Saturday, August 22, 2015

OZ Naturals Face Peel (Contains 50% Glycolic Acid) Review

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OZ Naturals Face Peel Contains 50% Glycolic Acid - This Micro Chemical Peel Helps Dissolve Dead Skin Cells, Clear Blocked Pores, Fade Dark Spots & Decrease Fine Lines For A Healthy Youthful Glow!

from OZ Naturals

 OZ NATURALS 50% GLYCOLIC ACID peel works by helping to exfoliate the outer layers of old or keratinized cells, revealing smoother, healthier skin. However, we do not recommend those with sensitive skin use this product.

  • THIS EFFECTIVE PEEL is ideal for those seeking to minimize fine lines and renewed skin clarity.

  • GLYCOLIC ACID assists the rate of skin shedding, and helps to promote new cell production (cell renewal factor), and collagen formation.


  • FOR THE MOST DRAMATIC results, our peel can be used every 14 days for up to 8 treatments, then once every 30 days thereafter.



  • NOT ONLY FOR THE FACE, this peel can also be used on the neck, back, hands, arms and legs to reveal smoother, fresher skin.

    OZ Naturals 50% Glycolic Acid Peel combines the power of glycolic acid in a more natural formulation to help improve skin tone and texture, help reduce the appearance of pore size and fine lines, and to help promote collagen for younger-looking skin. While results from one peel can be dramatic, regular use will help to deliver long-term, visible benefits as described above. Behind the Science: Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is the most effective and well-researched Alpha Hydroxy Acid. As the smallest Alpha Hydroxy molecule, it is able to penetrate the epidermis and exfoliate the top layers of skin. AHA peels have been proven effective in improving skin texture and skin tone, increasing collagen and elastin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and skin discolorations.


    OZ Naturals 50% Glycolic Acid Peel should be used every 2-3 weeks for the first 8 weeks, following package directions closely.


     Sensitive skin should begin by leaving the peel on for only 1-3 minutes for the first few treatments (depending on comfort level), before working up to 4-5 minutes maximum. This peel should never be used more than once per week, and no more than twice per month for sensitive skin types. Regular usage in conjunction with an OZ Naturals skincare regimen will yield increased benefits.

    Water (Aqua), Glycolic Acid 



     As I am getting older and headed toward 50, I was happy to get to try OZ Naturals Face Peel (Contains 50% Glycolic Acid).  I have to admit a peel sounded scary to me but I read the directions and information and thought I would give it a try.

     Since it was my first time using this peel, I only left it on for 1 minute.  It really made my skin texture smoother and brighter and my pores smaller and clearer.  Next time I will try 2 minutes since I did not have any negative side effects.  I think this is a nice do it yourself peel when followed the instructions carefully.  I recommend it.

     I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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