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Snap Tite Plastic Model Kits by Revell

 REVELL Snap Tite Plastic Model Kits


 Model kits have entertained, educated and inspired one generation of builders after another. For over six decades, hobbyists of all ages have turned to the Revell Group brands, Revell and Monogram, for kits that are fun, affordable, and easy to build — without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
In 2007, Revell Inc. was purchased by Hobbico®, one of the world's largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers of model hobby products. It marked the start of an exciting new era for Revell.
Hobbico is 100% employee-owned, giving each of the Revell employees a vested interest in helping our products and company succeed. Revell is a company that was started by modelers, for modelers, full of people who share the same passion for modeling. What's more, it's a passion matched by a commitment to success. Hobbico's mission — to promote your enjoyment of hobbies with products of the highest quality — is the same one that launched Revell nearly a century ago.

FUN: It's the #1 reason why the model building hobby has endured for generations! Each new project rewards you with a beautiful 3D replica (perhaps of a favorite full-size vehicle, aircraft or ship) and the right to say proudly, "I made that!" Share the hobby with children and you help them develop patience, concentration, creativity, hand-eye coordination and attention to detail.

What's the right age to begin building model kits?

Generally, we recommend age 8-10. But parents will know the child's capabilities best. Having even a little help can make a big difference.

What do the Skill Levels mean?

Skill Level 1 (Snap Tite) — Easiest; no glue or paint required. For ages 8+.
Skill Level 2 — Moderately challenging; glue and paint required. For ages 10+.
Skill Level 3 — Most challenging; glue and paint required. For ages 12+.

About Decals
Skill Level 1 (Snap Tite) models include adhesive-backed, “peel and stick” decals that are easy for beginners to apply. Skill Level 2 and higher kits feature delicate “water slide” decals that require water for application.

How do I choose the right model?

Consider the builder’s age and ability, and check each kit’s Skill Level recommendation.
Next, select a subject. Revell offers models to match practically any interest — cars, planes, ships, military, and so on. Take a look!

What kind of work area will I need?

In most cases your kit won't be finished in one session, so choose a spot that you can leave undisturbed for more than a day — not your dining room table! Look for:
  • Good lighting;
  • About 3 feet x 2 feet of clear working space;
  • A surface where it's OK to make an occasional "oops" (like spilled paint or glue).
Cover your work surface with newspaper, butcher paper or inexpensive oil cloth — for a little extra protection.

What tools should I have?

Tools for Plastic Model BuildingAll of the following are available at your local hobby or craft retailer.
For Snap Tite Kits (Skill Level 1):
  • Sandpaper, sanding sticks or emery boards to smooth away rough edges of plastic.
  • Paint (an optional painting guide is included on each kit box).
Skill Level 2 and higher:
  • Plastic Hobby Model Cement, available in tubes and faster-acting liquids. Advanced model builders also use CA ("super glues") or two-part epoxies.
  • Paint (these kits offer greater opportunities for color selection and detailing).
  • Hobby Knife for trimming parts and many other tasks.

More about toolsFrom this point, the list of useful equipment grows as fast as the model building challenges you’ll be eager to take on!

For More Answers, Read the Instructions!

We know you’re eager, but take a moment to read over your kit’s instructions before you begin building — and do NOT remove any pieces from their parts trees until the assembly instructions call for them. Parts are identified by numbers on the trees.
You can also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed answers to many other model building questions.

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