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Happy Cook's Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Pan Review + Video

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Cupcake Muffin & Quiche Pan, 100% Food Grade Premium NonStick Silicone, for Greater Baking Enjoyment

by Happy Cook

MUFFINS AND CUPCAKES DO NOT STICK TO THE PAN. They also pop out easily with perfect shape due to the flexibility of the pan. The silicone cools quickly when removed from the oven so the pan does not continue to bake like a metal pan will. Muffins and other baked items brown perfectly and evenly. Also, no more paper liners are necessary for your cupcakes! You will enjoy healthy baking with this silicone muffin pan from Happy Cook, and it will improve your baking results.

 CLEAN UP IS A SNAP! Say goodbye to soaking and the messy look of baked on grime and rust. No more scrubbing and working to get the 12 cups clean after things stick and cling to your metal pan. Rinse and wash by hand or toss in the dishwasher. Your silicone pan will not become discolored with baked on sprays and batter that over time make your metal pans unsightly. There is no Teflon surface that will scratch and have to be replaced over and over again.

 YOU WILL LOVE BAKING WITH THESE pans!! They are a great gift idea for family and friends. The baking ideas are limitless beyond muffins and cupcakes; such as quiches, bacon and eggs, mini upside down cakes, cookie dough, brownie dough, frozen treats ... and many more. The colorful silicone also adds a splash of color to your kitchen and bake ware.

 SILICONE PANS OFFER MANY BENEFITS. Silicone pans are not rigid like metal pans. You should place them on a cookie sheet when filling and putting them in the oven, refrigerator or freezer. The flexibility of the silicone pan is what makes them such a pleasure to cook with. Placing them on a cookie sheet is the best way to add stability when lifting the pan. Once you discover the benefits of baking with silicone pans, you will never buy metal pans again! Silicone pans have been used commercially for years and are now being sought after by cooks at home.

THESE ARE MADE FROM PREMIUM 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE, BPA free, FDA certified, with no plastic fillers and will last for years of baking enjoyment. These pans make the standard size muffins/cupcakes and are the same size as your typical metal muffin pan. They are designed for cooking in up to 450 degrees F and also can be used for frozen treats down to -40 degrees. Silicone pans are also microwave friendly. They are easy to store, can be folded and even squashed without any harm. They always pop back into shape because they are molded silicone!

 Cupcake Muffin & Quiche Pan, with versatility for many other uses beyond metal pans

You will love the stress-free baking and scrub-free cleaning experienced with this wonderful silicone muffin pan by Happy Cook

- Are you tired of metal muffin pans that get baked on stains and rust?

- Tired of having to use paper cups to prevent sticking and ruining of your cupcakes?

- Would you enjoy adding a splash of color to your bake ware?

Discover the benefits of using silicone bake ware

No more clunky metal bakeware that rusts, warps, becomes unsightly from stuck-on food, and is a nightmare to clean. Silicone pans do not have the chemical nonstick coatings that eventually scrape off of metal pans. You will love how easy quality silicone cleans up.

Designed to enhance your baking experience and results:

- Restaurant quality, 100% food grade nonstick silicone

- Silicone bakeware ensures your food will slide out effortlessly and bake perfectly every time

- Safe, BPA-free, filler-free, and worry-free

- Safe for the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher




- The nonstick surface cleans easily by hand with a little soap and water or you can toss the pan in the dishwasher

- This product is perfect to introduce bakers to silicone baking products if you have not used them before

- Also great as an addition to your existing silicone bakeware if you have already discovered its benefits 



 Here Is Mine!


Preparing to bake a dozen fruit muffins and a dozen corn muffins.


Muffin batter is ready to put right into the silicone muffin pan.


Fruit Muffin Batter is in the pan and ready for the topping.


 Oatmeal Brown Sugar Topping on the batter and ready to bake!

 25 Minutes Later.....baked to perfection and ready to pop out of the Happy Cook's Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Pan.

 Even though these muffins are caramalized and a little bit sticky, they popped out of the silicone pan easily and the bottoms were a perfect color.


Nothing stuck to the pan!

(loose oatmeal from the topping)

 Beautifully Delicious Fruit Muffins with Brown Sugar Oat topping, baked in the Happy Cook's Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Pan.

 After I removed the muffins out of the silicon muffin pan, I quickly washed it in the sink with soapy water and a quick warm water rinse.


Rinsed and Ready to bake some corn muffins!


 Corn Muffin Mix in the silicone pan and ready to bake

 15 Minutes Later....

Delicious Golden Corn Muffins bakes to perfection in my new Happy Cook's Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Pan.




 I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.




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