner today.


    Here Is Mine!

    I was very excited to get to try this Orange Blosson Water Toner by Foxbrim

    Just the sound of this toner sounds lovely! I was  not disappointed at all! The scent of this toner is very beautiful.  To me it smells like a fresh rain while sitting under a blooming tree of orange blossoms. I keep finding reasons to give my face a light spritz of this toner because it is so refreshing.  I ending up pouring some into a small spritzer because I thought this would be a nice way to refresh during the hot summer days. I love how this toner closes my pores and wipes away the dirt and oil from the day.  I am looking forward to the many benefits and I will continue to use and recommend it!

    I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.





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