Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tazo Iced Tea Concentrates Review

Iced tea lovers rejoice. Finally, there’s a simple way to enjoy iced tea with unforgettable flavor. TAZO now brings you delicious, real brewed iced teas in an easy to use concentrate 

 TAZO® Iced Tea Concentrates

Experience a deliciously simple way to enjoy iced tea. TAZO® Iced Tea Concentrates are real brewed, concentrated liquid teas. Simply mix equal parts tea concentrate with water and enjoy. Or, get creative by mixing with lemonade, sparkling water or add your own favorite ingredients. 



I was excited to try the Tazo Iced Tea Concentrates.  I was able to find them at Target and Walmart.  I bought  both,Tea Bags and the Concentrates.  I was not able to find the Lemongrass flavor so I got the other 2 and enjoyed them both. My family and friends favorite was the Iced Passion when I used the Tea Bags.  I made 1 gallon iced and another gallon mixed with fresh squeezed lemonade and everyone loved the one with the lemonade the best. We all enjoyed the light fresh natural flavors and I did not add any sugar at all to the tea. It was perfect on a hot sunny day outdoors. I loved the Iced Peach Green Tea very much. The flavors are clean and light and very tasty! I had the concentrate and the tea bags on the kitchen counter and my friends were asking me if this was some new tea I bought and I started to tell them all about the giant tea bags and convenient concentrates in the 3 flavors of Tazo Iced Tea I found at Target and Walmart.  I told them I got it through Smiley360 and they all wanted to try it so we quickly mixed up the concentrate, added some ice and sat out on the back yard enjoying our delicious Tazo iced teas.  Everyone loved the clean fresh rich natural flavors of the Iced Passion and wanted to try the other flavors next time they came over!



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