Sunday, August 9, 2015

Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat Review


#1 Rated Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat - Extra Large - Superb Quality Litter Catcher W/ 9-TM Trapping System - The Extra Thickness Provides Soft Cushioning For Your Cats Paws - Non Liquid Absorbent - Non Slip - 100% Money Back Guarantee - Environmental Friendly Manufacturing - The Only BPA Free Litter Mat Available

by Smiling Paws


 The Smiling Paws cat litter mat is the go-to product for all cat owners including veterinarians and animal caretakers. This mat catches litter better than any other product available.

          ✮ SUSTAINABLE


 At Smiling Paws we love the mother nature as much as our cats. Our manufacturing process is completely environmental friendly where waste and excess materials are kept at a minimum.


 Cleaning our mats are effortless. Simply shake or vacuum the excess litter trapped on the mat and enjoy a litter free home without hassle of cleaning your whole home.


 All our extra large litter mats undergo rigorous testing for quality and durability. They are extremely sturdy and made of commercial grade Vinyl of highest quality and come with a unique NON-Slip backing system. Uniquely, our mats do not develop cracks around the edges when shaken as experienced with other mats. Our TM-9 catcher technology traps 82% more litter than any other litter catchers and offers a soft and comfortable feeling for your cats paws once stepped on.

 Say Goodbye To Messy Homes With Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat! No More Scattered Litter. Period


Cat owners agree over the frustration of constantly cleaning the litter around the house, not to mention the smell and discomfort of stepping on it. The Smiling Paws Litter Mat with ultra soft plastic fibers with TM 9 catcher technology will capture any excess litter stuck on your cat's paws when stepped on, leaving your house clean and smell free.

Extra Large For Maximum Coverage

Cats don't deliberately cause a mess around their litter box, it's in their instinct to scratch and dig. Depending on the features of your box, some litter always escapes to the floor. A FUNCTIONAL litter mat should be large enough to cover the area around your litter box as well. The Smiling Paws Litter Catcher will cover a much larger area than other similar mats.

Simple To Maintain And Clean

Cleaning the Smiling Paws Litter Mat is easy as pie! Simply shake the litter off for reuse or straight in the bin. From time to time you may want to hose it down, and as this mat is completely waterproof, this will have no effect on the mat's quality.

Premium Quality With Unique Non-Slip Backing For Added Support

Our mat is made of highly durable Premium Commercial-Grade Vinyl without any harmful chemicals and is completely BPA Free. This mat is NOTABLY STURDIER than other mats and will not tear or rip when shaken as experienced with other mats. The high quality rubber will easily withstand scratching and clawing. The non-slip bottom is made to grip for increased stability.


               Here Is Mine!


This is one of our cats reactions to this litter mat, as soon as I unrolled it, she jumped on and starting playing with the cats tail!



 I was very happy to get to try this Premium Cat Litter Mat by Smiling Paws.  I love that it has a black cat on the mat, since we have 2 black teenage kittens.  It matches our litter box and I especially love how big the mat it, it can fit the litter box  and have room on all sides for our cats to get out and wipe their paws before heading upstairs.  I love that this mat keeps the litter right there and does not track up the stairs and into the house.  Our cats actually wipe their paws on this mat.  They must like the texture of the mat and it makes them wipe their paws.  The mat did have a corner that stuck up a little and a seam down the center from the way it was rolled for shipping, but in no time at all it flattened out perfectly.  I love that this mat stays very flat on the floor and does not slide around at all, even when the cats are playing on it.  I really like this litter mat and I recommend it for any home that uses a litter box.

I received this product in exchange for a review. All my opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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